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Chapter 619
Chapter 619: The Cultivation Genius Qingfeng Li

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(TL: Why am I not surprised that he's a genius in this sht too)

"Qingfeng, for the next couple days you should stay at Wudang Mountain and practice from the ancient martial arts technique. After a couple of days you can come back to Eastern Sea city after your injuries get better." Daozang Lu said to Qingfeng Li.

"Thank you Temple Master, sorry for the inconvenience for the past couple of days." thanked Qingfeng Li, his heart full of gratitude.

With the thought of Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu still in the room, Qingfeng Li knew he couldn't head back now. Whenever the two women saw him, they would fight vigorously with one another, which would definitely delay his practices.

"Monk, when you head back, please tell Xue Lin and Ruyan that I will be here, resting for a couple of days. I will not be seeing them for a while." Qingfeng Li said to Xuanji Lu.

Xuanji Lu opened his mouth, as if to say something, but halted when he saw the sternness in Qingfeng Li's eyes. He had no choice but to send the message to the two women. The thought of seeing Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu gave him a headache.

"Temple Master, can I begin to practice the ancient martial arts law?" Qingfeng Li asked.

"Of course, but this martial arts law is extremely difficult, you must prepare yourself." Daozang Lu said.

With the permission of Daocang Lu, Qingfeng Li retrieved another mat, sitting cross-legged on the ground, beginning to read the first page of the Lower Heaven Level practice contents.

The first level of the Lower Heaven Level was the exercise of skin cultivation.

Like the name implied, it was an exercise for the skin. The skin on a human body is the most exposed to the outside environmen. It is also the most prone to injuries. Therefore, the first step was to train the skin until it became tough, like an iron wall.

Qingfeng Li followed the breathing technique described in the first level and began breathing in strange patterns. This technique was very different from ordinary breathing. It seemed a bit special.

When Qingfeng Li first began, his whole entire body felt uncomfortable due to him holding his breath, as if someone was pinching his nose and he was drowning underwater.

Every intake of breath was followed by three minutes of breath-holding. After just a while of practice, both Qingfeng Li's face and body turned fiery red from holding in his breath.

Daozang Lu sat on another mat on the ground. Seeing Qingfeng Li's fiery red face, he lightly laughed, because he had experienced the same thing during his younger years of practicing this very same martial arts law.

Daozang Lu closed his eyes, deciding not to look at Qingfeng Li exercising. Because he knew of the extreme difficulties one faces in the beginning stages of the process. For an ordinary person, ancient martial arts is a brand new territory, requiring them to start from the very beginning.

Qingfeng Li tried many times, but every time he failed to hold his breath for more than three minutes. The first level of skin exercising seemed impossible.

Although Qingfeng Li failed all his attempts, he wasn't discouraged. If it had been that easy to accomplish the ancient martial arts practices, many people would have become ancient martial art masters by

by now.

The practice of ancient martial arts required high natural aptitudes. Without the talent and the insight, one would not be able to complete the process even if given the practice.

Did Qingfeng Li have the talent? Of course he did. The insight? He did as well. Without these natural gifts he wouldn't have become Wolf King, rising above billions and billions of people, arriving at the peak of mankind.

But ancient martial arts was a whole other mountain he wanted to climb. He had just come in contact with it, so he's starting from zero. This was a whole other realm. In this realm, he was a weakling.

As if climbing a mountain, the Black Impermanence had already reached the mountainside, but Qingfeng Li was still at the very bottom. In the beginning stages, this ancient martial arts mountain was going to be much more difficult to climb than any regular mountain.

Qingfeng Li had a particular strength, he was good at gaining insights.

He began to recall, in great details, his practicing techniques from before, going through his mistakes and problems. He knew that ancient martial art was different from any ordinary martial arts. He needed to abandon his previous ideas and concepts. One wouldn't use the same techniques to drive both an electric car and a gas car. It's the same concept.

Current martial arts all focus on the exercising the strength of the skin, whether through hitting sandbags, boxing, etc, in order to increase the strength of the skin. But ancient martial arts exercises the skin through the use of breathing techniques to create special powers.

Breathing, breathing, right, I must master my breathing method?

A light bulb went off in Qingfeng Li's head.

Li's head. His eyes lit up, feeling as if he had figured out something important.

It is common knowledge that people breathe through their noses. But what about animals and plants. Fish breathes through their gills and plants take in oxygen through their roots, leaves, stems, flowers, and fruits.

Plants have the ability to breathe through every part of their body. But humans, a species that's considered much more advanced than plants, was it also possible for humans to breathe through every part of their body?

Which part of the body comes in contact with air? It's the skin of course. If the skin was equivalent to the root, the leaf, the flower, and the fruit, then was it also capable of breathing?

At the thought of this, Qingfeng Li began to follow the breathing techniques in <>. However, this time he tried to breath through his skin, and not his nose.

The Skin has many pores, which are connected to the body. Under the microscope, one can clearly see the pores moving around freely, as if fluttering catkins, breathing in air through unique measures.

Qingfeng Li followed the ancient martial arts breathing technique, using his skin to breathe. At his surprise, it actually worked. Oxygen had entered his body through his skin.

 Qingfeng Li completely closed off his nostrils and his mouth, only breathing through his skin, and he actually succeeded in holding his breath for a whole ten minutes.

Ten minutes. That's an astonishing number. Because when a person uses their nose to breathe, it is impossible to hold in ten minutes of breath. There are only two nostrils, and the lung's capacity to store oxygen is limited.

But the skin is different. The is different. The area of the human skin is huge, using it to breathe means massive storage for oxygen. Not only oxygen, but energy can also be stored within the skin.

Outwardly, Qingfeng Li's practice of ancient martial arts was to perfect breathing techniques. But in actuality it was to absorb the special energies within the atmosphere. These energies cannot be seen with the naked eye, but they definitely exist.

Certain special energies entered his body through the breathing techniques, heating his skin, causing it to excrete the built-up hidden dusts and oils out of his body. This was better than any hot bath, spa or massage he could have received.

Along with the secretion of impurities, Qingfeng Li's skin became ruddy, snowy plump, emitting a hind of white light. His skin had greatly improved in both its toughness and resistance to injuries.

Along with the increased time of breathing through his skin, he further perspired black impurities in addition to the dusts and debris secreted from his skin.

These black impurities were not dust, but dead skin cells and debris from a deeper layer of skin. Hot baths or showers couldn't have washed them off. The only way to get rid of them was through skin-breathing techniques.

Because they were stored in the body for too long, these dead skin and impurities came out oily and black, releasing a foul scent throughout the secretion process.

Daocang Lu opened his eyes after smelling the odorous air. When he saw the impurities and dead skin cells excreted by Qingfeng Li's skin, his face changed drastically, eyes filled with awe.

 Cultivation genius, Qingfeng Li was surprisingly a practicing genius. In the short amount of time he had mastered breathing through his skin.

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