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Qingfeng Li was very nimble. He crept forward like an agile snake. Within no time, he was already underneath the opposite building.

King of the killers Bach was on the top of the building. He took quite a few shots but none of them hit Qingfeng Li, which made him very upset.

Keep in mind that he was a top-tier marksman. He had killed hundreds of people and never missed one target in his life but thanks to Qingfeng Li's fast speed and zigzag pace, he missed every shot. If it was anyone else, he would have been shot to death a long time ago.

Bach noticed that Qingfeng Li was climbing alongside the wall towards the top. A murderous look flashed through his eyes while he continued shooting at Qingfeng Li. It was quite a pity that his excellent shooting skills just couldn't overcome Qingfeng's abilities.

With his speed, Qingfeng Li got to the top of the building very soon. By this time, all of Bach's bullets were used up.

Bach was from the Tiger continent and in his thirties. He had blue eyes, blond curly hair, straight nose and was quite tall and fit.

"Bach, I don't think I have done anything to you. Why are you here to assassinate me?"Qingfeng Li asked with a deep voice.

He was the Wolf King of the Wolf continent and Bach was the King of Assassins of the Tiger continent. There was neither connection nor conflict between the two. He didn't understand why this Bach would be here to kill him. Bach even installed a bomb in his car.

"Wolf King, you killed my half-brother Eagle King. It is already determined that I have to kill you." Bach said with a ferocious face while emitted a strong urge to kill.

The Eagle King is your brother?

Qingfeng Li was stupefied, a look of surprise flew across his eyes. Obviously, this was new information to him.

He had no idea about this kind of personal affair, but when he saw Bach's facial appearance, he noticed a significant similarity with Eagle King. They would be brothers for sure.

Bach's father was a loose man with many women. He had both the Eagle King and Bach, along with some other younger siblings. Eagle King and Bach were the two with the highest accomplishments and thus, they were also very close. It was a sure thing Bach would be coming after Qingfeng Li for revenge after his brother was killed by him.

"Wolf King, today will be the day you stop breathing." Bach threw the bullet-less sniper rifle onto the ground, took out an army blade from his chest and reached out towards Qingfeng Li.

Although Qingfeng Li dodged the bomb and the bullets, he believed that he could surely bring Qingfeng Li down with the three-angled army blade.

That was a mistake. Qingfeng Li was an ancient martial art master and it would be a piece of cake for him to tackle Bach.

"Killing you is like squishing a bug. Do you want to die? I'll help you with that."Qingfeng Li sneered, as a flash of cold light ran through his eyes.

He stretched out his hand fast like a tornado and caught the army blade.

What, catching a sharp blade with his bare hands?

Bach was stunned. He knew how sharp this blade is. It could cut through human flesh like a piece of paper, and even leave a blade shaped hole in the bones. But now, it was being held by Qingfeng Li's bare hand. He was completely shocked.

Qingfeng Li's skin was as hard as diamond. This blade meant nothing to him. He held the blade in his right hand and pinched with force and the army blade was broken into two pieces with a sharp crack sound.

Bach was surprised, a scared look appeared on his face. The information was wrong. He only knew that Qingfeng Li was s King, but obviously, he ess well above this level now.

Bach looked astonished. He turned around and tried to run away, but Qingfeng Li would not give him a chance.


Qingfeng Li suddenly held on to Bach's neck, lifting him up as fast as a flash, and asked, "Who sent you to kill me?"

"Wolf King, I already told you. I am seeking revenge for my brother Eagle King."

"Nonsense. How would you know I was the one who killed him? Who told you that?"

"Someone who works for yjr Gator King told me."

"Ah! Gator King, He actually dared to send someone to kill me." Qingfeng Li sneered, snapped Bach's neck and threw his body to the side.

Bach thought Qingfeng Li would let him live after telling him the man behind him. But who would have thought he not even never planned to let him live, snapping his neck within a second.

After killing Bach, Qingfeng Li turned around and walked down the building.

He was worried about Ruyan Liu and walked very fast. Before no time he was already beside her.

"Ruyan, are you ok?"Qingfeng Li asked worriedly.

Ruyan Liu looked pale. Clearly, she was shocked by the car bomb just now. She said in a low voice, "I am a little dizzy."

Qingfeng Li knew that she was pregnant. And this sudden situation must have given her quite a shock. Damn it Bach, I would kill you ten thousand times and it would still not make up for this.

"Forget about the Chinese medicine company, let me take you home and get you some rest." Qingfeng Li was worried and sent Ruyan Liu back home directly.

Ruyan Liu had a baby. She couldn't go to the company after being shocked. Otherwise, it would have a bad effect on the baby.

Qingfeng Li stayed at Ruyan Liu's place till the evening. He made some millet pumpkin congee, fed her himself, talked with her in order to calm her down, and left after she fell asleep. He told Alice to take good care of Ruyan Liu before leaving.

"Boss, I feel like we are too passive now."Alice said right before Qingfeng Li was leaving.

Qingfeng Li frown a little and asked, "What do you mean by that, Alice?"

"Boss, you told me to take care of Ruyan Liu, and you told Ziyi Miao to take care of Xue Lin. These are good thoughts, but they don't solve the problem. We are under the sun and our enemies are in the shadow. Today, the Gator King assigned Bach to kill us. Tomorrow, he may assign someone else." Alice told him about her worries.

"Alice, don't worry. I already have an idea." Qingfeng Li smiled, and left.

Walking out of the house, Qingfeng Li took a deep breath and stared into the sky in pitch dark, coldness flashing back into his eyes.

He reflected about today and felt a little worried. Luckily Bach was going after him today. However, if he weren't there and Bach went after Ruyan Liu or Xue Lin, then it would be very dangerous.

Qingfeng Li believed he had too many enemies, and they all seemed to have forgotten how crazy he was. They forgot that 'An enraged Wolf King brings a river of blood' is not a saying without a basis.

He took out his cellphone and dialed the number to the underworld of the Tiger continent without hesitation.

It was a woman who picked up the phone. A woman had blond hair, blue eyes and pretty face. She was fairly tall, only a little over twenty years old but with strong power.

Her name is Katherine, the housekeeper of the underworld combat arena. If this woman was able to become the keeper of a world-class battle arena, it was clear that she had a strong background.

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