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Published at 11th of May 2020 03:05:10 AM
Chapter 3064: 3064

Chapter 3064 She’s Not As Strong As You All Think 4

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“Of course we should . Let’s go and find my son with that recording . ” Qin Ning infuriated Mrs . Tang so much that she almost got a heart attack from it .

They left Tang Chuan’s mansion and went straight to the headquarters of the Tang Corporation .

Tang Chuan and the marketing department just finished their meeting and were heading to lunch .

Just then, Tang Chuan saw his mother coming in in a huff, waiting to burst out in anger .

“Hey, Mom . You’re free today? Did you not go play Mahjong?” Tang Chuan said with a childish smile .

“Skip the bullsh*t and come with me . ”

Mrs . Tang was very angry…

Tang Chuan didn’t know what was happening but walked behind her . He didn’t forget to ask the female butler what the situation was quietly .

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“Mei, what happened? Did my mother eat explosives?”

“Something like that,” the female butler responded seriously .

Inside Tang Chuan’s office, Mrs . Tang looked back at the female butler .

“Mei, play him the recording . ”

“Okay, Ma’am . ”

Then, the female butler took out her phone and put it on speaker . It played the whole conversation between Qin Ning and Mrs . Tang .

Tang Chuan quietly listened but couldn’t resist laughing from time to time .

When the recording finished playing, Mrs . Tang glared at her son and said, “Look at how terrifying this woman is . She’s one person in front of you and a completely different person behind your back . She probably plays it well when she’s with you right? Look at how she treats me!”

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“Mother, if you think that’s true, then you’re absolutely wrong…”

“Huh?” Mrs . Tang questioned .

“Ning-Ning’s already being nice when she’s talking to you like this… When she’s with me, she’d usually be yelling…” Tang Chuan said .

Mrs . Tang: “…”

“Young master, are you for real? Can you not joke with your mother?” The female butler was obviously in disbelief .

“For real… Mother, you’re very courageous to secretly find Ning-Ning… Hahaha…” Tang Chuan laughed hysterically after recalling the conversation between his mother and Qin Ning .

“I thought she was pregnant!” Mrs . Tang was still very furious .

“Pregnant? I wish . I haven’t even slept with her . How can she be pregnant? If she were pregnant, then that wouldn’t be my child… Are you wishing your son to be a cuckold…”

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“What the hell… I just wanted to show you how unmannered this girl was…”

“Says who? Ning-Ning treats everyone well, her friends, her family…”

“Really? I couldn’t tell from her attitude . ”

“Mother, I need to criticize you for this . If you wanted to chat, you should treat her well and she’d treat you well . You’re always so vicious . If it were another girl, she’d be running and crying by now . Ning-Ning is courageous enough to go head-to-head with you and even won a small victory . Hahaha…”

“Tang Chuan, are you my son?” Mrs . Tang was furious .

“Do you need to ask me about that? I even hypothesized that you picked up the wrong baby back then in the hospital . That’s why I don’t look like you or father…” Tang Chuan flicked his short hair and pretended to be cool .

The female butler almost laughed out loud from his actions .

“Stop joking, let’s be serious,” Mrs . Tang said furiously .

“I am serious . Mother, I’m telling you, don’t go infuriate Ning-Ning . No good outcome would come out of it . ”

“What? You haven’t even married her yet but already forget that I’m your mother? Do you have any conscience in you?” Mrs . Tang was about to be driven nuts by her son .

“Mother, as long as you promise not to pick fights, then I’d have all the conscience in the world,” Tang Chuan asserted while pounding his chest .

“I want you to break up with that woman immediately,” Mrs . Tang demanded .

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