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Chapter 436 "The Ghost Emperor's Nest?"

From what it appears, this Black Yuan Cannon also uses the same logic of converting the energy stored inside the Dan pills and releasing it through the barrel.

I wonder what sort of Dan pills this cannon uses.

Although Ling Yue have already prepared her hearts for the worst, but this amount still made her frown greatly.

This is too much, way too much!

Ye Ling Yue was an alchemist, there's no fault in that truth. However, due to her miraculous cauldron that can help her cheat across the board, she's been spoiled and lacks the practice that's expected of a regular alchemist of her age. In particular was the fact that she have almost entirely abstained herself from such menial tasks after taking control of Moon City. In the girl's view, such laborious work should be left to her subordinates.

After being unable to determine what kind of Dan pills were required for the Black Yuan Cannon – she did know the numbers – Ling Yue immediately took out her inventory for experimentation. But try as she might, none of her pills were working and became stuck at the opening due to the size difference.

Then alas, she finally pulled out the newest Illumination Dan pills in her possession. One pop and it was a perfect fit followed by a clicking sound.

Holy crapping hell! This thing actually uses Illumination Dan pills to fuel itself?!

She wanted to cry tears of blood at this point, she really did. Just one of these fifth grade Illumination pills would set her back a thousand gold coins! Now the blasted weapon wants to multiply that number by a thousand over????

Now this time it's Ye Ling Yue who misunderstood the poor deceased man.

At the beginning Xia Hou Hong was also as shocked as she was when faced with the mind-blowing costs of this weapon. Therefore, the person only intended to use it specifically for the special peak ninth rank level monsters in the Northwest, never once did the boy intend to use on her. Yet fate was cruel and not only did the prince lose his life in the process, the weapon he so treasured was also lost and snatched up by his enemy.

Now that the truth of this weapon has come out, all forms of interest in creating more of this cannon was lost in a jiffy.

Let’s ignore the fact that the barrel requires the use of the continents rarest Bhuddism Metal for its main construction, now there's also the astronomical cost of the ammunition! Who in their right mind can afford such wealth?

All of a sudden, Ling Yue never felt so poor in her entire life. Well, there was one good thing that came of her experimentation. After stuffing the one pill into the ammo hole, she noticed the one thousand number had risen up to one thousand and one, which means it's loaded!

Based on this fact, she can only assume Xia Hou Hong had done this prior to their confrontation, and since there's room for three loads in total - minus the ones fired already - there should still be one shot left!

If only there is a way to get a massive influx of the stuff….

Showing a wry smile at her own unrealistic thought, Ling Yue knows that's not possible. Aside from robbing the national treasury or finding a treasure trove in some ruins, such a good thing was next to impossible.

But beggars can't be choosers. At least I still have one shot left to use at the critical moment.

Invoking her mind, Ling Yue swiftly left the pocket dimension and returned to the outside world where silence hangs in the air.

Though her room was very much well cleaned, thanks to the village chief's wife and her son, Ling Yue could nevertheless still smell the stench of livestock. For that reason, she decides to take a stroll instead of stuffing herself in the room with nothing better to do.

But just when her foot manages to make it out of the doorstep, she immediately took notice to a suspicious figure heading out of the village.

“Old Monster, what are you doing in the middle of the night and acting all suspicious too?”

“Oh ughh, hehe, I was just itching in my hands so I wanted to go out and have some fun." Awkward in that smile, Jin Wu Monster's appearance was the typical form of an avid gambler.

“It can't be that you are planning to go gamble are you?” She pricks her brow, surprised by the fact.

Ling Yue had no objections about her subordinates holding some personal hobbies, but as a martialist that's achieved some level of success in their cultivation, it really does take her by surprise that someone would still hold interest in such mundane things.

“No, no, no, how can I have such addictions? I won't keep it from your ladyship then, I've been stuck in my cultivation recently so I wanted to see if I can win some quick prizes to help with my training. That's why I wanted to head to the Underground City to test my hands in the ring." Stimulated by the grand achievements of Ye Huang Yu and Nie Feng Hang, the old monster too also wanted to make such grand advances in one go.

Of course, there's also the matter with Luo Song and Hong Ming Yue today. Those two were simply infuriating with their down casting gazes that left the old fella quite sour inside.

Now here's where the Underground City comes into play, he wanted to use this opportunity while outside to visit the place to earn some extra coins and materials.

"Underground City? There's such a place in the Northwestern Plains?" According to her knowledge, there's thirty two cities in this region but never one with that name.

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Seeing how oblivious his mistress was to the name, Jin Wu Monster was truly astounded and hurried to explain: "Your ladyship, haven't you heard of the eighteen great underground cities? These cities are the properties of the Underground Palace, a staple of all mercenaries and martialists on the Qing Continent. Oh wait, I am so foolish. Your ladyship is from a proper family so of course you wouldn't be aware of their existence." Now that the cork has been popped, there were no stopping the old monster from explaining the history of these places now.

Back then she only took the bastard as a whimsical pervert, not an almighty overlord of the underground industry. Compared to her miniscule Ghost Sect that's based solely in Da Xia's capital, the Underground Palace was truly an international organization that's seeped its claws into every nation and kingdom.

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