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Chapter 3024: 3024

Chapter 3024 The God-like Professor 4

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Before Shen Mingxi could answer, Ye Chaoyang opened his mouth again . “Oh, I remember, you’re Ying’s bastard ex-husband . ”

“Ye Chaoyang…” Wei Ying was getting annoyed .

“Oops, sorry, my mistake . I’m just parroting what everyone is saying . President Shen’s not going to hold this against me, right?”

“Of course not . ” Shen Mingxi looked at Ye Chaoyang, clearly bothered by it .

“Ying, my mom and aunt are here . They’re over there . Let’s go say hello?”

Wei Ying wanted to reject… but she knew that Ye Chaoyang wasn’t fond of Shen Mingxi .

If she didn’t leave, Ye Chaoyang would probably misunderstand her intentions of staying .

So, in order not to cause more trouble, she waved goodbye to Shen Mingxi .

“Mingxi, I’ll head over then . ”

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“Alright . ”

After a couple of steps, Wei Ying paused, turning her head to Ye Chaoyang .

“Is this fun for you?”

“What?” Ye Chaoyang pretended to not know anything .

“I’m asking you if mocking him is fun for you . ” Wei Ying was becoming mad .

“Ying, I’m only helping you out . He treated you so poorly before…”

“Shut your mouth . That’s between me and him . It has nothing to do with you . Who the hell are you to interject?”

“Ying, we’re…”

“We? There is no we . I didn’t agree to anything . Your family business is on a downward slide and your dad wants to commence a project with my dad . That’s between them . You can talk to my brother about it if you want… but stop trying to get close to me . I will never use my happiness to make business connections again . So, the next time you see Shen Mingxi, put away your sarcastic, bizarre tone . It really makes me sick . ”

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With that, Wei Ying turned around and walked away .

Ye Chaoyang was frustrated, but he couldn’t say anything .

Wei Ying wasn’t wrong; the Ye Family really needed the Wei Family’s help .

He really did have other intentions in his pursuit of Wei Ying, but it wasn’t all about business…

Wei Ying’s spicy, decisive personality and her talents and beauty really got to his heart .

“Once our family gets out of this rump, I will make you mine . Shen Mingxi wants to get back together with you? Over my dead body…” Ye Chaoyang said quietly .

Wei Ying was about to change into something else and leave . She was no longer interested in events like these .

As she walked past the hallway, she saw Huo Yanyan’s daughter crouched down on the floor, eating ice cream .

The little girl looked so small and so careful, she couldn’t help but feel for her…

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Just then, a man walked past the little girl . As the latter stood up, she accidentally flipped the plate in her hands, spilling the ice cream all over the man’s suit…

“Whose kid is this? Absolutely no manners!” the man roared .

“Sorry, Mister, I didn’t mean to . ” Tiantian immediately reached out in an attempt to wipe away the ice cream .

“Get away from me . Don’t touch my pants with your filthy hands…” The man clearly had a short temper .

The man’s female companion walked over . “Honey, what happened?”

“Someone’s kid dirtied up my suit,” the man cursed with furrowed brows .

“This kid… I think Young Master Shen brought her here . ” The woman looked at Tiantian .

“Young Master Shen? So, this is the baggage…” the man spewed viciously .

“I’m not baggage…” Although Tiantian didn’t know what the word meant, she could tell that it wasn’t something nice .

“So you’re the whore’s daughter… no wonder you’ve got such a slutty little face . Did your mother teach you how to lure men? You’re trying to get my attention intentionally, aren’t you?” the man spewed vile words as he pointed at Tiantian .

Finally, Wei Ying couldn’t help but intervene, walking over in her high heels…

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