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Chapter 3023: 3023

Chapter 3023 The God-like Professor 3

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“Yeah, why would Young Master Shen do that? He’s just looking for trouble…”

“Exactly . Her mother’s so rotten, there’s no way she’ll turn out good . What’s that saying again? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree . ”

“Young Master Shen is too soft-hearted . He probably cares about the child . Although she’s not his biological daughter, they’ve lived together for a long time . He’s not made of stone, after all . ”

“Really? I don’t know about that . I heard of a rumor saying that Young Master Shen’s a pedophile . He probably wants to keep her to himself…”

Wei Ying’s expression changed drastically when she heard these words .

“Are you guys bored? Is it fun gossiping behind people’s backs all the time?”

The socialites looked at each other, feeling awkward…

“You’re all at an age where you should be cherishing life . Stop worrying about other people’s personal business,” said Wei Ying .

“Ying-Ying, we’re just standing up for you . Shen Mingxi treated you so poorly before…”

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“That’s my business . I’m not even bothered by it anymore, why are you people still so worried about it?”

Seeing Wei Ying angry, the socialites were too afraid to say more…

In C City, the Wei Family was amongst the richest and no small company was willing to make them an enemy .

This was especially true due to the close connection between Wei Liao and Su Yu…

So, even though they knew that Wei Ying’s words were directed at them, they couldn’t do anything about it .

Afterward, Wei Ying went to the side…

Shen Mingxi arrived with a child . After he greeted a couple of familiar faces, he went to the table and got a piece of mousse cake for her .

“Uncle Shen, when are we going home?”

“In a little while . I have to meet a friend and talk about some things . We’ll leave after that . ”

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“Okay . Then can I get food for myself later?” Tiantian asked .

“Yes, but don’t eat too much . You’ll get a tummy ache,” Shen Mingxi warned patiently .

Wei Ying walked over to Shen Mingxi just when Tiantian left to get ice cream .

After he greeted some people, Shen Mingxi was just about to grab the cocktail when Wei Ying took it for him .

“Thank you . ”

Shen Mingxi only realized that it was Wei Ying in front of him when he looked up .

“Mingxi, has your injury gotten any better? Auntie told me that you’re back to work?”

“Yeah, I’m fine now . The smaller injuries will heal in time, I can’t rush it . ”

“That’s good then…” Wei Ying nodded .

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“Your brother didn’t come with you?” Shen Mingxi looked around for Wei Liao .

“Oh, no . My brother and sister-in-law have been worried sick about what happened to the Qin family . My sister-in-law’s very close to Mrs . Qin . She even got sick over it . ”

“Oh, I see . ”

So everyone knew about what had happened in Qin Chu’s family . Shen Mingxi decided not to say much since there were too many people around .

“Mingxi… that child…” Remembering what Mrs . Shen had asked, Wei Ying began to ask about Tiantian but was cut off by a voice .


Wei Ying turned around and saw a suited-up Ye Chaoyang walking over with champagne in his hands .

“I’ve been looking for you… finally found you here . ” Ye Chaoyang smiled .

Before Wei Ying could respond, he took off his suit jacket and laid it across Wei Ying’s shoulders .

“The air conditioner’s turned up too high here . Don’t get a cold . ”

“Um… thanks…” Wei Ying lowered her head, feeling a bit awkward .

“Oh, President Shen, what a surprise! You know Ying?” Ye Chaoyang asked Shen Mingxi, smiling .

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