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Chapter 3067: 3067

Chapter 3067 She’s Not As Strong As You All Think 7 

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Before Ian could stop him, his subordinate had already rushed over .

Before he could reach Lu Yan, a loud noise sounded and the subordinate’s body was blasted into pieces .

The rest of his subordinates were so terrified that they all backed up behind Ian .

Rumors had it that Lu Yan was a bomb expert . Apparently, she started playing with explosives since she was a young child .

Many armies wanted to recruit her but she rejected them all .

How would Ian not know about this?

However, that dumb subordinate of his wanted to protect his boss and gain recognition, forgetting to think of the consequences . That was why he rushed over and exploded into pieces…

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“Psh… Honey, you sure are playful, sending me great presents every time we meet . ”

Ian felt nothing about losing a subordinate .

Instead, he was delighted by Lu Yan’s trap…

“Present? That’s nothing . This is just an appetizer…” Lu Yan smiled .

“Then your appetizers are very special,” Ian lauded .

“Ian, do you know the story, the Journey to the West?” Lu Yan asked as she calmly leaned her head against the pillar with her eyes closed .

“The Journey to the West?” Ian asked with slight astonishment .

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“Yes . It’s a well-known story from my country . It’s about three students with their teacher going to the west to find Buddhist scriptures . That’s not the main point though . The main point is that whenever the teacher’s students would go perform a task, they would first draw a circle around their teacher to protect him from the demons . The demons won’t be able to get close to the circle,” Lu Yan casually explained .

“So?” Ian seemed to be rather interested in Lu Yan’s story .

“So there’s a circle around me like that . It looks calm but it’s actually very dangerous . ”

“Boss, she’s probably just bullsh*ting… Don’t trust her . I’m not scared of her . ”

Another dumb subordinate dashed over because he didn’t believe Lu Yan’s words .

At the same distance but from another angle, another bomb exploded .

This subordinate was faster to react and only lost an arm from the explosion .

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The room was filled with smoke and the smell of explosives .

“I told you the truth and you still want to die… Ian, your subordinates’ intelligence level is very concerning…” Lu Yan said proudly .

“You only have one circle but I have many subordinates . Honey, you’re no match against me . Why don’t you just be obedient and come with me? I don’t want to hurt you,” Ian tried to persuade her .

“Sir, we can use anesthetics on her and attack her from a distance . When she faints, we can take her away without even approaching her,” another subordinate suggested .

“Honey, did you hear that? If you don’t obey, I’ll have to use anesthetics on you . My little monster, do you want the dosage that we use for lions and tigers?” Ian said as he raised his hands to lift up his hat .

He took over the long thin transparent needle from one of his subordinates .

“Nice idea, but I’ll suggest you don’t do that or you’re going to regret it,” Lu Yan smiled .

“Huh? Regret what? So does my honey have a better idea?”

Ian was cautious with Lu Yan . He had gone against her many times and knew she has many tricks up her sleeve . That was why when Lu Yan said that, he was more cautious and slowed down his movements .

“Boss, she’s bluffing . She’s alone and helpless right now . How would she have other ways out?”

“Ian, why don’t you try? Let’s see when you shoot the anesthetics, who would end up being the one getting f-cked . ” Lu Yan opened her puppy eyes and looked at Ian . Her smile was confident .

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