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Chapter 425 “Its Healthier to be Tortured (1)”

“Three months, this is what Your Majesty promised. If three months past and its still not resolved, don’t blame us then if we dispatch our troops.” From the royal guard’s mouth, it’s blatantly clear there’s no exaggeration in his words.

“Please be assured. A king will not go back on his promises.” Though the king says that, but his squeamish voice didn’t give off any confidence at all.

“Oh yes, I heard Princess Yue’s medicinal skills are exceptional and extraordinary. I suggest Da Xia look into employing her to oversee the rescue efforts of the Northwest. I’m sure His Highness Prince Feng would be greatly pleased to see such an outcome. Perhaps she will surprise everyone with her ability.” Before leaving, Cong Lu didn’t forget to cast a meaningful gaze at the so called king.

“Aigh, my dear, North Qing has sent someone over demanding us fix the issue in the Northwest within three months. If we can’t do that then they will dispatch their own troops into our borders. By then, the days of our nation collapsing is just a matter of time. Also, they specifically named Princess Yue to be the one in charge of the rescue efforts.” Frustrated to the point of having a panic attack, the king can literally feel his hair going white in real time.

“Then why don’t we let Princess Yue go? Its not me overpraising the girl, but her medicinal skills truly is extraordinary.” Smooth in her words, Queen Liu attempts to sooth her husband’s worry.

“But… aigh, that Ye Ling Yue is not so easy to handle either. She-she will only go under one condition. Do you know what it is? She wants me to bestow upon her a divorce letter so her mother can divorce Lord Fang! This is too outrageous.” Feeling the headache swarming back again, the king wishes the girl would just disappear and never return again.

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“My king, would you be willing to listen to my words for a bit? They all say a man is passionate if they have more than one woman, but turn that around and a woman is unfaithful and heartless. I say the divorce letter is justly deserved in this case.” From Queen Liu’s tone of voice, it’s not hard to tell which side she leans upon in this issue. In fact, she’s even somewhat jealous of Ye Huang Yu and her daughter.

As a woman, this queen understands full well the pain of her own man being shared with another. But as the head of the palace harem, there are many things she cannot divulge or speak out about. Take her experience for example when the king didn’t favor her. There were many cases where she wanted to leave the king. Pity though, the cage that was known as the royal family can never be broken. But Ye Huang Yu was different, she’s a heroin that demands respect.

To hear all of these heartfelt words from his own lawful wife, the king finally swayed in his stance. He knows, the debts and pains he owes his wife and son was far too great.

In truth, if not for the dowager’s insistent from before of matching Ye Huang Yu back with her former husband, this woman would’ve already helped Nie Feng Hang get together with his love already. Now that the opportunity has presented itself, there’s no way this kind-hearted queen would let it go.

Sure enough, after a series of back and forth, the king finally loosened his mouth and agreed to the request. It’s been twenty years since the man has taken to the throne, never has he been forced to write such a difficult letter. In his desperation, the king can only request his wife to do the penning.

Thankfully Queen Liu was the daughter of the former royal tutor. In no time at all, this well-learned woman has penned a letter so foul and repulsive for Hong Fang that he has become the worst husband in history. What heartless bastard, what shameless act, everything that one can think of, she wrote it.

“Ye Huang Yu, you can come out.” Startled at first by the order, the woman finally came back to her senses after Eunuch Liu entered the cell with a royal decree in hand.

“Kneel to receive your edict. In the name of the king, Ye Huang Yu is hereby pronounced General Ye for her talents and efforts. Though you did indeed commit treason for hiding your identity from the nation, but a merit shouldn’t be overshadowed by a harmless sin. Step forward and give your thanks General Ye.”

Gaping her jaws wide open, Ye Huang Yu didn’t expect things to suddenly change so fast, Not only can I leave the dungeon, I’m also a general now?!

“Also here is a royal divorce letter for you. I’ve been tasked to personally hand this to you.” From Eunuch Liu’s hand, Ye Huang Yu finally got the most important document of her life!

“My daughter! The king has granted me a royal divorce letter! You see?” Waving it around like a toy, this mother was ecstatic to present it before her own daughter because she’s still having trouble believing it’s real.

“Then what are we waiting for Mother? Let us go now.” Already prepared, Ling Yue quickly summoned the horses over.

“But where are we going?” She asks, confused by her daughter’s pushiness.

“We will first go back to the Lan House. Godfather and Godmother is already waiting with a feast ready. We will wash away the bad karma by using grapefruit water and celebrate tonight. When tomorrow comes around, we will go settle the score with the Hong House!” Ling Yue cheerfully dragged her mother into the carriage and off they went.

“Mother, why did the queen summon you into the palace this early in the morning?” The one asking was Hong Ming Yue and Hong Yu Ying. The girls wanted to know why their mother was also going into the palace.

“Likely it’s Her Highness wanting to speak to me. I don’t know the specifics either.” Smiling right to her eye, Zhu Ge Rou cannot hide the glee from her face

In the past few years where Queen Liu had lost the king’s favor, this horrible woman had more than once tried to push the queen away along with Consort Luo’s help. Now to be summoned to the palace out of the blue, how can she not be happy? It’s already a certain fact now that the sixth prince will be the future heir. If she doesn’t take this chance to please the future dowager then when?

“No need sweetie. If you got the free time then take Sir Song out for a stroll. It’s such a rare opportunity for him to come to our home and visit us.”

Anyone can see Luo Song held favorable feelings for the lass and had more than once hinted to the parents of wanting her hands in marriage. Just that Hong Ming Yue was very turned off by the subject and would even lash out whenever the topic was brought up.

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