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Chapter 434 "It's All the Fault of Her Core"

It's not that Ling Yue didn't want to advance further in her powers with the resources at hand, just that she's at another bottleneck after making her previous breakthrough. Now adding in the time constraint created by the plague in the Northwest, where was she supposed to find the calm mindset needed for a proper attempt at leveling up?

In fact, all of those factors are not important because the biggest hurdle facing the girl lies in her essence core. Unlike the rest of her peers who's developed a dark and light core, Ling Yue's core was different: it's a Chaos Core!

Whether it be inside her Red Mist Sky or in the dead of night, Ling Yue would hustle to absorb the energy of heaven and earth. However, no matter how much power she absorbed, no improvements could be found with her core.

She did ask around, especially her mother and future stepfather. In the end the only answers she got was a roundabout way of saying she mustn't be impatient. This was especially true for Ye Huang Yu who skipped a stage all together and discovered how unstable her cultivation was.

In addition, they also specifically mentioned how the Dan Core stage was considered one of the hardest levels to break free from for a martialist. In retrospect, those who do make it past this stage with ease would have a much harder time advancing while in the Reincarnation Realm, and vice versa.

Then there's the matter of SIZE! Whether it be her mother or future daddy, all of them had an essence core that's the size of their fist, while she alone had one that's puny and small likes a beady little cat's eye. If this wasn't worrying then she didn't know what was!

Oh, there's also the fact that her core was a mix of black and gold, completely indecipherable to the rest of her friends and family's.

In light of all these difficulties, Ling Yue's depression only lasted for a depict moment before transforming that negative energy into a positive one. After all, things aren't entirely that terrible. The Northwest was still her territory, plus she now has her mother and stepfather to cover her for the worst. And there's also…. Ahumph, the Black Yuan Cannon she 'confiscated' from the strange man with the big ear.

Though the alchemic weapon cannot directly kill Hong Ming Yue and Luo Song with one blast, but seriously injuring them both are perfectly within reason.

That's it! I will study the cannon thoroughly and catch them off guard during the crucial moment!

After half a day later, they party has finally arrived at a fork in the road, meaning its time for Ling Yue to bid farewell to her family.

“Remember my words Ling Yue, your wings aren't fully grown yet so you mustn't be rash in your decision making." After leaving behind her advice, Ye Huang Yu could only reluctantly leave for Flag City under the urging of her man.

Although this mother had her worries still, but she doesn't believe those two would be daring enough to attack someone while under the presence of royalty.

The eyesores are finally gone…

Before long, what used to be a slight tremor on the ground had evolved into a rumbling quake, this was true even for the two flying in the sky.

First coming into sight was a middle-aged man that's leading a pack of alchemists, and based on Hong Ming Yue's speculation, the foe should be around the second element of the reincarnation realm. But more than the man, her attention was more focused on the ginormous creature following closely behind!

It was a spirit elephant the size of a small mountain. She can ignore the wild looking girl wearing the animal hide, but she can't ignore the spirit beast that's at the peak level of the ninth rank!

Where did this group of people come from?

“It’s A'bone and Jin Wu Monster and them." Exalted over the reception of her peers from Moon City, Lan Caier promptly dismounted to wave enthusiastically at her friends.

As it turns out, Ling Yue had long made preparations ahead of time and told A'bone and the rest to rendezvous with them along the road. She be foolish to think Hong Ming Yue wouldn't attack while her elders are away.

“Ye Ling Yue, the mission this time is at the order of royal decree. Why are you bringing along all these-these dubious individuals?" Tapping her feat, the disgruntled girl in the air swiftly lands on the ground and began questioning the others.

This Hong Ming Yue is always acting all high and mighty like a pure unattainable maiden, but that vicious personality is exactly liker her parents, all maliciously evil to the core.

“Ling Yue is right, what point is there to differentiate everyone when it's all for the sake of Da Xia. Dear friends, if you can help the Court find the root of this plague, I will guarantee now in my father's stead that a great reward would be awaiting those involved." Respectful and polite in his tone, Xia Hou Qi readily sides with his crush.

Unlike the deposed and now dead Xia Hou Hong, this Sixth Prince of Da Xia was much more aware of the power wielded by the public. In front of a national crisis, he knows only good can come of having more help.

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Though Hong Ming Yue was quite displeased on the face over this outcome, she can't exactly say anything while in front of the boy's face due to his identity.

No matter how influential the Three Life Valley was in this region of the land, they are still a sect that's part of the regular functions of this world. That means they cannot simply ignore the existence of the Court, that privilege can only be reserved for the three great schools who have completely abstained themselves from the matters of the mundane.

Not missing this at all, Luo Song promptly reminded the girl from one side with a telepathic message: "Don't be impatient Ming Yue, those few helpers aren't enough to save her from me. My cultivation is still higher. Once we enter the inner parts of the prairie plains, they will be of no consequence once the darkness overtakes them." A bit arrogant in his claim, it's nevertheless quite within reason.

This persuasion undoubtedly had an effect on the girl's expression. Due to the recent occurrences within her home, Hong Ming Yue's emotions weren't very stable to begin with so this definitely had a calming effect on her mood.

Let's see how much longer you can be cheeky about this!

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