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Chapter 184: 184

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Anyone would think that fighting two opponents simultaneously was harder than one . However, in Sila’s situation, that wasn’t the case .

Shuran and Raidola weren’t comrades . In addition, their areof-effect abilities overlapped, so they were damaging each other .

Wrath’s ability reduced the health points of every being within its range . The bigger the target, the closer the target was to the user, and the longer the target was inside its ability; these three factors determined the amount of damage that Wrath’s ability dealt .

With its massive size, the Thunderbolt Dragon was taking no small amount of damage due to the size factor .

Meanwhile, Raidola’s Lightning Castle caused a constant bombardment of thunderbolts .

Qi-types were naturally weak to magic . In order to cope with the magic element of the highest speed, the lightning element, one needed to possess even higher speed like Sila, or possess special qi that enabled the user to dodge magic attacks like Zero . Otherwise, qi-type players would end up like Shuran; being electrocuted constantly and constantly stunned as a result .

There was also another factor that no one had noticed yet . However, this very factor was what decided Shuran’s fate .

No one had noticed that the ability of each of the Seven Deadly Sins cards couldn’t be undone, unlike most other skills . Sure, the advantage was that the user didn’t have to worry about being disturbed and having the spell canceled . However, the drawback was that even the card owner couldn’t cancel the skill once they had activated the skill .

Shuran wished for him to be able to cancel the Wrath’s ability . Without Wrath, Raidola would undoubtedly target its nemesis, Sila, first . However, Wrath’s ability had an unknown duration . Even he didn’t know how long the ability would last .

Even in the berserk state, Raidola was contemplating which opponent it should prioritize . One was its nemesis who was just dodging its bolts of lightning with no sign of hostility while the other was a puny human who was constantly attacking it all the time with no sign of stopping .

Soon, Raidola decided to eliminate its most annoying opponent first . With its gigantic size, some parts of its body were revealed while some were hiding inside the black clouds . Its eyes glowed yellow and two of its deer-like horns radiated with gold particles .

Lightning Pillars .

Golden pillars appeared on the ground around Shuran . He was shocked and tried to use the pin to teleport away . However, in that instant, a new wave of lightning strikes rained down and stiffened him . His muscles were numb and the pin dropped from his fingers without his consent .

The golden pillars acted as lightning rods, pulling most of the bolts of lightning toward Shuran . Even though each bolt didn’t deal too much damage, they put a complete stop to his movement .

Even though Shuran was a qi-type player who had a large pool of health points, there was still a limit to how much damage he could take . It was only a matter of time before he died .

A dragon wasn’t the kind of enemy one could handle alone, especially Raidola who specialized in stopping the enemy’s movements . Normally, in order to hunt Raidola, a group of more than five hundred experts was required .

Even though he was put into a hopeless situation, Shuran was delighted to know that Sila would die with him . At the very least, the mission he was assigned by Montra would end in success .

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However, when he took a side glance at Sila, Shuran found the shocking truth . Not only was Raidola’s Dragon Domain not affecting Sila, but he could approach the dragon by stepping on the air .

Looking at Raidola’s condition, Sila didn’t think it was taking too much damage from Wrath’s ability . He figured it must be due to its Dragon Scales, granting it a high tolerance toward any kind of energy .

Thus, Sila did something that Shuran, his unwilling audience, would describe later as ‘scraping off dragon scales . ’

Sila was worried about whether Lone Soul alone would work against the massive Raidola . However, thanks to Shuran’s help(?), all he needed to do was weaken the dragon’s defense .

Sila’s Lone Soul enveloped his body with a pale white aura . As he ran along the dragon’s body, he scraped off scales with every step and turned them into dust . The dragon’s red blood flowed from where the scales were just moments ago .

“Gahh!!” The Thunderbolt Dragon cried out in pain .

Generally, it was a gigantic dragon that lived in the sky and had sturdy Dragon Scales protecting its body . As such, it wasn’t skilled at defending against a melee attack .

Every step Sila took, the scales underneath his feet would be removed . As time went on, Sila would constantly get faster as he got used to one level of speed before amping it up . He tried his best to spend his energy before he died from the power contained within the pellets . His power still continued to surge though . He had recovered about three quarters of his maximum health and two thirds of his special points .

The Thunderbolt Dragon was put into a disadvantageous position . It was a dragon who was skilled at fighting against armies . Most of its skills affected wide areas, so they weren’t suitable for fighting a single opponent .

Regardless, it still believed that it should prioritize killing Shuran who continued to harm it first . Since all the tiny slime did was remove its scales .

Its eyes glowed for a second time and electronic current surged throughout its body, flashing an intense light . Sila reflectively took his feet off its body .

Raidola activated two skills at the same time; one for defending and one for attacking .

Golden Counter .

Thunderbolts Summoning .

The skill Golden Counter reflected at least 1% of all damage done to Raidola back on the attacker . The percentage went up as it received more attacks . It was one of the most dangerous counterattack skills .

As for the skill Thunderbolts Summoning, it was a wide areof-effect skill that called down ten bolts of lightning that dealt more damage than usual around Raidola . However, Shuran was currently surrounded by Lightning Pillars, so most of the lightning bolts fell on him as if it was a single-target skill .

Shuran’s skin was burnt and the brown wuxia clothing on him was charred . The lightning bolts falling this time were more life-threatening than the usual ones that stiffened him . Half of his total health points declined in one move and his vision was flashing red, indicating he was very close to dying .

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Meanwhile, Sila stomped his feet on Raidola’s body and started moving again . The damage reflected at him slowed down the recovery rate of his health points . Feeling thankful, Sila started to accelerate even more, unlike what Raidola had hoped for .

Sila took a glance at Shuran who was on the verge of dying . He frowned as he was worried . If Shuran died now, Sila would lose his “valuable helper” in this raid . Moreover, he was unsure of what other skills Raidola possessed . If he was its sole target, the situation might take a turn for the worse .

Nevertheless, the distance between him and Shuran was too great . Sila couldn’t do anything to help him in time .

‘Hey, wait . I have that skill . Maybe it can even help me lose some special points . ’

Sila waved his hand, activating the combined qi technique that Rex taught him, the fusion of Unblemished Aqua and Cruise Breeze . It was a qi technique with a long-distance healing ability .

Unblemished Cool Breeze .

Even though the skill was removed from his skill list, it still resided in his body . An invisible healing power was transmitted to Shuran . Sila had never used this skill before, so his control was poor . Half of the power lost in the process as it traveled to the target .

The level of Qi Transmission skill has risen to level 2 … 3 . . . 4 . . . 5 . . . 6 . . .

The skill level of Qi Transmission had always stayed at the bottom since he had only used it once when he detoxified the poison in Jundtrathep’s body . Its skill level continued to rise at a quick rate until it reached level 30 before slowing down .

Sila’s health points and special points began to stabilise, not recovering nor decreasing . Raidola’s body was covered in small injuries . Blood was flowing all over .

“Gahhhh!!” Raidola gave off a deafening roar of anger . Its health points had dropped below 20%, allowing it to activate one of its most powerful skills .

Pearl of Thunderbolts .

Raidola spat out nine pearls enveloped by electric currents . The pearls flew at high speed, approaching Sila .

The speed of the Pearls of Thunderbolts far surpassed the rain of lightning bolts from Lightning Castle . As soon as one of the tennis ball-sized pearls reached Sila, it exploded into a 150 meter radius energy field, transfixing Sila in the sky . His health points finally started to decrease .

‘This pearl is similar to the skill Electromagnetic Field that I got from the Right Arm of the Sealed One . ’

The remaining eight pearls also exploded near Sila . The energy fields overlapped each other and completely kept him in place .

Sila decided to cancel both Lone Soul and Unblemished Cool Breeze in order to ready himself for coping with Raidola’s next attack and prepare his ultimate move .

The ultimate move that Sila hoped could reverse the situation in one move, changing a losing moment into a complete victory .

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As Sila canceled the power he sent to support Shuran, Shuran immediately turned into light and disappeared . He was glad to be released from suffering . The last scene unfolded in front of him was Sila being transfixed by nine energy fields, helping him accept death as he believed Sila would die shortly afterward .

Once one of its opponents finally died and the other was captured, Raidola was relieved . It continued to activate Thunderbolts Summoning non-stop . All the lightning bolts were pulled into the center of the energy fields, greatly damaging Sila at lightning speed .

Sila circulated qi within his body . He calmly and slowly exhaled while tightly clenching his fist . His eyes shone with black light while pouring all of his remaining energy into the next attack .

Fist of Reversal .

Sila’s special points fell to the very bottom and refused to regenerate, indicating that he had spent an enormous amount of power to activate the move that even the supreme regeneration rate of Queen’s Tear couldn’t keep up with it .

Raidola’s body was pressed by an unseen, almighty force . At the same time, the ground violently shook and floated upward . The great pulling power erupted and formed a black hole in the middle of the wasteland, hanging in the sky . Both the earth and the Thunderbolt Dragon were dragged into it . All of Raidola’s skills were forcefully canceled .

Everything except Sila was pulled together and formed into a giant circular lump of soil . Sila clenched his fist and the giant lump was compressed into a smaller one even though Raidola was still in the middle of it . The Thunderbolt Dragon screamed and struggled in great pain before its voice finally went silent .

The giant lump of soil finally ended up as a black ball with a radius of only one meter .

Both the compressed ball and Sila collapsed and fell from the sky . Sila used the last ounce of energy to gently land himself on the ground . It seemed the effects of Royal Blood and Queen’s Tear finally wore off . Sila didn’t dare risk consuming them again so he stood calmly and started circulating qi .

You have defeated Raidola, the Thunderbolt Dragon, Level 450 Marquis Rank . You have received 280,000,000 experience points, 25,000 gold, and (A) Thunderbolt Dragon Card .

Your Level has risen to 440 .

You have achieved a special condition of the quest: Decolonize the Slime Kingdom . The Seal of Lightning has been destroyed . There are two Seals remaining .

You have achieved a special condition and unlocked a part of an ability of the slime race . From now on, when a member of the dragon race is killed by a member of the slime race, their level will be decreased by 500 .

The quest Decolonize the Slime Kingdom has reached its final stage . You have the right to invite slimes out of the Slime Kingdom, though their ranks can’t be Lord Rank or higher .

Sila was relieved to hear the system sound announcing the death of Raidola .

Not long after, Asura and Franz came back and approached him . Since Sila only entrusted them with the task of blocking Shuran’s escape routes, they didn’t help Sila in the battle at all . Once they saw Raidola, they simply fled . As Sila was Sebastian’s master, they didn’t want to give him a hand, though it didn’t mean they wanted to kill him personally .

In the end, they only snatched the pellets and planned to let Sila die under Raidola’s hand . Contrary to their expectations, Sila didn’t die . More importantly, witnessing Sila’s last move, they weren’t sure whether they could survive that .

Instantly, the sky dimmed and a rainbow suddenly appeared . The air before them cracked, and that crack only grew larger before it opened up and revealed two figures .

One of them was a tall black-haired man with black eyes, wearing armor made of dragon bones, with a weapon that Sila classified as a club strapped to his back, though it wasn’t obvious as it seemed to be several bones connected to each other .

Next to him was a refined-looking lady with long, silver hair that sparkled as it reflected light . She was in a pure white dress with frills, with a semi-transparent coat over it that shimmered, giving off the different colours of the rainbow . In her hand was a wand made of ancient wood . The wand was surrounded by seven differently colored orbs that hovered around it .

Actually, Sila was more interested in the background scenery behind the two . It was an ancient kingdom with a great canyon in the background and surrounded by an ancient forest with giant trees . There were hundreds of dragons flying around .

The pair opened their palms and pushed something toward Sila . The object passed through the dimension crack and stopped in front of him . Sila took it while confusion was still written all over his face .

The quest Decolonize the Slime Kingdom has reached its final stage . You have obtained the Invitation Card to the Dragon Kingdom from Tiamat, the Chaos-Creating Dragon, and Aurora, the Light-Bending Dragon . Both of them are the dragons of light and darkness who together guard the last two Slime Seals .

The system sound faded and the dimension crack disappeared .

Sila looked at the invitation card with mixed feelings . Although he couldn’t sense their powers, he could tell that the last two dragons were insanely strong . Moreover, it seemed he had to challenge them in the Dragon Kingdom filled with hundreds or even thousands of dragons .

Sila released a heavy sigh . “Ah, whatever . Let’s take one step at a time . ”

While Sila was about to start talking to Asura and Franz regarding what action they should have taken next, a familiar black portal appeared next to his feet, and a bloody Sebastian soon emerged . Both the butler’s arms were broken and his face showed a panicked expression .

“Oi! Sebastian, we didn’t slack off . . . ” Asura hurriedly made an excuse .

Sila also asked at almost the same time, “What happened at the party?”

Sebastian mustered his remaining strength and said with a hoarse voice as quiet as a mosquito .

“E-Escape . . . ”

“Escape? / Escape to where? / Escape from what?”

The three of them had listened carefully but were still confused . Sila transmitted recovering qi to heal Sebastian .

Before their questions were answered, the three of them sensed an almighty source of power . However, with the transcendent speed of the owner of the power, as soon as they sensed him, he had already appeared in front of them before they could notice .

The majestic evil god emitted the golden aura of qi from his body . His black wings spread out and his domineering golden eyes observed Sila from his head to his toes . Then, he spoke with a prideful, overbearing voice .

“I only have business with you and you alone, Sebastian’s current master . ”

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