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A red cloaked elder flew over with a powerful blood like aura around his body.

Flying on air?

Qingfeng Li furrowed his brows after sensing the powerful blood aura from the two. He knew that there was a master in the grandmaster realm and a master.


The red cloaked elder landed on the ground, cracking it with his feet. Dust and dirt went flying as the rocks of the mountain split open.

Fear and shock appeared in the eyes of the surrounding disciples as they saw the elder. Their faces dropped.

It's Zhen Xue, the third elder! He's the disciplinary elder of the Crimson Blood Sect.

"It's over for him. Zhen Xue will make him explode for breaking the Patriach's statue."

"That's right, third elder Zhen Xue is amongst the five strongest in our organization. He basically has that guy in the palm of his hand."

The disciples looked at Zhen Xue with respect and admiration as they discussed amongst themselves.

Being the third and disciplinary elder that enforced the rules within the sect, Zhen Xue had a high position amongst the disciples. Whenever he would catch rule breaking disciples, he beat them within an inch of their lives. All of them were terrified of him.

Regardless of an organization's orthodoxy, it was a world of survival. Only the strong would be respected. Although people were afraid of Zhen Xue, he was respected due to his strength.

"Who are you, Bastard? How dare you break the statue of the Patriarch?" Angrily, Zhen Xue demanded.

With a cold face, Qingfeng answered, "I am Qingfeng Li. Where is the Blood Demon Cave and Cold Blood?"

Qingfeng Li?

Upon hearing these words, the color drained from Zhen Xue's face. Though he belonged to the Crimson Blood Sect, he paid close attention to the Martial Arts world. Recently, an unmatched master appeared and slayed three grandmasters at the Lone Mountain. With that, he became the youngest martial artist in the grandmaster realm.

Furthermore, Qingfeng Li killed the sect master of the Iron Fist clan at the ancient martial arts exchange. The entire martial arts world was shocked, knowing that Zhongtian Tie was no ordinary martial artist as he was ranked forty out of the eighty-one on the grandmaster list.

As if his name had some magical power, the crowd became speechless and the discussions disappeared. Clearly, the disciples had heard of Qingfeng's notoriety before.

With an imposing face, Zhen Xue coldly said, "Qingfeng Li, I don't care what you do in the Martial Arts World, but what are you doing coming to the Crimson Blood Sect? Are you trying to challenge us?"

"Let me ask you again, where is the Blood Demon Cave and Cold Blood?" Qingfeng Li icily smiled and spoke with annoyance in his voice.

"You have the audacity to call our young master by name? You better bow down and apologize, otherwise today you will face certain death." Zhen Xue coldly spoke with a bloodthirsty tone.

Qingfeng Li coldly smiled, they were clearly asking for their deaths by not answering him. He strode forwards, thinking that he was too merciful. He resolved that he should kill them all.

"Crimson Blood Fist!" Zhen Xue angrily shouted and swung his right fist. Appearing as a giant red fist, the attack flew towards Qingfeng Li with an air breaking sound.

The crimson fist was a mid level grandmaster move, one of the five signature moves of the Crimson Blood Sect. When learned, one's fists can transform into a bloody shadow and become extremely powerful.

Calmly, Qingfeng Li faced the bloody fist. Suddenly, his right hand extended and transformed into a claw and caught it.

"His speed is incredible!" The colors drained from Zhen Xue's face as terror appeared in his eyes. He could feel that they were both in the middle of the grandmaster realm, but his opponent was far swifter.


Qingfeng Li squeezed his right hand with considerable force and crushed Zhen Xue's fist, exposing the white bones underneath.

Zhen Xue's mouth opened and made a pained noise as his bones broke. His unbeatable fist was like an egg inside the enemy's palm, easily broken with a sleight of hand.

"Did I miss something? Why was the third elder's crimson fist broken?"

"You didn't miss anything. This Qingfeng Li guy is too strong, he defeated the third elder in one blow."

"F*ck me, I've heard people say that Qingfeng Li is unmatched within his realm and I had my doubts, but now I see that it's true."

"It's over, we messed with the wrong guy this time."

The disciples were all terrified with horror filling their eyes.

In their hearts, the third elder Zhen Xue was idolized, and now, they found it impossible to accept that their idol was crushed with one blow.

"Where is the Blood Demon Cave?" Looking at a suffering Zhen Xue, Qingfeng Li icily asked.

"That's our restricted area, there's no way that I would tell you the location." Changing his facial expression, Zhen Xue ferociously looked at him.

Keeping your mouth shut means your death. With a murderous aura in his eyes, Qingfeng Li did not give Zhen Xue a second chance and shot his hand towards his body.


One palm made Zhen Xue's body explode and turn into a blood shower. He could not be more dead.

Seeing him die to one blow, everyone trembled and the more cowardly ones fainted.

Being disciples of the Crimson Blood Sect, they believed that they were cruel enough already. However, compared to Qingfeng Li, they were barely scratching the surface. He was the real deal, killing whenever he disagreed with somebody.

"Tell me, where is the Blood Demon Cave?" After killing Zhen Xue, Qingfeng Li asked the first disciple that he saw.

With terror on his face, the disciple was so scared that he could not speak.


Without speaking, he extended his right palm and killed the disciple.

Afterwards he questioned a few others, but they faced the same fate by keeping their mouths shut.

Qingfeng Li had no mercy towards his enemies. As for the uncooperative ones, only death awaited them.

Finally as Qingfeng Li looked at the tenth disciple, he collapsed and knelt before him and begged, "Please don't kill me, the temple is located in a cave behind the palace. It's a very terrifying restricted area."

Having gotten his information, he seized the crimson cloaked disciple and made him lead the way. The area of the Crimson Blood Sect was far too large for him to search. It was much easier and less time consuming if somebody led him.

Shaking, the red cloaked disciple led him towards the cave that the temple was located in.

Looking out, Qingfeng Li saw a gigantic cave that was both large and deep. From within the cave, a strong bloody aura was emitted, making those who smelt it uncomfortable all over.

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