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Chapter 3028: 3028

Chapter 3028 The God-like Professor 8

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“Okay . ”

Ah-Cheng sat down . The three men stayed inside Qin Chu’s hospital room .

Gao Ran walked over to Qin Chu, wetted a towel, wrung it out, and wiped Qin Chu’s face gently .

Su Yu took out a cigarette, only to put it down when he remembered that he was in a hospital .

He put it away instead…

“When did you begin to help Qin Chu?”

“For a while now . I began working for President Qin ever since he did my child’s heart transplant surgery,” Ah-Cheng answered honestly .

“How much of Huo Siqian’s plan do you know?”

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“Boss… never talks about the details… the only thing I know is that he really wants Miss Huo . ”

“On the day of the incident… he sent you away intentionally, right?” Su Yu recalled .

“Yes . He already knew that I was a mole by then . It was definitely intentional . He even sent killers after me but thankfully, President Qin’s people got there in time . ”

“You mentioned something about an island? What’s that about?” Su Yu asked .

“I’ve never been there before and have no idea where it’s located . He hired people specifically for the island . It’s definitely not in this country though… he would go there every once in a while without anyone’s knowledge . I think that he has a detailed plan… and he has probably brought Miss Huo to that island . ”

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“I’m not sure about that, but I’m probably Huo Siqian’s most trusted right-hand man in this country . ” Ah-Cheng was confident .

“What about his people abroad? What kind of power does he have?”

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“Boss… no, Huo Siqian is close to Ian’s family, especially his brother Nalo . I’ve never seen the man though…it’s only a rumor . Apparently, he met them when he was studying abroad . They’ve been in contact, but every time Huo Siqian went abroad, he never brought us with him . ”

Gao Ran suddenly interjected, “Huo Siqian’s a very paranoid person . He won’t trust them fully… so I’m guessing he has another group of people abroad working for him . ”

“I just want to know where the island is located . ” Su Yu sighed .

“I really don’t know the location . If I did, I would’ve told President Qin already… Things wouldn’t have turned out this way…”

Ah-Cheng looked at the unconscious Qin Chu, feeling guilty .

“So you believe that Huo Siqian’s still alive, right? Huo Mian’s alive too, right?” Su Yu stared at Ah-Cheng .

“Yes . I don’t peg him as someone who’s willing to die so easily . Of course, if his second personality comes through, anything could happen . ”

“Second personality?” Su Yu never really heard about Huo Siqian’s second personality .

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So, Ah-Cheng gave him a basic description…

“When his second personality appears, he turns into a monster . Usually, he ends up going on a killing spree,” Ah-Cheng described .

“Then is it possible that it was his second personality that killed all of his minions?” Su Yu asked .

“That doesn’t make sense . If he was trying to silence people, Ah-Cheng would’ve been his first target… but Ah-Cheng is alive,” Gao Ran analyzed .

“I don’t think so either . In my opinion, Huo Siqian would never return to this country again, even if he’s alive . He’s probably already on that island,” Ah-Cheng slowly said .

“Again with the island . Everyone’s talking about the island . Could someone tell me where the hell this island is? There are millions of islands in this world . How am I supposed to find it?”

Su Yu fell into despair…

Suddenly, his phone rang…

He looked at the unfamiliar number and picked it up .

“Su Yu, this is Rick . ” The man on the other end spoke perfect Chinese .

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