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Chapter 3066: 3066

Chapter 3066 She’s Not As Strong As You All Think 6

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“No rush . Yan isn’t someone you can defeat easily . ” Ian smiled maliciously .

From the sounds of the footsteps, Lu Yan could tell there were many people . She immediately knew that it wasn’t her subordinates and Qiao Fei coming to save her .

She was actually a bit confused when they still hadn’t barged in…

She had just been through surgery and was still very weak .

She leaned her body on a cement pillar inside the cold storage .

Ian looked calmly at the deserted cold storage but he did not rush to go in .

“Boss, if you’re worried about any of her traps, we could set this place on fire and force her to come out,” a subordinate suggested .

Ian slapped him hard in the face when he heard that suggestion .

“How long have you followed me? How have you still not learned to shut the f*ck up?”

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“Sorry, Boss . ”

It was impossible to predict Ian’s emotions . All of his subordinates knew this . No one knew what he was thinking about or what he liked . He was a mad man .

Finally, Ian walked closer to the cold storage entrance, as if he were going to enter .

“Boss…” One of his subordinates seemed to want to stop him but didn’t dare speak up any further .

Ian brought with him tens of men…

When he was walking towards the cold storage entrance, only four followed behind him .

They knew that Ian wanted to see with his own eyes whether she was in there or not .

At the entrance of the cold storage, one of the subordinates opened the door for Ian . The door was unlocked .

Cold air ushered out as Ian stepped into the cold storage .

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The cold storage wasn’t big, so you could see everything with one look .

He immediately saw Lu Yan curled up in a corner by a pillar . She looked exhausted .

“It is you, you disgraceful creature,” Lu Yan said to Ian with impeccable English .

“Haha, disgraceful creature . Is that my new name? I like it!”

Lu Yan glared at Ian…

“Honey, you look badly wounded…” Ian said .

“That’s none of your business . I’m not dying yet . The King of Hell doesn’t want me yet . ”

“The King of Hell? Who’s that?” Ian didn’t know Chinese culture that well .

“Your ancestors . ” Lu Yan didn’t have much energy to further explain .

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“Nope . My ancestors aren’t called by that name . Honey, where’s your lover? How can he leave you behind? It looks like he’s a terrible guy… I told you that you should be with me . I love you so much…” Ian looked at Lu Yan as if he were very interested in her .

Ian had spent a lot of manpower and money on searching for Lu Yan .

Not only did Ian want to capture Lu Yan so he could threaten the professor, he also wanted her .

He was very interested in this baby with an Eastern face…

Ian watched Lu Yan since she was in her teenage years . It could be said that he also watched her grow up .

They had been playing Tom and Jerry for years now and Ian loved it .

He had never been so interested in a woman . That was also a reason he didn’t want his subordinates to kill Lu Yan .

“Yeah, cut the b . s . You love me? How would a person like you know what is love? You only know how to pretend to be a vampire and do disgusting things . Aren’t you ashamed or embarrassed of yourself?” Lu Yan’s tongue could be even more vicious than Huo Mian’s .

She was the first person that ever dared to speak to Ian like that .

When Ian’s subordinates heard her speak, they all looked terrified .

“Boss, I’ll teach this impolite woman a lesson for you . ”

Then, the subordinate walked over towards Lu Yan, wanting to pick her up and give her a heavy beating .

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