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Chapter 3069: 3069

Chapter 3069 She’s Not As Strong As You All Think 9 

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“Let’s go . ”

“Huh?” Xixi was surprised .

“Let’s go to your home for dinner,” Rick repeated patiently .

Then, Xixi couldn’t suppress the happiness in her eyes .

This guy, the coolest fellow in the whole world, had agreed to have dinner with her family .

In fact, Xixi had just asked him tentatively and hadn’t expected Rick would agree so readily .



“These are trivial things . I will do all these things to make you happy,” Rick said .

“Oh…” Was this Rick’s declaration of love for her? Xixi was suddenly overwhelmed by happiness .

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She had been worried that Rick would keep a distance from her after she got pregnant and couldn’t be physically intimate with him .

However, Rick was more attentive to her .

During the time when they were in the U . S . , she wasn’t particularly happy since it was a strange place for her .

As Rick was busy with the things that she knew nothing about, she spent most of her time waiting for him to return for supper in their luxurious house .

Sometimes, he didn’t return until midnight and the food was cold .

When she woke up in the morning, he was gone before she could make breakfast for him .

She had lived the boring life in waiting, hoping Rick would give her more of his love .

This time, they returned to China because Qin Chu and Huo Mian were in trouble; but Xixi was happy to come back anyway .

Rick took Xixi back to her home .

Qin Ning’s father arrived in the city soon after Rick and Xixi .

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As an attentive good boyfriend, Tang Chuan drove his black Rolls Royce to pick up his father-in-law .

Qin Ning didn’t feel well due to menstrual cramps and waited at home .

– In the airport of C City –

“Father-in-law, humble greetings from your son-in-law . ”

Seeing Qin Ning’s father, Tang Chuan hurried over and greeted him .

“Don’t pull this nonsense on me; I don’t like it . Where’s Ning-Ning?” Qin Chu’s second uncle looked around for his daughter .

“Oh . Ning-Ning isn’t feeling well and is resting at home . ”

“She’s not feeling well? What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing serious . Don’t worry, father-in-law; it’s discomfort during her special time each month . ”

“I’m not your father-in-law since you’re not married to my daughter yet . Don’t call me that…”

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“Yes, yes . You’re right, Uncle Qin . ” Tang Chuan bowed to him .

He walked over and took the luggage before driving the old man to his house .

“How’s Chu doing?” on the way, Uncle Qin asked .

“My brother-in-law’s condition is stable and can have the surgery tomorrow . He will wake up after the surgery . ”

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“We arranged for them to live in the house in the Yunding Mountains and away from the upheavals in this place . But we’ll go and bring them back before the surgery tomorrow . ”

“It’s a good plan . My brother has a weak heart and high blood pressure; all the upheavals are not good for his health . ”

“This is just part of my responsibility as your son-in-law . After all, we’re family now . ”

Uncle Qin glanced at him indifferently . “I heard you returned to work at the Tang Corporation?”

“Um, just temporarily… I’m helping my father to deal with some trivial businesses . ”

“It’s better to have a job than staying idle . Ning-Ning has started going to board conferences all over the world with me ever since she was a teenager… You should learn from her . She’s younger than you, but she’s better at managing a company than you are . ”

“Yes, yes . Father-… Uncle Qin, you’re right . ” Tang Chu was afraid to offend this old man .

– At the South Hill Manor –

“Grandpa, the colorful liquid in the vial can really remove the toxin from my Dad’s system?” Little Bean stared at the small glass vial and asked curiously .

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