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Chapter 3070: 3070

Chapter 3070 She’s Not As Strong As You All Think 10

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“You asked the question because you don’t trust me?” the professor said with a smile .

“No . I’m just curious . ”

“Little kid… You’re a smart girl…” The professor touched her head lovingly .

In the last couple of days, the twins didn’t feel bored as they stayed with the old man .

Instead, they felt intrigued, especially Little Bean; she found her grandpa was extremely knowledgeable and could do anything .

He could cook, cure illnesses, study all kinds of interesting liquids, and do chemical experiments .

He could even do magic tricks and tell them interesting stories about criminal psychology; there was almost nothing he couldn’t do .

She even declined Su Yu’s offer to take her out for sweets because she didn’t want to leave the house .

The professor hadn’t lived such a simple life for a long time; after staying with his granddaughters for a few days, he had formed a stronger bond with them and was reluctant to leave .

“Grandpa, please come and see if I got this equation right . ” Pudding was doing math problems on her tablet .

The professor walked over .

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Little Bean took the opportunity and dialed Gao Boyuan’s number on her cellphone .

“Hello, Little Bean . ”

“Boyuan, what are you doing?”

“I’m watching a cartoon . ”

“Well… You’d rather watch cartoons than talk to me on WeChat . Friendship over . ”

“Um… No, I thought you were busy, so…”

“I don’t want to hear your explanation . Humph, you owe me a bag of seafood-flavored potato chips . ”

“Okay, okay! A bag of seafood-flavored potato chips . ” Gao Boyuan nodded repeatedly .

“Where’s Auntie Lingling?”

“Mom’s cooking soup in the kitchen . ”

“Is Uncle Gao Ran home, too?”

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“No . My dad has been busy lately… He’s got lots of things to do in the Bureau . ”

“Oh . Boyuan, I want to show you something . ”

Little Bean moved her cellphone over carefully and turned the camera to the vial containing the colorful liquid .

“Look . ”

“What’s that?” Gao Boyuan leaned forward in curiosity .

“This thing is magical . After it’s fed to my dad, he’ll wake up . ”

“Awesome… Where did you get it?”

“An immortal gave it to me,” Little Bean said with a smirk .

“Liar . There are no immortals in the world . ”

“Hahaha! Anyway, this is a magical thing that can’t be bought with money . ” Little Bean was in a great mood .

“It will be great if Uncle Qin wakes up . I hope everything goes well with him . ”

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“Yeah . After my dad wakes up, he can hold me again and will help us find Mom . ”

“Little Bean, if you and Pudding are bored at home, I can ask Mom to go and bring you to our home . ”

“No . We’re not bored . We’ve lots of fun stuff to do . When Dad wakes up, I’ll invite you to have BBQ in our house . ”

“Okay . Shall we invite Wei Yunchu?” Gao Boyuan asked .

“That’s my sister’s business and not my concern . Haha . ”

“Um… Okay . ”

Ending the call with Gao Boyuan, Little Bean continued to gaze at the small vial with great curiosity .

It was magical that this thing could wake up her dad . Little Bean wondered if her dad would wake up instantly just like the sleeping beauty in the fairy tale .

She felt very happy at the thought .

– On a deserted island overseas –

In the third month of her pregnancy, Huo Mian was always sleepy and slept a lot .

When she woke up, she opened the door and smelt a very tempting scent from the distance .

Wearing only a pair of beach shorts, Huo Siqian had erected a wood stand over the bonfire .

He was roasting a goat leg which was sizzling with oil; it looked ready to be eaten .

Hearing the door open, he turned his head and smiled gently at Huo Mian . “How was your sleep?”

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