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"Qiandao, if you don't give me one kilogram of premium herbs, I will have to kill you." Qingfeng smiled coldly, with murderous wrath in his eyes.


Qingfeng swiftly moved in front of Qiandao, and immediately pulled out the Red Fiery Sword in his hands. A streak of crimson lightning had struck down in front of Qiandao, only to stop at his neck.

With only a slight stab forward of the Red Fiery Sword tip, it would pierce through Qiandao's throat, and end his life.

Qiandao was terrified with the sword tip at his throat, and its icy intention to kill. Qingfeng was unbelievably fast; there wasn't any time for him to react at all.

At this point, everyone else around could tell that Qingfeng had immense power, much more so than Qiandao.

In fact, it wouldn't be fair to say power, but rather it should be combat strength, which Qingfeng had overpowered them all with.


Qingfeng slightly waved his sword, and directly punctured the skin on Qiandao's neck as his blood bursted out.

"I'll give you three seconds to choose between one kilogram of premium herbs or your head." Qingfeng looked at him and persisted coldly.

One second, two seconds…

Just as it hit three seconds, Qiandao grew pale and immediately said, "I will give you one kilogram of premium herbs."

For Qiandao, the premium herbs may be precious, but it can always be re-retrieved again, but he has only one life, if he loses that then all would be doomed.

"Let me go back, Qingfeng, I'll get those one kilogram of premium herbs for you."

"No, I can't let you return, what if you ran off without giving me the herbs?"

"Qingfeng, if you don't let me return, how will I ever get our ancestral herbs?"

"It's quite easy, call your son Baidao Jiang. He is the young master of your Jiang clan, so tell him to bring those premium herbs over." Qingfeng said nonchalantly.

Qingfeng wasn't an idiot, there was no way he would let Qiandao back into the clan. If this guy doesn't keep his side of the bargain and doesn't return, then all this would futile.

The Jiang clan became one of the four biggest ancient martial arts family of Tianjing city not only because of Qiandao, but also because of the several other Jiang patriarchs and masters. There was no way Qingfeng would be dumb enough to barge into the Jiang clan by himself.

Qiandao was furious, but there was no other option, he had to call his son Baidao to bring one hundred baht of premium herbs to Sky Mountain Mansion.

The Gu clan leader, Zhengtian Gu, along with the Tang clan leader, Jianghe Tang, and the rest of the people around were all shocked by this. Qiandao, is an ancient martial arts clan leader like themselves, was now threatened by Qingfeng, and this infuriated them. 

Unfortunately, Master Qin of Dragon Palace stopped Zhengtian Gu, and Luo clan leader Yishan Luo has stopped Jianghe Tang, because they're not Qingfeng's opponents.

When Baidao found out that his father's life is in the hands of Qingfeng, he immediately took care of everything. He retrieved the one hundred baht of premium herbs and delivered them on a helicopter.

When Baidao arrived at Sky Mountain villa with one hundred baht of premium herbs, he felt ill at the sight of Qingfeng's sword resting on his father's shoulder.

"Qingfeng, you asshole, release my father!" Baidao said angrily.

"Open your mouth, pest." Qingfeng kicked the ground with his right foot, and launched a tree branch that had fallen during the fighting into the air. Like a streak of lightning, it struck Baidao on his face.


Baidao cried out in pain as the branch struck his face, and instantly bruised the area.

"Such speed." At this very moment, Baidao turned to look at Qingfeng with great fear.

Qingfeng is far too powerful, he launched a seemingly random tree branch at such great speed, Baidao was obviously not worthy to be his opponent.

Baidao filled with regret, he regretted not killing Qingfeng earlier. It was only a while ago that Qingfeng was only an unimportant martial warrior at the Luo clan's ancient martial arts auction. Now he has become a recognized force in the grandmaster realm.

More importantly, Qingfeng is too powerful even in the grandmaster realm; even a distinguished eighty-one orthordox grandmaster like his father has been defeated.

"Hand me the herbs, if you speak one more word, I'll have to kill you." Qingfeng coldly looked at Baidao, and spoke with icy disdain.

Baidao was humiliated, looked down by a youth who he has disregarded in the past, he felt aggrieved, but there was no other way, Qingfeng was far more powerful than him.

Baidao set the one kilogram of precious herbs in front of Qingfeng, with his head down and expression gloomy.

"A hundred year old purple leafed flower, two hundred year old skullcap fruit, and three hundred year old ginseng…" Qingfeng's eyes lit up at the sight of these premium herbs.

One of Tianjing city's four biggest ancient martial art clans truly lived up to its name, just in its abundance of premium herbs, it would take Qingfeng ages to find alone.

Qingfeng couldn't thank Xianzhi enough, he knew that if Xianzhi hadn't stopped him, he definitely would have killed Qiandao, and then there would be no way to acquire this amount of premium herbs.

For Qingfeng, these premium herbs were worth so much more than Qiandao's life.

Qingfeng was in the intermediate stage of the grandmaster realm, with mass strength, he could kill Qiandao anytime, but these premium herbs were hard to find.

"You two may go now, you're more than welcome to come after my life." Qingfeng smiled and released his sword from Qiandao's neck.

Qingfeng told the truth, he truly wished these big clans would come after him. He had already thought this through. If a clan leader from these big families came after him, he would not kill these leaders, but rather he would threaten their life in exchange for herbs and wealth, or even for martial art techniques. This way he would maximize his benefits.

Qiandao and his son left without a word. Although their faces looked ill, their hearts were filled with murderous anger, well hidden underneath.

They both knew that they could not defeat Qingfeng, this youth had become supremely powerful even in the grandmaster realm. Perhaps only the old Jiang clan patriarch could possibly defeat him.

"Chief Gu and Chief Tang, are you still intending on killing me?" Qingfeng looked at Zhengtian Gu and Jianghe Tang and said mockingly.

Qingfeng had actually wanted these two to continue trying, but it was clear that these two masters had grown hesitant. With Elder Tang and Clan chief Luo's obstruction, they couldn't possibly manage to kill Qingfeng. 

"Don't get ahead of yourself Qingfeng. There will be a day when I personally behead you to avenge my son Jianlong Gu." Zhengtian smiled coldly and went off on his way.

Jianghe Tang closely followed behind Zhengtian, and both left Sky Mountain mansion.

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