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Chapter 803: Helping Yishan Luo

Qingfeng didn't stop Zhengtian Gu and Jianghe Tang from leaving, because Zhengtian held great power, even if Qingfeng were to kill him it would be at a great cost, something Qingfeng didn't find necessary at the moment.

Qingfeng had "Alchemy Arts of Elixir King" in his possession, and he knew that as long as he became accomplished in alchemy, and established relevant connections, say in the Dragon Palace, then it would shock the four big martial families of Tianjing city. Then he wouldn't need to do any of the dirty work himself. 

"Thank you for your help Miss Qin, this is the life prolonging pill, it can prolong your father's life for another month." Qingfeng smiled and handed a silver white elixir to Xianzhi.

It really was the life prolonging pill, Xianzhi looked at the elixir in her hand that glowed with life itself, her attractive face was overwhelmed with gratefulness.

Although Xianzhi knew that Qingfeng had acquired the "Alchemy Arts of Elixir King", she was aware that he had only studied alchemy theories, and not the practice of alchemy itself yet.

Xianzhi gifted Qingfeng with an alchemy furnace, along with an abundance of herbs, even then Xianzhi didn't put too much hope on him. She knew that the Life-Prolonging pill was a premium elixir, extremely difficult to craft, but it had surprised her that Qingfeng had created it.

Genius he must be, Xianzhi sighed to herself, she then knew that Qingfeng was not only a martial arts genius,

but an alchemy genius as well.

"Chief Luo, thank you for your help, I will make you a premium grandmaster pill." Qingfeng said to Yishan Luo.

Yishan and Nishang Luo had brought him to the ancient martial arts fair, and they've helped him to acquire the ancient elixir furnace. In addition, they've just helped him deal with Jianghe Tang the Tang clan leader, Qingfeng had to thank them for all this support.

Yishan's face lit up after he heard Qingfeng, he was in his intermediate stage of the grandmaster realm, if he can acquire the premium elixir, then he would reach the late-stage in the grandmaster realm, this is what he had dreamed of.

Yishan wanted to provide Qingfeng with hebrs, but Qingfeng waved his hands in refusal There was no need for Yishan's herbs; he had just acquired one hundred baht of premium herbs from Qiandao Jiang, just perfect for creating premium elixirs.

Qingfeng brought these herbs into a room in Sky Mountain mansion, the elixir furnace was inside without any more Fo Tan stones. Qingfeng asked Xianzhi to find some more Fo Tan stones and set off to create premium elixirs.

Because Qingfeng already knew the ways to create elixirs, the process was very fast. 

He first filled the elixir furnace with the hundred-year-old purple leafed flower, the two hundred year old skullcap fruit, and the three hundred year old ginseng along with other premium herbs. Then he lit the Fo Tan stones underneath the furnace, and precisely followed

followed the instructions for making premium grandmaster pill from the elixir king.

Admittedly, the process to make grandmaster pill is extremely difficult, as difficult as the life prolonging pill process.

Qingfeng failed the first time, which had disappointed him.

Qingfeng wrongly believed that as long as he knew the process of the Life-Prolonging pill, creating the grandmaster pill would be fairly easy.

Although both the Life-Prolonging pill and the grandmaster pill are premium elixirs, the creation process is completely different. The proportions of the herbs, control of the flame, and length of the time are all strictly enforced.

Qingfeng failed his first attempt, wasting away ten baht of premium herbs, which tormented him a bit. These herbs were invaluable, a single baht would sell for several ten millions, or even several hundred millions. Some herbs, one couldn't even purchase with money.

Qingfeng continued even after the initial failure, but at his second failure the disappointment pierced his heart.

He had wasted forty baht of herbs after four failures; at the fifth attempt Qingfeng had successfully brewed a premium grandmaster pill.

It was an emerald pill, only the size of a finger; green light glistened on the surface, but underneath was mass vital essence.

Qingfeng only breathed in a single breathe but it was felt like taking a deep breath of vital essence, and significantly relaxed him.

"There are still fifty baht of herbs left, I will brew some Lower Heaven elixirs and some Higher Heaven elixirs to help

to help out the Wolf Fang clan and King Kong." Qingfeng smiled lightly and continued to make elixirs.

Afterwards he had succeeded in every process, because Lower Heaven and Higher Heaven elixirs are much easier to make, as long as he is attentive, he is bound to succeed in a single attempt.

In the end, Qingfeng had created five Lower Heaven elixirs and five Higher Heaven elixirs, and used up all the one hundred baht of premium herbs.

Certainly, the more premium the herbs used in the making, the better the effects of the elixirs, because Qingfeng had used the most premium herbs to create these Higher Heaven pills, it is much more powerful and effective than any average Higher Heaven pill.

Qingfeng stored the Lower Heaven and Higher Heaven pill closely on him along the premium grandmaster pill, and went out.

Three hours had passed, and Yishan and Nishang Luo were waiting for him in the hall outside.

Yishan's eyes lit up as he saw Qingfeng coming out, he was filled with desire, anticipation along with hints of unrest. He had hoped that Qingfeng was successful, and feared that he had failed.

"Clan leader Luo, here is the premium grandmaster pill, for you." Qingfeng smiled lightly and handed the emerald elixir to Yishan.

Yishan shockingly looked at the great vital essence the elixir in his hand breathed out.

"Qingfeng you're an alchemy genius, I can't believe it's successful." Yishan Luo said with admiration.

As the clan leader the clan leader of the Luo family, Yishan had met countless geniuses, but he never admired any one of them, not even the sword grandmaster Geyi Zhao.

However Yishan truly admired Qingfeng, he was not only powerful, but he was also gifted in alchemy, and was able to have created such a premium elixir.

"Chief Luo stop your admiration, do try the premium elixir."Qingfeng smiled, he wanted to see the effects of the elixir he had created.

Yishan nodded and popped the emerald pill into his mouth; it melted instantly, and formed a massive force of vitality that rushed into every corner of his veins and bones. It eradicated the toxicants, hardened the bones and increased vitality.


The chains inside Yishan's body imploded, he directly went from intermediate stage to late-stage of the grandmaster realm.

With only a single thrush of his fist, Yishan had split the grand tree in front of him and broke it into shreds.

"Wolf King, thank you for your elixir, I've finally reached the late-stage in the grandmaster realm." Yishan faced Qingfeng with great gratitude.

Yishan had always been oppressed by the senior elder Diao Luo, even to the point that threatened his clan leadership, now that he has passed into the late-stage of grandmasters, he is now just as powerful as senior elder Diao Luo, and there was no need to be afraid anymore.

Yishan clearly knew that this is entirely due to Qingfeng's pill, so he had to show his gratitude.

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