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Chapter 3027: 3027

Chapter 3027 The God-like Professor 7

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Tiantian was young and was sitting at the front; the crash threw her forward, bumping her head on the car .

Feeling the immense pain, Tiantian began to cry…

Shen Mingxi immediately got off his car .

His white Maserati was hit by a black Porsche Cayenne, and the man getting out of it was none other than Ye Chaoyang .

“Oh, President Shen, my apologies . My foot slipped and I rear-ended you by accident, but it’s okay; you can drive your car into the repair shop . I’ll pay for the damages . ”

As soon as he finished his sentence, Shen Mingxi’s fist throttled him to the ground .

Perhaps he was surprised by the out-of-character reaction from Shen Mingxi .

When he reacted, wanting to return a hit, it was already too late .

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Shen Mingxi’s strikes were both quick and furious . Ye Chaoyang was basically nailed onto the floor .

When he was done, Shen Mingxi stood up and cleaned off his knuckles . “You can go to the hospital and get yourself checked out . I’ll pay for the injuries . ”

With that, Shen Mingxi turned around, got into his car, and drove off with Tiantian .

The incident was filmed by passersby and shared on social media, going viral instantly .

Wei Ying caught sight of it soon after…

“Ying, everyone’s saying that Shen Mingxi and Ye Chaoyang’s fighting over you . ” Her best friend sent her a voice message .

“That’s impossible . Don’t listen to them . ”

“I’m serious . That’s what everyone’s saying . Ye Chaoyang likes you, we all know that, so it makes that he doesn’t like Shen Mingxi . Haha, do you feel proud?”

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“Not really,” Wei Ying replied calmly .

“But did you watch the video? Haha, Shen Mingxi was so cool . He completely dominated the fight . Poor Ye Chaoyang… I heard that he’s going to go to the Shen Family to seek justice . ”

“What are they, kids? Why are they going to their parents? So embarrassing,” said Wei Ying .

“Yeah! Shen Mingxi really showed off his combat skills this time . I’ve always heard that Su Yu was the best fighter in their group… After all, he was in the special forces . Oh, yeah, does your brother know how to fight too?” her best friend gossiped .

“Of course! What is he supposed to do? Wait to get kidnapped?” Wei Ying retorted .

As she chatted with her friend, Wei Ying thought about the reasons behind the fight .

Truthfully speaking, Wei Ying didn’t even know what she felt for Shen Mingxi .

She wasn’t exactly hung up on him… but she hadn’t exactly moved on either .

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Wei Ying and Shen Mingxi’s relationship was not like what the press had described, living in separate bedrooms after three years of marriage . That was not the case .

Their relationship was quite normal and they had a healthy sex life .

Shen Mingxi was a normal man and Wei Ying was a beautiful woman .

So, he was definitely someone with whom she had an intimate relationship with…

During their divorce, many people talked about how having a baby would save their marriage…

Without a kid, it would be very hard for the wife to cement her position in a wealthy family . Plus, having a child was also the best bond to a man’s heart .

At the thought of this, Wei Ying felt a little sad . She even wondered if she was infertile…

– Silent Night –

After a day of busy work, Su Yu didn’t go home; he went to the army hospital instead .

Gao Ran brought a man to him in a hospital room .

Ah-Cheng stood behind Gao Ran, nodding at the sight of Su Yu .

“Sit down . I have a couple of questions for you . ” Su Yu’s tone was cold . Perhaps it was Ah-Cheng’s previous relationship to Huo Siqian that made Su Yu feel a bit repulsed .

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