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Chapter 426 “Its Healthier to be Tortured (2)”

“Mother, I‘ve said it many times already, I don’t want to be too close to Senior. Let Brother go with him instead if he wants.” Frowning in her eyes, Hong Ming Yue rejects the idea right away.

Surprisingly enough, an attendant was already waiting outside the queen’s quarter by the time they arrived. This may not be strange between fellow aristocrats, but this time it’s the queen, her position were leagues ahead of Zhu Ge Rou’s so it should be the other way around.

“May I know why Her Highness is seeking my audience today?” Handing some gold over to the maid, she wants to inquire some information first before heading in.

“I don’t know either Madam Zhu, but I did hear the queen mumbling about the sixth prince’s marriage candidates.” The lady casually replies with an answer, making it sound melancholy like it didn’t matter.

Marriage? Zhu Ge Rou’s eye was brighter than the very stars right now.

Earlier she had already wanted her daughter Hong Yu Ying to become the royal consort of the now defunct Xia Hou Hong, issue was the fourth prince’s sex appeal. Now things are different. Sixth Prince Xia Hou Qi was a genuine man that likes the female sex and the expected heir to the throne, she be crazy not to take up this chance!

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“Hmm? Is Her Highness not in the main building?” She asks after already entering the place.

“Her Queenship is currently waiting in the side hall with the tea ready. Please come this way madam.”

As strange as this was, Zhu Ge Rou didn’t doubt the truth of those words. She’s completely blinded now.

“We are here, please wait while I go inform the queen about your arrival.” The lady then closes the door behind her as she left. Unbeknownst to the ignorant woman still waiting inside though, the maid was already snickering with contempt the second she was out of sight.

“What a shameless wife stealer. No wonder they all say people like that can never be brought into the open. Compared to the miniscule amount she gave, Princess Yue’s payment is leagues ahead!” Licking her thumb, she then pulls out a stash of bank notes from her pocket for counting, each valuing over a thousand gold if brought to the treasury!

Without delay, this Granny Chen immediately stepped out to investigate. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t even make it past the nearest flower bed outside before being stopped by two strangers.

“Why isn’t this Granny Chen, Madam Zhu’s lady-in-wait?”

The old granny didn’t know who these two were in front of her; however, based on her experience and the superior temperament from these two ladies, she can be certain they are at a superior status than herself.

“Yes I am Granny Chen, may I know who both of you are?” She’s been following Zhu Ge Rou for many years so it’s unavoidable that this granny would be on guard until she confirms their identity.

“Why Granny Chen, did you forget me already? When I was a baby you even held me in your hands.” The one to the right started to giggle, stunning the granny with her gorgeous appearance.

“Its fine if you don’t remember. Maybe if we help give you a little reminder then you will.” The reddish beauty to the left started to laugh without restraint too. Then before the granny could react, a sack had already come flying down from the girl’s hand to cover the old lady from head to toe.

“Ling Yue, let’s beat this ignorant slave till she remembers. That’s what she gets for forgetting!”

Losing her soul at that name, Granny Chen now knows exactly who these two ladies are. They are the very same ones causing all sorts of trouble for the Hong House in recent days. But some things cannot be retracted, nor are there any medicine to turn back time. Before the granny could make a run for it, a series of fists had come raining down at her frail body. Of course, the ones responsible for the beating was Lan Caier and Ling Yue themselves!

Not long after, Granny Chen’s repeated cries for help had died down.

“I say, the two of you can already be considered masters in your own right, how you two resort to such methods?” Leisure in his movement, Nie Feng Hang had deliberately waited until the girls finished venting their anger before coming forward.

Chuckling at the girl’s attitude, the general not only didn’t get angry, he even joined in and knocked the granny into the air with a tap of his feet before sending a spinning kick at the sack. Because of the force involved, Granny Chen was instantly shot out into the distance where she finally landed behind one of the decorative mountains here in the garden.

For all the sins and crimes this elderly woman had committed over the years, she have finally received what she deserved and breathed her last breath today.

“As your elder, I meant you should be smoother in how you handle things. There are still two inside, what’s the plan for them?” After learning how much grievances was instilled upon his love, Nie Feng Hang’s only regret was not being able to return the favor ten times over.

“We will deal with the other one in the same manner. As for Zhu Ge Rou, we can’t do much to her since she’s Hong Fang’s wife; after all, this is the palace still. However, I got other means to deal with her so just wait.” Showing a devious smile, Ling Yue then whispers something into her future stepfather.

Meanwhile back inside the room, Zhu Ge Rou was starting to get impatient as doubt slowly rose from within. “Granny Zhang, go outside and check too. I’m worried Granny Chen might’ve lost her way due to age.”

Another fifteen minutes later…..

This time Zhu Ge Rou can no longer stay still anymore. Just when she’s ready to get up to investigate herself, a sudden surge of heat overwhelms her from below and disperses across her body.

“What’s happening to me?” Puzzled by the sensation, she hurriedly makes a grab for the tea to chug the liquid down. Unfortunately for her, the act only made it worst as if the tea only made her thirst unquenchable.

“Hot, so hot.” Red in her face, Zhu Ge Rou starts losing control over her limbs as drowsiness overtakes her mind.

“Eunuch Ou, didn’t you always say you wanted to find a partner? Look inside, isn’t this one just perfect?” Not long after the act of being drugged, two eunuchs had slowly strolled inside. The one speaking was the younger of the two while the older was around forty something with plenty of makeup.

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