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Chapter 185: 185

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Twenty minutes earlier .

The newcomer’s golden eyes swept through his surroundings and found two familiar sources of power in a strange world . Moreover, one of the two was directly involved in the event where he was sealed within the card .

“Everyone, don’t act hastily, that’s an Emperor Rank monster . ”

Lone Wolf kept his voice down . Nevertheless, as everything was in complete silence, his voice was as clear as a roar . Many almost let out exclamations, though they shut their mouths in time, fearing they would offend the transcendent being and become his victims .

Even though Lucifer had yet to emit any qi, all of the players were already stiffened and trembled in fear . They had a feeling that they could die at any second . Since there was nothing they could do, all they did was curse the game creator who designed this kind of abomination .

Most of them couldn’t tell whether they were lucky or unfortunate . Playing this game for almost two years, they had never encountered a single Lord Rank monster . But once they did face one in uncharted territory, it turned out to be a step above Lord Rank—an Emperor Rank monster .

All of the fighting had completely stopped . No one even dared to exhale too loudly . They tightened the weapons in their hands, hoping that they could help them block the monster’s attack even once .

“This place is not the Monster Realm . . . There are a lot of humans . The New World, then?”

Lucifer spoke with cynicism in his voice, implying that this world wasn’t a place where a god of his caliber should have to degrade himself enough to visit .

Sebastian noticed that there was room for negotiation . Lucifer looked down on everyone present . For the Evil God, all humans were not worthy of being attacked by him .

“You are correct, my lord . ”

“Open the gate to the Monster Realm . I know you can do it,” ordered Lucifer .

Sebastian replied distressingly, “I could, my lord . . . I could do that, but not anymore . As the great you can see, I’m without my signature Demonic Armament, which was required for me to open the gate . . . I’m terribly sorry, my lord . ”

“Speak . How can I go back there?” asked Lucifer .

“The nearest junction is in the west, the location called the Desert of Death, my lord . It’s worth going there and giving it a try . . . ”

“I don’t want to waste my time . I heard that you will temporarily return to your genuine form when you die, right? In that case, die . ”

As he finished speaking, Lucifer quickly shot golden qi at Sebastian . He was an evil god who was extremely self-centered . If he wanted to talk, he would talk . If he wanted to kill, he would immediately take action .

Sebastian gritted his teeth and drew a curve line using his scythe . Hitting the end of the scythe against the ground, he completed the prerequisite motion of summoning a wall made of corpses .

“Bewailing Wall of Corpses . ”

The wall made of corpses blocked the attack and gave out a mournful cry, causing many players nearby to fall to their knees . However, the cry didn’t affect Lucifer at all . As he saw the wall, Lucifer only flicked his fingers and shot a small golden orb to smash into it .

Once the orb hit the wall, the wall soon vaporized and Sebastian coughed out another pool of blood .

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Though Sebastian liked to feel pain, the pain Lucifer inflicted was far too great for him to endure .

“Hmph . Using a delayed spell against me, how pointless . Let me see what can you do next time . ”

Lomyok flew forward and stood between Lucifer and Sebastian, readying the Chinese sword in his hand, showing a stiffened expression .

“Stop, Lucifer . Sebastian summoned me, so until the duration of the spell runs out, if you are hostile to him, I’m obliged to fight you,” Thanatos said . The Chinese sword in his hand pointed at Lucifer .

“Even though you are certain to lose? Even the real you is no match for me, let alone your current self . Don’t think that using a medium is safe against me . No one can oppose my qi . ”

Sebastian and Thanatos were distressed . Lucifer’s signature qi wasn’t a secret . Honestly speaking, no matter how much one knew about his qi, Lucifer wouldn’t mind and wouldn’t be put into a disadvantageous position . The very reason that he was hailed as the peerless qi-type being was because of his heaven-defying qi that broke all the rules .

Omniscient Evil God Qi .

If players were asked what the ultimate qi in Monster Soul was, the answers would vary . Some might say any of the Ten Supreme Qi and some might say a qi possessed by a certain monster they had encountered . However, if the same question was asked in the Monster Realm, every being would give the exact same answer: Lucifer’s Omniscient Evil God Qi .

Regarding the competitive nature of the energy types, it generally boils down to this: qi beats psychic power, psychic power beats magic, and magic beats qi .

However, Omniscient Evil God Qi was the ultimate, most powerful, and most frightening qi that transcended such a law of nature . Its ability was versatile and universal; it could be used to enhance stats, strengthen, weaken, perform a long-range attack, detect, conceal, destroy, heal, detoxify, control, become hot or cold, become heavy or light, become fast or slow, and many more numerous traits . Nevertheless, compared to its extremely special and exclusive ability, all those features mentioned above were only trivial .

That ability was “Backtrack . ” The ability that even the supreme magic-type beings like God and the Demon Lord were afraid of .

Not only could Omniscient Evil God Qi destroy magic spells, but it could backtrack to the origin of the power and harm the owner of the spell, no matter how far away they were . The example was Lucifer destroying Sebastian’s dimension, causing the butler to suffer even though he wasn’t anywhere near Lucifer .

Furthermore, if Lucifer felt like it or his enemy was far weaker than him, the attack he dealt could even backtrack to the very core and permanently destroy his opponent’s skills, just like how the current Sebastian had already lost two of his magic spells forever .

Even if Thanatos’ real self was in the Monster Realm, if Lucifer felt like it, he could send his attack power through Lomyok, and the real Thanatos would die .

By using Lomyok as a medium, Thanatos was put into a very disadvantageous position . He wielded only a wisp of his true power while Lucifer had an easy time killing him via defeating Lomyok .

With Omniscient Evil God Qi, Lucifer wasn’t afraid of anything, including sealing spells . The only exception was Ramiel’s Power of Rebirth, which could force him into his card state .

In any case, Lucifer wouldn’t make the same mistake twice . If he were to encounter Ramiel again, he would immediately take action to destroy his Power of Rebirth before Ramiel had any chance to use it .

In fact, Lucifer had never been afraid of anyone .

In the entire universe, there was only a single entity who he deemed worthy of being his opponent . That person was Sebastian’s original master, who had won against him fair and square but fell to God and the Demon Lord’s cheap trick .

The strong must stay isolated . Giving yourself weaknesses was a ridiculous idea .

Even though he had always been in a card state, Lucifer knew all about what happened in the past . He just didn't understand why .

Lucifer’s eyes looked at the west . Realizing something, Sebastian panicked and hurriedly touched the butler brooch, severing his relationship with Sila . It was one of the rights possessed by the holder of the brooch .

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“That kid who is fighting against a dragon that way is your current master, is he not?”

Lucifer’s statement brought panic to everyone . Sebastian blamed himself for being too careless . Actually, he should have cut his pet relationship with Sila the moment he saw Lucifer .

Although Lucifer was prideful, he wasn’t foolish, especially after he had been defeated by Sebastian’s original master . Rather, he was quite a prudent being .

At that time when he attacked Sebastian with the orb, he had sent a very small part of his power that Sebastian couldn’t detect into the butler’s body . That power retraced Sebastian’s power to the Black Grim Reaper Card that he had given to Sila .

Lucifer was surprised to know that Sebastian’s master was only a young man, not the person he wanted to meet . In any case, he simply observed the battle that occurred fifty kilometers away with his qi-strengthened eyes as if he was sitting next to Sila .

“Not bad . A qi-type human . A raw, unpolished gem in the rough . It is remarkable that, at his level, he can fight Raidola who is a higher level than him . It’s only a matter of time before he wins . ”

Lucifer’s statement revealed a shocking truth to the players present . If what the evil god said was true, it would mean Sila possessed the strength to kill a dragon . In that case, the rumors about him having killed many dragons before might not be just rumors .

The atmosphere became more tense . From the looks of it, Lucifer was hostile to Sebastian . Then, what would he do to Sila who was Sebastian’s master?

Both Sila’s friends and foes temporarily forgot how to breathe . They anxiously waited to see what situation would unfold next .

“Leave the kid alone, Lucifer . The great you surely won’t tarnish your name by bullying a mere human,” said Thanatos .

“The gate . ” Lucifer clearly stated his objective . All he wanted was the gate to the Monster Realm .

“I really can’t . . . my lord . I can’t open the gate . I don’t have that ability anymore,” Sebastian said hopelessly .

“Then, you are no longer useful to me, Sebastian . ”

As Lucifer finished his sentence, he summoned eight golden orbs and sent them to attack both Sebastian and Thanatos as if the orbs were living creatures .

Thanatos transformed the Chinese Sword back to the fan, which focused more on defense . Meanwhile, Sebastian exerted his full strength, cladding himself with magic power, to block the attacks .

Despite that, both of them failed to protect themselves and their bodies were sent flying several meters .

Blood was dripping from the corners of Lomyok’s mouth . He only had small injuries since Thanatos’ real self was Lucifer’s target . Still, unfortunately for Lomyok, four of his skills were already destroyed .

Sebastian had it worse . He suffered several fatal injuries and his scythe was shattered . Lucifer intended to kill Sebastian for real . As a result, even if he still clung to life, one hundred and twenty-five skills had already been destroyed, including his most important skill, Grand Magic of Death .

The combined forces didn’t dare to make any moves . On the other hand, the Five Dragons army was glad to see their enemy suffering without them having to do anything .

When Sebastian was still unable to stand properly, Lucifer’s body vanished and reappeared behind him . His palm, with skin as soft as a baby’s, tapped Sebastian’s back . Lucifer directly sent his qi to attack Sebastian .

Sebastian tried to weaken the attack by jumping forward, but it was useless . The most terrifying qi had already invaded his body .

Blood gushed out from Sebastian’s entire body . A flash of white light enveloped him once before dispersing .

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A moment later, Sebastian stood there, looking at his weakened self . All of his skills were gone .

“You died, yet nothing happened . You didn’t use your Demonic Armament even when all of your skills were destroyed . . . It seems you were telling the truth . ”

With his unique trait, Sebastian revived instantly at the place he died, though he didn’t transform back to his genuine form . The powerful Grim Reaper form that would appear once he died was only a lie he told his acquaintances . If Franz and Asura had discovered this, they would have killed him long ago .

Sebastian had been pretending that he could return to his genuine form whenever he died . However, the fact was, he could only do that when his real power had awakened .

Lucifer wasn’t interested in Sebastian’s pitiful state . He frowned slightly and looked to the west again .

“It seems he is about to end the battle . . . Hm? That arm is . . . ?”

Suddenly, Lucifer burst into laughter .

“Hahaha . There is a way . Well, I will be needing this . ”

His qi materialized in the shape of a golden needle . Lucifer fired it toward the west . Soon, a certain item appeared in Lucifer’s palm .

“Satan . . . You are imprisoned in the Wrath Card, it seems . Just die and become the gate for me . Hahaha . ”

Apparently, Lucifer fired a hidden weapon from a distance of fifty kilometers . The weapon he fired was so fast and was untraceable . Even Sila, Raidola, and Shuran—the unlucky victim of the hidden weapon—were unaware that someone was killed by an outsider during their battle .

It was a given that all the beings in the Monster Realm would fear him . Lucifer was both powerful and clever, though he possessed a problematic personality that always brought trouble to everyone around him .

“I already have the materials to create a junction myself . All I need is something to pinpoint my destination . Your master has that man’s right arm . If I use my qi to trace its origin, it will surely guide me to the rightful owner of the right arm . ”

“You can’t . . . If you do that, Mister Sila will die . . . ” Sebastian begged . There would be no way Sila could resist Lucifer’s power .

“I won’t let him die so fast . He will have to stay alive until the gate is opened . Though I suspect all his skills will be destroyed in the process . ”

Lucifer was saying all of this casually while watching Sila’s fight . He didn’t pay attention to the shocked faces around him, as if they didn’t even exist in his eyes .

“Not bad . It is unfortunate that I will have to destroy it . His last move was quite decent, being able to kill Raidola in one hit . ”

Only two people had seen what was happening . One was obviously Lucifer while the other one was Nednapha who had been closing her eyes to witness Sila’s battle . Her mouth was wide open by witnessing the present situation . What Sila was doing was something beyond what any players could achieve .

“I will go now . ” Lucifer turned his body to the west .

Sebastian quickly reconnected his relationship with Sila and activated the brooch ability to teleport himself to his master .

At the same time, two players took actions .


They were fully aware that they couldn’t possibly stand a chance against Lucifer, but Sangdao and Varee didn’t value their own lives . They unleashed their full powers in order to give Sebastian more time to warn Sila, even if they only bought him a millisecond .

“Hmph . ”

Lucifer only sighed once, and both Varee and Sangdao were blown away, crashing into a table . Their visions continued flashing red, indicating they were about to die .

Sangdao’s Chinese sword broke into pieces while Varee’s Shadow Moon Sword was broken in half . Lucifer left without looking back .

Julia put the broom in her hands on the ground and quickly ran to the two, sharing her life force with them . However, her attempt was like blowing air into punctured balloons . No matter how much life force she injected, it simply flew out .

Thanatos in Lomyok’s body walked over to Varee and Sangdao . He actually wanted to go after Sebastian and help . However, Sebastian’s skills were destroyed . The spell that bound him to this world was about to lose its effect .

“Lucifer didn’t stay because he was confident that these two will undoubtedly die . Only by sacrificing a portion of a god’s life energy can you start to heal them . If left alone, all of their skills will be destroyed by Lucifer’s qi . Sadly, since I’m the only god here, I can only help one of them . ”

Hearing what Thanatos said, Beluga pointed at the two Trick Masters who were healing each other .

“This guy can double himself by using the skill of some card . Do you think you could use that?”

Thanatos didn’t waste his time . Naturally, he knew the existence of the Seven Deadly Sins card series . The foldable fan in his hand transformed into the Chinese sword, pointing at Trick Master . Ten waves of sword energy flew toward Trick Master, killing him neatly . Even Zazae, who was closest to Trick Master, couldn’t react in time .

The semi-transparent card appeared on Thanatos’ palm . He muttered to himself .

“This kid is truly unfortunate . At this rate, he will have to suffer twice the aftereffects of the sacrifice . ”

He activated Sloth’s ability and Lomyok’s body doubled before both bodies dispersed into two souls, hovering above both Sangdao and Varee . They scattered into particles, sinking into their bodies .

Sangdao and Varee’s bodies finally accepted Julia’s life force and their wounds began to heal .

Venom got out of Sebastian’s broken cage and approached Zazae .

“What should we do next, Sir Warlord?”

Zazae swept his eyes across what remained of the party, scanning both his allies and his enemies . If the battle resumed, he was confident that he could survive, though the same thing couldn’t be said for the rest of their members .

Moreover, the battle wasn’t important anymore .

“We got enough information on the opponent’s team . We will retreat . ”

“What about Sila, sir? Sir Montra reiterated that he must die . ”

“Didn’t you hear what Lucifer said? That guy is done for . He may even quit the game . ”

Against a monster of that caliber, no one would be able to do anything . The Five Dragons army retreated, and Lone Wolf let them go . He was more worried about Sila .

Lone Wolf sketchily assigned duties to suitable people before assembling the rest of the capable people to march west .

However, once they arrived, the situation was already over .

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