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Chapter 3080: 3080

Chapter 3080 At that Moment, I Thought I Was Dead 10

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“Dad, why do you act so secretively? Can’t we talk in the room? Uncle and Auntie are our family too . ”

“How are things going between you and the fellow of the Tang Family?” her father asked with a solemn expression .

“We’re fine…”

“After your brother fell into a coma and your Uncle and Aunt went to the resort, I heard you moved into that fellow’s house?”

“Right . ” Qin Ning nodded without a trace of embarrassment .

“Ahem… Then did you…”

“Did we what?” Qin Ning was puzzled .

“Did you…” As a father, he felt awkward asking this question, but he felt it was his duty to protect his daughter .

“What do you want to say?” Since Qin Ning had never thought about it, she was puzzled by her father’s faltering words .

“Did that fellow take advantage of you?”

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Qin Ning: “…”

“Dad, he’s my boyfriend . Why did you use the words ‘take advantage’?” Qin Ning was exasperated .

Before her father could reply, she continued, “Dad, you’ve stayed in the U . S . for years; I’m sure you can’t be that old-fashioned, right?”

Although she didn’t have an intimate relationship with Tang Chuan yet, Qin Ning wasn’t an old-fashioned girl; she tried to reassure her father .

“I didn’t mean I’ll interfere in your business . I’m just worried that you will get carried away… and then the fellow will dump you after being intimate with you… After all, that fellow has a bad reputation with girls… If he got you pregnant without marriage and then dumped you…”

“I won’t let such a thing happen . Ha!” Qin Ning laughed .

“Don’t laugh . Be serious . ”

“I’m serious . Dad, I know you’re saying this because you worry about me, but I’m not a silly girl who doesn’t know how to protect myself . ”

“Will you go back to the U . S . with me?” As she had expected, her father asked her the question .

“I’m not sure… Dad, with my brother unconscious and my sister-in-law missing, the two girls need people to take care of them . I’m worried about them . ”

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“Don’t pull this nonsense on me . Even if Chu wasn’t in trouble, you wouldn’t have gone back with me . I think you’re determined to stay here with this fellow . ”

“No . I didn’t say I wouldn’t return to the U . S . Dad, don’t worry, okay?” Qin Ning held her father’s arm and said .

The family members stayed in the hospital until evening; then Qin Chu’s parents took

the twins back to South Hill Manor .

Qin Ning wanted to stay and take care of Qin Chu, but Rick offered to stay, and she found it hard to decline .

So, Tang Chuan drove Qin Ning back and Rick sent Xixi to her home to reunite with her family .

Then, Rick came back to the hospital .

Qin Chu hadn’t woken up yet, but Rick trusted the professor’s medical skills .

– On a private jet –

Lu Yan’s watch beeped .

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“Hello, Dad,” drowsily, Lu Yan answered the call .

“The business back home is done . Qin Chu will wake up soon; I’ve left . ”

“Whoa! Dad, I knew you could do it…”

“How about you? Is Ian making a move?” the professor asked .

“Ian? He is probably a bit low right now and needs a few days to recover…” Remembering that Ian was tricked by her again, Lu Yan was cheerful .

“Be careful and take good care of yourself . ”

“I know, Dad . ”

“Have you found any information about your sister?” the professor asked .

Hearing the question, Lu Yan’s eyes dimmed slightly .

“Not yet… I wonder where the psycho Huo Siqian hid my sister… I couldn’t find anything about them . ” Lu Yan bit on her lip .

“Keep searching . I’ll ask the people from the FBI to search them, too . We’ll exchange intelligence . ”

“Okay . ”

“I’ll hang up now…”

“Oh, wait! Dad, I’m not finished yet,” Lu Yan said hurriedly when the professor was about the end the call .

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