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Chapter 719: Two Conditions

"You bastard. Even though I am no longer the chairman of Huaxia Medical Association, I am still extremely skillful. How dare you belittle my medical skills." Yunhe Zhang looked at Qingfeng Li with anger.

Yunhe Zhang was extremely pissed. Who was this person that his younger brother brought? Shouldn't Qingfeng Li research who he was beforehand? He was the most skillful doctor in Huaxia's medical field.

If Yunhe Zhang's medical skills were considered bad, then there wouldn't be anyone that would claim they were skilled in medicine in all of Huaxia.

Qingfeng Li smiled and said, "You said you are skilled in medicine, right? I have a patient that was diagnosed with a mental health problem. If you can cure her, then I will apologize and admit that you are skilled in mental health field."

Qingfeng Li was extremely smart. In order to save Xue Lin, he used Yunhe Zhang's student to force him out of his room and even set a trap for him.

Qingfeng Li knew that he would offend Yunhe Zhang if Yunhe Zhang knew what Qingfeng Li was trying to do in the future, but in order to save Xue Lin, Qingfeng Li had no other ways.

"How dare you look down at me. Tell me, what is wrong with the patient. There isn't anything that I can't cure in the mental health field."


patient is a woman. She became unconscious due to a bout of extreme depression and sadness. Can you make her wake up?"

"Self-hypnosis was a world-level problem within the mental health field, it is similar to a person in a vegetative state. Even though it's hard to cure, it isn't hard for me and I know the cure to it." Yunhe Zhang smirked and said arrogantly.

Regarding self-hypnosis, it was an extremely hard problem to fix in both Chinese medicine and western medicine. It was as complicated as cancer.

If it was someone else, they definitely couldn't solve the problem of self-hypnosis, but Yunhe Zhang had the solution because he was a specialist in mental health.

Qingfeng Li became extremely excited after hearing what Yunhe Zhang said. He said, "Yo-you ... can you really cure someone that was self-hypnotized?"

Qingfeng Li's face reddened up because of becoming overexcited. His whole body was tremoring and his speech became stuck.

Yunhe Zhang's brows tensed up after seeing the excitement of Qingfeng Li. Even though he was old, he wasn't dumb. In order to become the most skilled doctor, he was extremely intelligent.

"This patient that you wanted to save, she is someone close to you right? Don't get so excited." Yunhe Zhang said plainly and gave Qingfeng Li a look.

Qingfeng Li knew he messed up after seeing Yunhe Zhang become expressionless. Because

Because of his overexcitement, Yunhe Zhang saw through Qingfeng Li's trap.

"You are smart and knew how to force me out of the basement. To be honest, I do have the solution to self-hypnosis, but why would I help you?" Yunhe Zhang looked at Qingfeng Li and smirked.

Yunhe Zhang was pissed from the insults from Qingfeng Li. In addition, the way Qingfeng Li forced him to come out made him lose all of his reputation. He felt embarrassed that a young man could trick someone like him.

Why would he help me?

Qingfeng Li's expression changed because he knew Yunhe Zhang was pissed.

After Qingfeng Li thought through the matter thoroughly, there was nothing wrong regarding what Yunhe Zhang said. Yes, he needed Yunhe Zhang to help him cure Xue Lin, but why would he.

First, they didn't know each other personally. Second, they were not relationed in any way. Third, Qingfeng Li even said Yunhe Zhang was unskillful, although he said it in order to force him out. In conclusion, they didn't know each other and had no relationship.

"Professor Zhang, my apologies for saying you are unskilled. I did it in order to force you to come out and meet me. To be honest, I know how skillful you are."

"It doesn't matter if you apologize or sugar coat it now. Like I said before, I don't know you

know you and I won't help you."

"Professor Zhang, the patient is my wife. I love her a lot and hope you could wake her up. As long as you wake her up, I promise I will do anything." Qingfeng Li said with a tone of seriousness.

Yunhe Zhang blanked out for a second and said, "I don't know you and you don't know me. Your wife has no relationship with me and I won't save her. Leave please."

After he finished, Yunhe Zhang turned around and was about to head back into his room.

At this moment, Miaochun Zhang said, "Older brother, Qingfeng Li is extremely skilled in Chinese medicine, but isn't skillful in the mental health field. You are a specialist in the mental health field, please lend him a hand."

After hearing his younger brother, Yunhe Zhang hesitated. But he still shook his head and rejected.

"Professor, I will say it again. As long as you can wake up my wife, I will do anything you want."

"Don't be stupid. Anything, can you really do anything?"

"Yes. Professor Zhang, whatever you say, as long I can do it, I will do it."

"Alright. I have two conditions. As long as you can do it, I will save your wife. First, cure my legs. Second, beat my student Yunshan Ye. Can you do it?" Yunhe Zhang smirked and said.

Before Qingfeng Li could Qingfeng Li could even talk, Miaochun Zhang was pissed. He said, "Older brother, you are giving Qingfeng Li trouble on purpose. How could he possibly fix your legs? Your legs were completely broken during the crash. Regarding Yunshan Ye, he is the chairman of the Huaxia Medical Association right now. How can Qingfeng Li beat him?"

Miaochun Zhang was pissed after hearing his older brother's conditions. As the Principal of the medical university and Yunhe Zhang as the most skillful doctor within the medical field, if both of them couldn't fix Yunhe Zhang's legs, then how could Qingfeng Li?

Regarding Yunshan Ye, he was someone even more powerful. How could Qingfeng Li beat him?

Regarding Yunhe Zhang's seemingly-impossible tasks, Qingfeng Li nodded his head and said, "Professor, I will accept your conditions."

What, he accepted my conditions?

Yunhe Zhang's face changed and was shocked. The two requirements he gave were extremely hard. How could Qingfeng Li possibly achieve it.

"Anyone can boast, but they need skills to back it up. No one in the nation could fix my legs, so can you really fix it?" Yunhe Zhang shook his head because he thought Qingfeng Li was boasting.

"Professor, at least let me have a look. Then I will give you an answer." Qingfeng Li smiled and came to Yunhe Zhang's side. He felt Yunhe Zhang's broken legs and started checking out the damage.

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