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Published at 2nd of June 2020 05:23:59 PM
Chapter 3059

Chapter 3059 You Don“t Understand My Pain 9

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“Wow, you even know what I’m thinking . You’re so smart,” Nie Lingxuan praised .

“It’s not that hard . Most of the aunties at Imperial Star Entertainment have a crush on Handsome Su . It’s no secret . Also, who doesn’t want to date their boss? Handsome Su is young and handsome and rich . He’s from a good family . It’s only normal that so many girls want to be with him . ”

“Then you must think I’m just like them and I’m after the same thing . ” Nie Lingxuan smiled .

“You’re better than them . ”


“At least you’re not as fake…”

“Ha, how can you tell? You don’t know me . ”

It was the first time Nie Lingxuan had such a deep conversation with a child . She thought it was rather interesting .

“You never troubled my mommy . ”

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Nie Lingxuan paused for second and suddenly realized how Pudding knew…

“Oh, so all those women brought trouble upon Doctor Huo . ”

“Yeah . They were arrogant . They thought that Handsome Su didn’t like them because he only liked Mommy so Mommy was the only thing blocking them from getting Handsome Su . They never thought that they weren’t good enough for Handsome Su . Women sure are an arrogant species…”

Nie Lingxuan thought Pudding was so adorable since she spoke like an adult but was just a little child .

“Do you want cake? Some fans visited me and brought me a really delicious matcha cake…”

“Cake makes you fat . You’re an actress . How can you not care about your body?” Pudding criticized .

“Haha, I know! You’re Pudding!” Nie Lingxuan smiled brightly .

Pudding: “…”

“You’re Pudding, right?”

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“How did you guess?” Pudding sounded slightly annoyed .

“I heard that Little Bean loves cake . Since you weren’t interested, you must be Pudding,” Nie Lingxuan said proudly .

“How did you know? It’s something rather secretive . Who did you hear it from?”

“Xixi told me . ”

“Fine, so Auntie Xixi accidentally sold me out…” Pudding said in a slightly speechless tone .

Suddenly, Su Yu pushed open the office door .

“Pudding, are you hungry? What should we get for lunch?”

“Handsome Su, can I invite this auntie to join us for lunch?” Pudding kept all her promises .

“Huh? What happened?” Su Yu looked around and finally realized that Nie Lingxuan was in his office now too .

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Pudding didn’t wait for Su Yu to respond . Instead, she asked, “Auntie Nie, what do you want to eat?”

“I… I’m good with anything . ”

“If you say that, I’m going to pick what I like…” Pudding said .

“That’s alright . ”

“Handsome Su, I want to eat seafood,” Pudding said without holding back .

“Okay . You can get whatever you want, my little monster . Let’s go . ”

Su Yu walked over to Pudding and picked her up gently . He carried her out in his arms .

Nie Lingxuan was rather jealous of Pudding . She wished Su Yu would treat her like a child too and give her his love .

Originally, it was just the three of them for lunch but then Su Yu received a phone call while they were eating and Tang Chuan and Qin Ning joined them .

Pudding was rather close with Qin Ning; she jumped onto Qin Ning’s laps when she saw her .

“Auntie, when’s Second Grandpa coming?”

“Soon . Is your daddy having his surgery soon?”

“Yeah, tomorrow . ” Pudding nodded .

“That’s good . I hope everything is going to go smoothly,” Qin Ning sighed .

“Auntie, are you going to go back to America with Second Grandpa after Daddy recovers?” Pudding asked . Tang Chuan immediately turned over and looked at Qin Ning anxiously . He never dared to ask Qin Ning this question . Qin Ning had returned to China for quite some time now . Was she going to go back to America with her father this time?

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