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Published at 14th of May 2020 03:55:09 AM
Chapter 3079: 3079

Chapter 3079 At that Moment, I Thought I Was Dead 9

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“I’m fine . I just remembered some past events,” the professor snapped back to reality and said to his granddaughters gently .

“Grandpa, have you booked your flight? Do you have people to see you off? I can ask Handsome Su to make the arrangement . Uncle An will drive you to the airport,” said Pudding .

“It’s not necessary . I’ve arranged everything . Don’t worry . ”

“Okay . ” Pudding nodded .

“Your dad will wake up soon . You must be good and wait for Mom to come back . ”

“Okay . ” Little Bean nodded obediently .

At this moment, a small reminder came from the professor’s watch, “Professor, it’s time to go to the airport . ”

“Okay . Got it . ”

Then he stood up .

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“Grandpa, will you miss us?” Little Bean was still reluctant to see him go .

She was just a kid and had formed a bond with him after living with him for a few days .

“Of course . ”

“Remember to call me on the phone or through video chat . Do you know my phone number?” Little Bean babbled .

“I do . I remember your number and Pudding’s, too . I’ll call you when I have time . ”Visit website our Listnovel . com

But the professor knew once he was back, it would be difficult to make calls; each time he talked to Lu Yan on the phone, the call couldn’t last more than 50 seconds .

After all, his whereabouts were an important secret; he didn’t know how many people were looking for him .

The FBI would monitor him closely and wouldn’t allow him to call frequently and babble about trivial family things .

But he didn’t have to let the children know about these things; they were already disappointed to see him go .

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If they knew he couldn’t call them, they would be grieved .

“Then… I’ll go now . ” He turned around and walked out slowly .

“Grandpa, goodbye… I’ll miss you,” Little Bean said in a trembling voice; obviously, she was on the verge of crying .

“Grandpa, have a safe journey,” suppressing her sadness, Pudding said with forced calm .

“Okay . ” The professor nodded and walked out with a heavy heart .

When he opened the door, a tear fell from his eyes onto his hand covered in calluses .

Opening the door, he walked out without looking back .

He left crisply and didn’t want anyone to see him off .

Standing at the entrance of the hospital, Su Yu and Rick watched the black car drive off slowly with the professor in it .

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“Damn it . This old guy is so mysterious . I’ll know his identity sooner or later,” Su Yu said .

Rick didn’t speak but there was a complicated look in his eyes .

Lu Yan and the professor had a very special and complicated background and were beyond his or Su Yu’s reach .

Even Qin Chu couldn’t easily step into their circle .

Rick knew that they hadn’t come and find Huo Mian for good reasons .

After all, it wasn’t a good thing to be related to someone who had a feud with the leader of the No . 1 international terrorist organization .

After the professor was gone, the members of the Qin Family went into the ward to see Qin Chu .

Mrs . Qin held her granddaughters’ hands as Qin Ning, her father, and Tang Chuan stood on one side .

“Uncle, now that you’re back, you can stay at home with the kids . I think my brother will wake up soon,” Qin Ning said .

“Okay . ” Qin Chu’s father nodded .

“I’ll stay in the hospital and take care of my brother . You are not in good health and must go back and rest . Dad, please go home, too . You must be fatigued after the long-distance flight . ” Qin Ning turned her head and glanced at her father .

“Ning-Ning, come out; I need to talk to you . ”

Qin Chu’s second uncle beckoned at Qin Ning and walked out with her .

Watching them go out in such a mysterious way, Tang Chuan’s face changed slightly, feeling more at unease .

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