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Chapter 720: Bone-Softening Poison

When Qingfeng Li checked out Yunhe Zhang's legs, he was both surprised and shocked.

It was something extremely rare if even Qingfeng Li was shocked.

"Professor Zhang, both of your legs have a comminuted fracture and your body was affected by the Bone-Softening poison. That is why nobody could treat your broken legs." Qingfeng Li uttered with a shocked tone.

Bone-softening poison, you know about bone-softening poison?

Yunhe Zhang's expression changed and his eyes were filled with surprise. He thought Qingfeng Li boasted regarding his medical skills, but now he knew Qingfeng Li wasn't completely without substance. He was skilled in Chinese medicine.

Except for Yunhe Zhang, no one knew that he was poisoned with bone-softening poison, not even his younger brother. Yet Qingfeng Li was able to find out about it after touching it for a few moments. It definitely showed that Qingfeng Li was extremely skilled in Chinese medicine.

"Can you neutralize it?" Yunhe Zhang said with a longing tone. He was extremely nervous.

Qingfeng Li laughed forcefully and shook his head. Even though he was a god-tier doctor, he couldn't cure everything. Bone-softening poison was the most poisonous substance to bones and was extremely harmful.

Human bones consist of organic and non-organic substances. Organic substances included protein and non-organic substances included calcium and phosphorus.

Bones were the hardest part of the

human body and the most crucial part as well.

If a man doesn't have bones, then all he had was his blood and muscles and couldn't stand up.

Bone-softening poison was made to target the bones and erode it. No matter how hard the bones were, it would soften it and make it like soft noodles. Eventually, the victim wouldn't be able to stand and have to use a wheel chair.

No matter how powerful Qingfeng Li was, he couldn't turn soft bones into hard bones.

If Yunhe Zhang was just poisoned, then Qingfeng Li could have used acupuncture and essence blood to cure him.

But Yunhe Zhang was already poisoned for an extended amount of time and the poison had damaged most of his bones, especially his legs. His leg bones were all eroded and were like soft noodles.

"I was poisoned three years ago by my student Yunshan Ye and it has now made its way through most of my body. It is normal that you can't fix it. You can leave now." Yunhe Zhang was disappointed. He turned away and was about to head back into his room.


Qingfeng Li suddenly remembered what his teacher told him 15 years ago. Bone-softening poison was extremely poisonous and hard to treat, but everything had something that could treat it.

For example, fire could

could burn everything, but water could distinguish it. Trees survived by sucking out the nutrients in the mud, but after it died, it would become nutrients for the mud.

Bone-softening poison could make the bones soft, then there was something that could make the bones extremely hard.

"Professor Zhang, my teacher had told me that even though bone-softening poison was the most poisonous bone poison, there was a herb that could fight it."

"And what might that be?"

"Black Crow Vine. It is an extremely hard vine that is as hard as gold. Its branches can be used to treat your poison." Qingfeng Li smiled and said.

Fortunately, Qingfeng Li's memory was extremely clear and remembered what his teacher briefly mentioned to him dozen years ago. He didn't think he would remember what his teacher said 15 years ago.

Black Crow Vine?

Yunhe Zhang tensed his brows. He had heard of the plant before, but it went extinct 50 years ago. He couldn't get his hands on the plant anymore.

"The plant had gone extinct already. Even if it could treat my poison, where would you get it then?" Yunhe Zhang smirked.


Qingfeng Li's expression changed. He only remembered that it could treat the poison, but he forgot that the plant had gone extinct 50 years ago. He couldn't find any in all of Huaxia.

"Professor, even


"Professor, even if it went extinct, I will find it somehow and treat your legs."

"I will keep my promise too. As long as you could treat my legs and beat my student, I will help wake up your wife."

"A promise is a promise." Qingfeng Li smiled and left.

Even though Black Crow Vine had gone extinct, Qingfeng Li didn't believe that he couldn't find one in all of Huaxia.

Qingfeng Li knew that as long as he cured professor Zhang's leg, he would definitely help treat Xue Lin.

Yunhe Zhang was poisoned and couldn't stand up. Even if he wanted to treat Xue Lin, he didn't have the energy to.

Xue Lin, Qingfeng Li, and Yunhe Zhang were tied together now. Qingfeng Li could only treat Yunhe Zhang first, then Yunhe Zhang would be able to treat Xue Lin.

Qingfeng Li left the university and called King Kong, Jianguo Tang, and Mengyao Xu's phone. He wanted them to help him with finding the plant.

Afterwards, Qingfeng Li called Jing Capital's Li family Meier Li and asked her to look for the plant within the nation.

After finished calling these numbers, Qingfeng Li suddenly thought of Qingcheng Xia. She was the president of the All Well medical herb company and might be more effective in terms of finding the plant so Qingfeng Li called Qingcheng Xia called Qingcheng Xia as well.

After one day.

King Kong, Jianguo Tang, Mengyao Xu, Qingcheng Xia, and Meier Li all called Qingfeng Li and told him they couldn't find the plant. The plant had gone extinct 50 years ago.

Extinct, couldn't find it?

After hearing those words, Qingfeng Li's expression changed and he became extremely pissed. If he couldn't find the plant and didn't cure Yunhe Zhang, then Xue Lin wouldn't wake up.

Qingfeng Li was extremely pissed and was walking back and forth in the hospital's hall. He punched the wall and made a huge hole.

A nurse that was passing by was going to scold him for making such a huge sound, but she screamed and ran away after she saw the hole in the wall.

The man was too scary, he punched a hole into the wall with just one punch. The nurse's heart was beating extremely quick.


At this moment, Qingfeng Li's phone rang. He answered the phone and said, "Who are you. Say what you want now."

Because of Xue Lin and the plant, Qingfeng Li was extremely anxious. Thus, his tone was extremely irritated. He almost swore.

"Wolf King, what's wrong with you. I am Niching Luo, not your enemy." Niching Luo on the other side of the phone tensed her brows. She felt how angry Qingfeng Li was.

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