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Chapter 3058

Chapter 3058 You Don“t Understand My Pain 8

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“Yeah,” Pudding said . She seemed to have a lot on her mind .

“What’s the matter? Is it because you sold all of your Huo Corporation stocks, Miss Moneybag?” Su Yu teased .

“No, it has nothing to do with that . Money and stocks don’t mean much to me . ”


“Handsome Su, I’m just worried about Mommy…”

“What about your mommy?” Su Yu was a bit shocked when he heard Pudding mention Huo Mian .

“Mommy is pregnant and we don’t know where Huo Siqian took her…” Pudding said sadly .

“Although Huo Siqian is bad, he loves your mommy and treats her well . I’ve seen it with my own eyes so don’t worry . She’s definitely not hurt,” Su Yu comforted .

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“No, Handsome Su, it’s not as simple as that . ”

“What’s on your mind, Pudding?”

Su Yu knew Pudding was a thoughtful child . That was why she was often unhappy because she was thinking about many things .

“Huo Siqian does treat Mommy well . When he’s normal, he wouldn’t hurt Mommy but don’t forget, he has a split personality disorder . ”

Su Yu looked more serious .

“Pudding, how did you know about that?”

“I’ve overheard Mommy and Daddy talking about it once… The gist of it is that Huo Siqian is normal until his second personality comes out . Then, he becomes another person . During that time, even if he doesn’t want to hurt Mommy, he won’t be able to control himself . ”

Su Yu was scared now that Pudding explained the situation .

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Huo Siqian’s split personality disorder was not a secret amongst their friend group – almost everyone knew of it .

However, Su Yu had never seen how Huo Siqian was after he changed into his second personality . Su Yu could imagine how violent it was .

“What should we do?” Su Yu was panicking now .

“The old man said that he’d help Daddy wake up soon . As soon as Daddy wakes up, he’d know how to find Mommy . ”

“Let’s hope for the best them . ” Su Yu let out a soft sigh .

“I hope Mommy and the baby are safe and sound…” Pudding said as she stared out the window .

Then two went into the stock trading center and did some transactions . To them, destroying the Huo Corporation meant nothing as Huo Siqian had made it into a shell corporation .

Even Huo Siqian didn’t care about it anymore .

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After finishing everything, Su Yu brought Pudding to Imperial Star Entertainment . While he went meetings, Pudding waited for him in his office watching finance news .

“Are you there, President Su?” a female voice came from outside .

“He’s not here,” Pudding said in a babyish voice .

Nie Lingxuan was shocked . She knocked and came in . She saw a little girl sitting at Su Yu’s desk, looking very confident and powerful .

“Are you Pudding or Little Bean?” Nie Lingxuan said with a friendly smile .

“Are you Auntie Xixi’s older sister?”

“You know me?” Nie Lingxuan seemed to be happy with Pudding’s response .

“You’re on a lot of dramas recently . The media are lauding you as Imperial Star Entertainment’s number one star,” Pudding said calmly .

“Don’t listen to the media . I’m not that great . You still haven’t told me if you’re Pudding or Little Bean . ”

“Guess . ” Pudding started to play around a little bit .

Nie Lingxuan was the only woman who liked Su Yu that she didn’t dislike . She thought that she wasn’t as fake as the other women .

“Do I get a prize for guessing right?” Nie Lingxuan went along with Pudding and gave a bright smile .

“If you guess it right, I’ll let you have lunch with me and Handsome Su . How about that?” Pudding seemed to understand what she wanted .

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