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Chapter 80: Specialized In Selling Out Teammates (1)

The group carefully made their way through the plaza before entering the gymnasium through a side door. Once inside, Ling Mo's mind was filled with only one thought: to find a spot to rest as soon as possible.

But the cruelty of the current world left him with no choice but to steel himself and lead his group onwards.

Lingering near the entrance of the gymnasium would easily attract the attention of zombies.

Not only were these zombies not blind, their vision was markedly better than that of a regular human's. Although they usually seemed no different from a specter as they spun on the spot when they were inactive, they'd enter a fevered state in practically an instant once they spotted their target.

Therefore, even if they were about to collapse from exhaustion, Ling Mo's group hurriedly made their way up to the next level of the gymnasium, under Lin Luanqiu's guidance.

According to what Lin Luanqiu had said, apart from some exercise equipment that was installed in the lounge, the second floor of the gymnasium also contained an indoor volleyball court and a Taekwondo dojo.

But what allowed Ling Mo to breathe a sigh of relief was that they hadn't run into any zombies on their way up to the second floor. When disaster struck, the survivors in the gymnasium had likely drawn away the zombies in their attempts to flee.

"That Taekwondo dojo was previously closed for renovations, but we can inspect it through the French window1)A type of window. Click here to get a better idea of how it looks likeand inspect the place," Lin Luanqiu suggested, "The dojo might be a little dirty, but I feel that that's the most suitable place for us to rest."

Ling Mo nodded his head before he cast a flabbergasted glance at Lin Luanqiu and asked, "How do you know so much? After all, the school is huge. You're just one student, how'd you manage to get such a clear picture on the state of things?"

"I talked with everyone when I was with the volunteer rescue squad. I've made careful enquiries of everything relating to the number of people or the state of buildings within the campus for both before and after the disaster struck," Lin Luanqiu gave a faint smile before continuing, "Even if I'm a psychic, a girl needs to put in even more effort than other people if they plan on living on in this world. And I never planned on confining myself to this place either. I thought of various plans, but their chances of success were far too little, so in the end, I chose to escape the school."  

"I hope you'll be able to recover." Ling Mo muttered to himself before giving voice to his heartfelt thoughts.

Although they didn't know each other for long, a girl like Lin Luanqiu who was smart and independent was the type of person that Ling Mo greatly admired.

She was the same as Shana. They were both people who had a strength of heart and carried their own ideals. People like these, be it man or woman, deserved respect.

After hearing what Ling Mo said, Lin Luanqiu revealed a trace of a smile and said, "Thank you."

Their group quickly passed through the corridor and arrived at a door that had "Undergoing Renovation" sign plastered on top of it. This should be the Taekwondo dojo.

But after gripping onto the doorknob, Ling Mo abruptly took a step backwards, his guard raised as he looked at the door.

Seeing Ling Mo's reaction, Shana wordlessly stood by his side and raised her long saber.

Shana's attitude allowed Lin Luanqiu to immediately understand what was going on. A trace of confusion appeared on her face and she said in a low voice, "I didn't know that there were survivors here…"

Ling Mo remained silent and fixed his gaze onto the door. In the instant he gripped the doorknob, he distinctly felt it faintly vibrate, which meant that someone was behind the door.

Sure enough, the door immediately opened when Ling Mo released his grip and a haggard looking youth appeared from within who said, "Which faculty are you guys from?"

Ling Mo furrowed his brows and walked past this person, casting a glance into the room. He found more than ten people spread about the room, but all of them seemed to lack energy.

And opposite this door was a large French window. They'd clearly used it to discover Ling Mo's party. However, based on the faint look of vigilance on the face of the youth's face, Ling Mo roughly knew what they were thinking.

They probably had no intention of interacting with Ling Mo's group as Ling Mo's group would undoubtedly increase their burden if they took refuge here…

But they didn't expect Ling Mo's group to immediately make their way over to the Taekwondo dojo. At this point, they had no choice but to make contact. This was no coincidence. After all, the Taekwondo dojo was the best place in the gymnasium. It provided an early warning system through the use of the French window and its location was sufficiently obscure. On one side it was linked to the corridor while the other was close to an emergency staircase.

At this moment, Shi Bin cried out in pleasant surprise, "Xu Cai! You're Xu Cai, right?!"

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1.↑A type of window. Click here to get a better idea of how it looks like
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