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Qingfeng Li killed the eight crimson coated security guards at the entrance and walked into the building without any changes of his expression.

The female receptionist rolled her eyes back and fainted as soon as she saw how brutal was Qingfeng Li. Even though he was young, he was crueler than anyone from the Crimson Blood Sect.

Without looking at her, Qingfeng Li pressed the elevator button and rode it towards the thirtieth floor.

Meanwhile on the thirtieth floor of the Emerald Jade Cooperation, Li Xue was angrily sitting on his office chair with an outraged expression on his face.

"Elder Xue, there's no need to be angry. After all, Cold blood is the young master of the Crimson Blood Sect and no one is brave enough to refuse what he wants." Smiling, Meier Xue tried to comfort him.

Her words reignited Li Xue's anger. If she kept her mouth shut he would've been more pleasant.

"You don't know shit! I am in the early stages of the grandmaster realm. If I had drank Xue Lin's fresh blood, I would have broken through to the interemediate stage. Now that Cold Blood took her away, how am I supposed to break through?" Coldly, he looked at Meier Xue and spoke with a bitter tone.

Taken aback by Li Xue's cold bloodsucking gaze, Meier Xue was too afraid to speak again.

Although she was afraid to speak, she was pissed that Li Xue took his anger out on her as opposed to speaking to the young master.


As the two were conversing, the door was kicked open by force and Qingfeng Li strode in.

Scanning the office, Qingfeng Li could not find Xue Lin. His facial expression suddenly changed as an ominous feeling appeared in his heart.

"Who are you and who let you in?" Standing up, Li Xue said with a cold face.

"I am Qingfeng Li. Where is my wife Xue Lin?" He asked without any hesitation.

Frowning, Li Xue remembered Cold Blood's order and replied, "The young master had brought her to the Crimson Blood Sect's Blood Demon Cave. If you want to save Xue Lin, go look for the young master there."

Blood Demon Cave?

Upon hearing these two words, Qingfeng's facial expressions suddenly changed as a monstrous anger rose in his heart.

It had been a long time since Xue Lin entered the ancient martial arts world, and she was knowledgeable by both the orthodox and unorthodox groups as a special figure. The Blood Demon Cave was a restricted area belonging to the Crimson Blood Sect and was used specifically for blood sucking.

Being a first-class organization amongst the unorthodox groups, the Crimson Blood Sect sucked dry every ancient martial artist who fell into their hands, and turned them into a pile of bones.

Anger grew like a forest fire within Qingfeng Li's heart. He thought that Cold Blood must definitely die and be chopped into thousands of pieces to quench his anger.

But before he went to kill Cold Blood, Qingfeng Li decided that the two in front of him should die first, seeing that they were Cold Blood's accomplices.

With murderous aura oozing from his body, Qingfeng Li walked towards the pair.

"What are you doing? Shouldn't you go to the Blood Demon Cave?"

"I'm obviously going to kill you first."

"You want to die? And to think that you can kill us?" Meier Xue stood with disdain on her charming face.

Too lazy to chit chat with Meier Xue, Qingfeng Li ruthlessly slapped his right hand towards her, ripping through the air with a powerful essence energy engulfing his arm.

Having felt Qingfeng Li's powerful presence, she realized that his presence was even stronger that of Li Xue. Her face dropped.

Screaming, she swung her right fist, attempting to block Qingfeng Li's palm. However, all was in vain.

Qingfeng Li's palm pushed forward with an unstoppable force, shattering Meier Xue's fist, wrist, and arm all at once. She made a screeching cry and looked at him with a terrified gaze.

However, she could only scream once before her voice was cut short, because right after, Qingfeng Li's palm shattered her skeleton. Her body could not withstand the pressure and exploded.

Meier Xue was only at the peak of the Higher Heaven realm, so she had no chance of blocking Qingfeng Li's attack. She could not be more dead.

"You, you, you're in the intermediate stage of the grandmaster realm?" Seeing Meier Xue dying to one blow, Li Xue's colors drained from his face as he asked with a shocked expression.

Being in the first stage of the grandmaster realm, Li Xue could also defeat Meier Xue.

However, he needed at least three moves. There was no way that he could turn her into ground meat with one slap.

"President Xue, since you mislead my wife to the Jiangnan province, why don't you go to hell?" Qingfeng Li coldly smiled and shot his hand towards Li Xue.


Li Xue shouted loudly as he circulated his energy throughout his body before forcefully swinging his fist towards Qingfeng Li's palm. He did not want to die today so he used all of his energy in the attack.

But the result frightened Li Xue. Qingfeng Li's hand contained unmatched strength and shattered his fist, wrist, and arm immediately.

He finally tasted what Meier Xue felt, as he suffered the same fate as her in the hands of Qingfeng Li.

Demon, he is a demon! How can he be so strong? Li Xue's eyes were filled with horror, as he felt like he messed with a demon from the depths of hell.


Without any hesitation, Qingfeng Li's palm hit Li Xue with enough force to break air and explode his body. All that was left was a pile of ground meat.

The whole room looked terrifying, like hell on Earth. It stank of nose piercing gore and the metallic tang of blood.

"This is what happens when you mess with me." He smiled coldly and turned to leave the room.

Walking out of the Emerald Jade Cooperation, he stopped a taxi and headed towards the suburbs where the Crimson Blood Mountain was located.

The headquarters of the Crimson Blood Sect was a massive red palace that emitted a scarlet aura and was located right on top of the mountain.

Getting out of the car at the foot of the mountain, Qingfeng Li spotted white fog barrier in front of him. To normal people, the fog was laced with deadly poison that could kill with one breath.

The reason for these barriers was to prevent outsiders from entering the Crimson Blood Sect.

There was nothing a normal person can do against them, but to Qingfeng Li, they were not one bit effective.

The True Martial Emperor technique that Qingfeng Li practiced could block off the airway and eliminates the need to breath for a short period of time. Once he crosses the frog barrier, he would reach the palace of the Crimson Blood Sect.

Qingfeng Li channeled his cultivation technique and strode forwards without breathing, penetrating the barrier shortly.

In his view was a massive scarlet colored palace built completely with marble rocks of the same color. In front of the palace, there was a giant statue fifteen or so meters tall.

The statue was blood red and depicted the Blood Demon sect's Patriarch. It was also the symbol of the Crimson Blood Sect.


Qingfeng Li's right fist suddenly swung out. Infused with vital essence, the fist hit the statue with formidable energy. One punch rendered the tall statue into a sky full of falling broken rocks.

"You got big balls, how dare you destroy our Crimson Blood Sect's Patriach's statue, you clearly don't want to live anymore!" An enraged shout came from a distance away, laced with anger.

The Crimson Blood Sect, being a first class group of Unorthodox Martial artists, was certainly extremely powerful, and no one in history had ever dared to break in and destroy their property. It was an open insult to the Crimson Blood Sect.

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