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Upon hearing Shi Bin’s exclamation, one of the boys facing the window promptly looked over and squinted at Shi Bin. Shortly after, a trace of a smile immediately appeared on his gloomy-looking face and he hurriedly got to his feet, looking as if he’d received a pleasant surprise.

When he walked over, Ling Mo found that he was well built and was rather tall in stature. From his appearance, he was most likely from the physical education faculty, or at the very least a sports lover…

“Shi Bin? You brat, you didn’t die?” Xu Cai’s eyes went wide as he sized up Shi Bin. Soon after, he gave a hearty laugh before he turned to the youth and said, “Teacher Luo, this is Shi Bin, he’s from the same faculty as me!”

Teacher Luo shifted his gaze to Shi Bin. After glancing at him for a moment, he gave a vapid reply, “We ourselves are about to run out of food…” His words were whispered in a soft voice, appearing as if he were somewhat afraid of the well-toned boy, Xu Cai.

“That’s great! Where’d you guys come from?” Xu Cai didn’t even listen to any of Teacher Luo’s complaints and continued to passionately chat with Shi Bin.

A pleased look flashed across Shi Bin eyes as he replied, “This…we just came out from the red light district.”

In the past, Xu Cai was considered a very talented student in the physical education faculty. Not only did he make multiple appearances in the downtown mixed martial arts competitions, he even obtained exemplary results. On normal days, he’d was the objection of affection for the girls within the campus. Now, looking at Xu Cai being confined here with these other people while he, on the other hand, was able to make it back alive naturally gave Shi Bin a certain amount of pride.  

This time round, not only did Xu Cheng reveal an expression of shock, the people within the dojo stood up in succession, astonishment written on their faces.

Only now did someone realize the presence of Ling Mo and the rest behind Shi Bin, and someone even recognized Ye Lian at first glance, “Isn’t that Ye Lian!”

“The campus belle… Why is she together with Shi Bin?”

“The man beside her is also from our school…”

Shi Bin was originally feeling quite pleased with himself, but he now felt as if the wind had been taken out of his sails. He hurriedly turned behind and just happened to catch sight of Lin Luanqiu’s admonishing gaze.

A chill immediately ran down his back and Shi Bin felt his scalp turn numb. When he turned to look at Ling Mo, he saw Ling Mo wearing an impatient smile on his face with a cold look in his eyes.

“Everyone, quiet!” Shi Bin immediately shouted at everyone present before giving Ling Mo a tentative look and taking a step back, an embarrassed look on his face.

Xu Cai was rather perceptive. He immediately gained some insight upon seeing Shi Bin’s strange reaction and cast an inquisitive gaze towards Ling Mo before saying, “Sorry, may I ask which faculty you’re from?”

Ling Mo shook his head and explained, “I’m not from your school. I just came by to settle some matters.”

Ling Mo looked unaffected on the outside, but inwardly he was cursing and swearing at Shi Bin. When Ling Mo had first met this guy, he’d practically divulged the entirety of Lin Luanqiu’s background at once. Now, he was once again revealing their backgrounds as well. Shi Bin was definitely specialized in selling out his teammates! Telling them they just came out of the red light district? Wasn’t that clearly letting the others know that they had the strength to make it through half the campus, and that they should cling onto Ling Mo’s group and beg to be taken along?

It wasn’t wrong of him to posture, but what he did do wrong was that he had absolutely no talent in it. Not only was he more or less a burden, he was even trying to act as if he was the one propping up the group!

Luckily, most people likely wouldn’t believe in such talk…

Ling Mo had taken Lin Luanqiu warning Shi Bin not to mess around into consideration, but at this point, Ling Mo’s poor impression of Shi Bin could no longer be reversed.

Instead, he might as well use this as an opportunity to leave Shi Bin here. But regardless, Ling Mo had to speak to Lin Luanqiu in advance before he made his decision. In any case, the two of them held a cooperative relationship, it’d be better for him to first speak to her about it.

Sure enough, Shi Bin’s words had caused quite a stir amongst the other survivors. Although they no longer discussed loudly discussed it, the way they looked at Shi Bin had clearly changed, their eyes now holding a fervor within their eyes. There were even some that started to become restless and appeared as if they wanted to walk over.

Unfortunately for them, Xu Cai had practically barred their approach with his body and said, “Oh…doesn’t matter, we all share the same identity now as humans, don’t we? You guys showing up here means that we’re fated to meet. Come on in and take a seat.” Xu Cai looked as if he were all brawn and no brains, but the in truth, not only were his eyes sharp, he was intelligent too. He’d guessed that Ling Mo was probably stronger than Shi Bin, but he wasn’t clear on how much stronger he was. Most importantly, looked far too ordinary, while Shana with her long saber raised had a piercing look in her eyes, giving her an imposing presence.

This made him think that this girl might just be the strongest of the group. However when he glanced at Shana, Shana returned his gaze with a strange look of her own. He didn’t know why, but when he locked eyes with Shana, Xu Cai had this indistinct feeling that he was being treated as if he were prey. He hurriedly averted his eyes before finally resting them on Ye Lian’s body.

She was the one who was known as the campus belle, and she looked more than ten times better than her photos in the forums! On top of that, Ye Lian looked rather imposing as well, but he hadn’t heard tell of her being able to use a saber in the best…

Seeing Xu Cai unable to tear his gaze away from Ye Lian, Ling Mo furrowed his brows and asked, “What’re you looking at?”

Xu Cai was stunned. After glancing at Ling Mo, he cast a questioning gaze towards Shi Bin. Shi Bin knew he’d already provoked Ling Mo. He spoke in a very soft voice that lacked confidence, “He’s Ye Lian’s boyfriend.”

“Her boyfriend?” Xu Cai’s face held a look of shock, but it quickly reverted back to normal and said, “Haha, sorry about that. I didn’t notice. Why don’t you guys come in? Although this place isn’t all that big, it should still be enough for you guys to stay here for a while.”

Ling Mo didn’t have the least bit of goodwill left for these people. Upon hearing what Xu Cai said, Ling Mo gave a derisive grunt and replied, “No need, we’re just resting here for the time being.”   

“It’s fine if you guys rest inside for a little while as well…” Xu Cai planned to continue persuading him, but Ling Mo had already turned around to look at Lin Luanqiu and said, “Is there anywhere else that we can use in this place?”

Lin Luanqiu nodded and glanced at Xu Cai before she turned to face Ling Mo and said, “Follow me.”

After which, she took the lead and made her way towards the other end of the corridor. Following after her, Ling Mo shot Xu Cai a cold glance before leaving with Ye Lian and Shana.

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