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Chapter 435 "Secret Ultra Weapon"

Since they have met up with A'bone and the rest, Ling Yue figured there's no more point in keeping the horses around and decided to abandon them for the elephant's back instead. This wasn't all that surprising or unexpected. In fact, the girls had long coveted to ride this monstrous giant for some time now, just that the opportunity never presented itself. Now that its here, there's no way Lan Caier or Ling Yue would pass up on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Fortunately there were no bad news that's worthy of being called an emergency, only a few scrapes here and there thanks to the efforts of the battle alchemists.

“Many have already taken the special medicine you sent over so the black mist have little effect on us. As for Moon City, we also did as you instructed and spread the word about the dangers out there. Thanks to that, there's not many who had succumbed to the illness, only a few who were insistent on going out for specific reasons." After spending several months around friends and people, A'bone was starting to mix in well with even the common folks and could speak fluently at this point.

Towards her friend's improvement, Ling Yue only felt happiness for the wild girl. After all, she too understands what its like to be out casted by those close by, it's not a good feeling…..

As for these detoxification drugs currently being used by her people, it was a precautionary measure after she caught wind of the spiraling situation in the Northwest. Though Ling Yue couldn't return due to her mother's matter in the capital, that doesn't mean she can't have her drugs sent over by courier.

And of course, this specific batch of pills aren't your everyday common stuff she would normally concoct for the public, it's infused with a wisp of her own spirit smoke. Once consumed, not only will it fend off the infection of the black mist, it can also greatly improve ones mental condition for a short duration after consumption.

Back when she left for the capital, the mysterious black matter only infected specific areas of the land, but nowadays, she can even see the substance getting blown across the air by the wind!

To say the sun was being drowned out by darkness was no exaggeration here, it's the perfect description.

“The herdsman village is not far from here, why don't we go over first and check up on their conditions? This way we can also have a place to make camp for tonight before continuing on tomorrow."

Although Ling Yue only stayed in the herdsmen village for a few days during that venture, but these innocent and gentle people have all grown quite the fondness for her party after being saved, this was especially true for the girl herself who was regarded as a savior by the village chief's family.

Therefore, when they learned of their savior's return and was going to stay for the night too, it's only a matter of course that the entire village would gather to welcome them at the entrance. And according to the village chief's explanation of past events, there were a few villagers who have also become sick during this period. Strangely enough though, those that were infected during the first wave were completely unaffected.

“It must be your ladyship's medicine, its still showing its effect even after so long." Bowing repeatedly, the village chief led his people to thank the girl like she's a doctor of miracles.

If these villagers are cured and immunized against black foggy mist, wouldn't that mean their blood and flesh would also carry the same immunity?

Of course, it's impossible to experiment with human flesh, that would draw on more trouble than its worth. Even so, that doesn't mean she can't look for other sources. Instructing her friend A'bone to catch some wild prey from the contaminated zones when night rolls around, Ling Yue intends to experiment with the smaller critters first.

While everything was going smoothly, including the homes that were prepared for the party at the goodwill of the village, not everyone thought the same though.

“We will not live in this broken house of yours." Rude and disgusted, Luo Song only needed one glance of the building's interior before running back out.

“But guests, this is already the best house in our village,” anxious in his tone, the village chief attempts to explain their difficulties.

“If that's the case then please tend to your own living quarters." Extremely annoyed by the reaction of those two, Ling Yue and her peers were very unhappy right now and started to get cynical in their words.

If a prince wasn't complaining then why are the two of you complaining?

Unlike her partner there though, Hong Ming Yue actually didn't want to separate from her half-sister for a strange nagging feeling told her there's a lot of secrets here that needs to be pried open. However, in front of the broken and rundown shacks that these herdsmen call home, plus the odor of cattle and sheep, not even the usually indifferent ice queen can stay unmoved.

Without surprise, the two stuck up pair did end up going to the city for accommodation, but not before asking Xia Hou Qi if he wanted to come along too. Of course, there's no way the boy would accept the invitation when his crush wasn't going to go so that's another blow to their ego.

Now, with the hindrance gone and only friends left, Ling Yue and her peers were soon organized into their resting places at the guidance of the locals. Due to the village being so big and the population so small, everyone was able to get their own rooms for once, a rarity while traveling.

Before long, night had rolled around and that meant its time for a hunt. Teaming up together, it was Lan Caier and A'bone who went out to hunt while Ling Yue herself dived into the Red Mist Sky for experimentation with the Black Yuan Cannon.

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Initially she didn't hold any regrets about acquiring this alchemic weapon; after all, she did get it through a windfall. The issue here lies in its makeup and usage. She could've asked the old dwarf Master Longyu back in the capital when she had the chance, but nobody was perfect and she was no different. She forgot, and for that she greatly regrets her own folly.

Although she didn't personally slay the accursed prince that day, plus those left to witness the event are all her own people, but she's got a hunch that Xia Hou Hong's biological father wouldn't just let this slide without retribution. Then there's also that Consort Luo who escaped from the capital in the dead of night. There's no way that woman would relent knowing her past history and vicious ways…..

But enough of the worrying, Ling Yue knows it's pointless until the problem arises. As such, she refocuses her mind back on fiddling with the cannon and quickly discovered its ingenuity.

Weighing in around fifty pounds, the barrel was roundish with the muzzle slightly pulled back to allow for maximum expansion of the bullet force upon release. This layout wasn't all that special, rather the uniqueness lies in the latch opening that's at the top of the barrel near the handle point.

Now that got her thinking, it was very similar to the alchemic snake contraption given to her by the old dwarf a while back…..

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