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Published at 11th of May 2020 03:40:05 AM
Chapter 3065: 3065

Chapter 3065 She’s Not As Strong As You All Think 5

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“Mother, if you’re acting like that, you’re forcing me to…” Tang Chuan intentionally paused here .

“To do what?” Mrs . Tang looked curiously at her son, waiting for him to finish his sentence .

“Then I will go to America with Qin Ning and become the Qin Family’s live-in son-in-law . ”


“Haha, the Qin Family is richer than ours and Qin Ning is cute and beautiful . Best of all, you won’t have to deal with me anymore . ”

“You unfilial son… I’m going to kill you . How did I give birth to such a terrible son? Look at your half-brothers, look at your cousins . Are any of them like you?”

“Yeah, they’re all puppets . They do whatever their parents tell them to and act like adult-children . I’m the only one in the Tang Family that truly grew up . ”

Mrs . Tang: “…”

“Young master, don’t infuriate madam that much . Her heath isn’t that great…” the female butler tried to pacify the situation .

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“Mother, if you’re not feeling well, you should go home and rest . I haven’t had lunch yet, so I’m famished . I’m going to go grab lunch now . ”

Then, before his mother could respond, Tang Chuan wrapped his arms around his mother’s neck and kissed her on the cheek .

He intentionally made a kissing sound too . Then, he immediately left the room, making Mrs . Tang both angry and surprised…

“Get your ass back in here…”

“Ma’am, you know how young master is . Let’s go home first . ”

Mrs . Tang had troubled herself the whole day but did not reap any benefits . Not only was she infuriated by Qin Ning, but also her own son .

In a Sichuan restaurant down near the Tang Corporation, Tang Chuan ordered two dishes and a bottle of beer .

Then, he immediately video called Qin Ning…

“What?” Qin Ning was sleeping in her bed . She hazily woke up and picked up the call .

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“Ning-Ning, come and eat . I’m at the Sichuan restaurant by my office . I’ll treat you to sliced fish in hot chili oil . ”

“No . ”

“Come . I miss you . ”

“No, I’m not in the mood . ”

“Is it because my mother bothered you?” Tang Chuan said happily .

“How dare you bring that up? Your mother sure is a character…” Qin Ning said lethargically .

“Haha, yeah my mother is like that . Now you know why I want to marry into your family, eh? Compared to your father, my parents are extremists . ”

“My daddy is coming soon . Actually, I miss him a lot . ” Qin Ning’s eyes softened as she mentioned her father .

“Yeah . When my father-in-law comes, I’m going to show him around . ”

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“Stop joking around…”

“I’m not . Let’s celebrate when Qin Chu wakes up . Since everyone’s going to be so happy, let’s make love . ”

“F*ck off . ”

“Haha, I knew you were going to yell at me…”

“Why are you so happy? We have no clue where my sis-in-law is . When my brother wakes up, he’d still be unhappy . ”

“Don’t worry . I believe in Mian . She’s a great person and God won’t treat her poorly . She and the baby will both be safe,” Tang Chuan comforted .

“Hopefully . ”

In a cold storage room in a middle eastern country, Lu Yan heard loud footsteps approaching her . She immediately opened her eyes and became fully alert .

Qiao Fei had left for some time now .

Her wounds were recovering and she had more energy than before .

Although it was cold in the cold storage, she was able to maintain consciousness due to the cold temperature .

“Sir, Lu Yan is inside here . Should we barge in?” one of the subordinates carefully asked for Ian’s permission .

Ian was wearing a black hat and cape…

He wore thick, black eyeliner, looking like a devil .

The smile on his face was malicious, the type that would give people creeps .

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