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Chapter 620
Chapter 620: Injury Recovered

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"Qingfeng, did you master the skin-breathing technique?" Daozang Lu asked with raised eyebrows and a look of complete shock.

His voice was trembling, somewhat excited. His body was also trembling, indicating that he wasn’t able to calm down.

Qingfeng Li nodded his head and said: "yes, I’ve mastered skin-breathing."

"Genius, Qingfeng, you are definitely a practicing genius if I ever did witness one. You are even better than me." Daozang Lu praised, his face full of admiration.

When he first practiced the ancient martial arts, it took him no less than one whole month to master skin-breathing. It was incredible that Qingfeng Li had mastered the technique in a day.

Previously, Daozang Lu’s highest ranking was but of peak Higher Heaven Level. After his injuries, his abilities have decreased to late-stage Lower Heaven.

Daozang Lu’s greatest goal in life was to become a grandmaster martialist, becoming like his teacher. So far, he has failed in his quest.

Through Qingfeng Li, Daozang Lu saw his dreams of becoming a grandmaster martialist come back to life. He also saw a hope in bringing back his teacher from the forbidden district.

When he first gave Qingfeng Li <> to practice, Daozang Lu only thought of it as an idea to try out. After all, Qingfeng Li was the Wolf King, he should have impeccable qualities.

What had completely surprised Daozang Lu was the fact that Qingfeng Li didn’t only possess incredible qualities, he was beyond human, actually mastering skin-breathing within one day of

time. Daozang Lu had never witnessed any one as genius as Qingfeng Li in his lifetime.

"Temple Master, this breathing technique is indeed amazing, I feel as if the wounds on my body have healed." Qingfeng Li said, smiling.

Qingfeng Li had been heavily wounded this time around. He had healed a third of his injuries the night before after drinking in the soup medicine. Originally, he would have needed a few more days for recovery. Amazingly, the skin-breathing technique had healing powers. Not only had his wounds recovered, all of the scars on his skin had fallen off.

Also, Qingfeng Li’s skin was completely rid of impurities. His skin was smooth and delicate, like a newborn baby, without a trace of flaw.

"Qingfeng, try throwing a punch, let’s see your strength?" Daozang Lu asked.

Qingfeng Li nodded his head and punched into the air. With a loud bang, his punch immediately created two loud bursts, creating two circles in the air.

One loud burst and air hole equalled a thousand kg, two loud bursts would then equal two thousand kg of strength

After mastering skin-breathing, Qingfeng Li’s strength had increased by a thousand kg, reaching two thousand.

"Qingfeng, congratulations, you are now an ancient martial arts master, you’ve reached the level of beginning stage of Lower Heaven state." Daozang Lu said with a congratulatory look.

So this is the power of ancient martial arts, so powerful. Qingfeng Li’s heart filled with delight.

Qingfeng Li felt the powerful energies in his body and also the toughness of his skin. Ordinary

Ordinary weapons wouldn’t be able to leave a scratch on his skin.

"Temple Master, my injuries of have healed, may I head back to ES city?" Qingfeng Li asked. He had been away from ES city for a couple of days now, he missed the place, already regarding the city as his home.

"Of course, but after you return to your city you must keep practicing ancient martial arts. The first level is relatively easy. It will become more and more difficult." Daozang Lu carefully informed Qingfeng Li, also explaining the details and cautions of later practices.

Qingfeng Li nodded his head. He understood that he had mastered the first level of skin-breathing through his insight. He took inspiration from the physiology of plants, leading to the success of his skin-breathing mastery.

Although the practices of ancient martial arts would become more and more difficult, Qingfeng Li’s heart was filled with confidence. He knew that he possessed superhuman talents and insights. (TL: I think you mean plot armor) He would succeed in mastering the practices, no matter the difficulty.

Daozang Lu handed Qingfeng Li <> as he exited the room, making sure he kept it close at all times. That would allow him to consult the text whenever he had difficulties during practice.

Satisfied, Qingfeng Li left Daozang Lu’s room and returned to his resting place.

Right as Qingfeng Li entered the room, Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu, Ziyi Miao, Alice and the rest of the gang all threw their gaze onto him, all looking surprised.


looking surprised.

"Are there flowers on my face? Why are all of you staring at me?" Qingfeng Li asked with a voice filled with questions. Being the center of attention, he felt uncomfortable.

Everyone nodded, speaking at the same time: your face indeed has flowers.

Alice was the first to jump up, running towards Qingfeng Li, pinching his cheeks, yelling: "boss, what medicine did you eat? Why is your skin so smooth, so supple, it’s better than mine."

"Honey, did you go to a beauty parlor? Your skin is impeccable." Xue Li batted her eyelashes, her voice was laced with admiration.

Xue Lin also had amazing skin, white and tender, but because she had not slept the night before, her skin appeared a bit dim, her eye bags now prominent. At the sudden sight of Qingfeng Li’s amazing skin, she was naturally envious.

"It’s because I’m handsome." Qingfeng Li said, narcissistically.

These people didn’t know the reason behind his skin transformation, but of course, Qingfeng Li knew of every little detail. He had practiced the first level of <>, skin-breathing. This was a high-level technique of ancient martial arts. It forced out all of the dead skins, acne, blackheads, and other impurities from his skin. It had also tempered his skin, making it crystal smooth and supple.

Of course, Daozang Lu had already instructed Qingfeng Li of staying mum about his practices in ancient martial arts towards the others, including Xue Lin. The ancient technique was a secret of the sect. If it weren’t for saving his for saving his teacher, he wouldn’t have passed the practices to Qingfeng Li.

"Boss, you’ve recovered?" Alice asked, surprised at the ruddiness on Qingfeng Li’s face.

Alice knew, in great detail, of Qingfeng Li’s injuries from the previous day. He couldn’t have healed without a minimum of a couple of days. But now, he had recovered after merely one day. Obviously, she was astonished by his speedy recovery.

Qingfeng Li nodded his head and said: "my wounds have healed, we can head back to ES city today."

Upon hearing this, the whole gang was excited. They were not accustomed to the lifestyle in the temple as there were a lot of rules. If they head back to ES city, they would be free to do anything, maybe even get completely wasted.

Qingfeng Li finished packing what little things he had. Actually, it was just the meteorite blade he had obtained from Hell King. This sword was a powerful weapon. Qingfeng Li decided to temporarily keep it for himself, because his Life-Reaping dagger had been taken by Hell King.

Qingfeng Li, Xue Li, Ruyan Liu and the rest of the gang all left Wudang mountain. Before they left, Daozang Lu brought Monk and Xuan Miao to personally see them off.

Monk was originally supposed to head to ES city, but Qingfeng Li asked him to stay at Wudang mountain to tend to Daozang Lu’s injuries. Xuan Miao was too young, Monk was the best candidate for the job.

Qingfeng Li led the group of people onto cars, triumphantly driving towards ES city.

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