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Chapter 423 “Hong Fang, You’re Not Even a Man”

When walking out of the royal study room, everyone was eyeing the girl there, this included the lass’s mother who showed worry on that face. Of course, the rest of the group wasn’t so kind. The members of the Hong House were shooting daggers at the pair.

Of course, it’s not like the members of the Hong House intends to do anything anyways even if they could. Their looks were consisted of conceited laughter like they were enjoying the scene.

Fortunately for the chained up recipient, she had a guardian angel lying in wait all along. From out of a corner hidden from sight, a dashing figure had zoomed in front of the woman and sent a cold-hard punch at Zhu Ge Rou’s chest, thus sending the sniveling bitch flying out and smashing into a bed of rosy flowers.

“Mother!” Exclaiming loud and clear, it was Hong Ming Yue (younger) and Hong Yu Ying (older) who were the first to run over to help.

Due to the flowers carrying thorny vines along the stems, this had the direct consequences of tearing plenty of holes across the deceitful woman’s dress as well as loosening that braid of hers. To make matters worse, her delicate face was now marred with scratches, making her look a tad horrific and bloody.

“Nie Feng Hang, you hit a woman!” Hong Fang immediately flew into a rage after seeing it’s this man again.

“So what if I’m hitting a woman. You think only she is allowed to hit a woman? Hong Fang, I advise you to watch over that bitch of yours and not let her go on a wild biting spree, less she want to humiliate the Hong House any further.” Crossing his arms, the general completely bombs the scene. He’s not like General Lan, he won’t worry about the consequences of hitting a woman or whatnot.

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Now as to why the man would be here of all places despite not being informed, it’s quite the coincidence actually. Ever since that day where Ye Huang Yu was imprisoned inside the dungeon, the man had specifically bribed a eunuch inside the palace to act as his spy. This way he would get the news right away if anything occurs, which was exactly what happened this morning when Ye Ling Yue and Ye Huang Yu was summoned to the royal study room.

“Your woman? Nie Feng Hang, don’t get ahead of yourself just yet. Do you know that His Majesty intends to reunite her with me back in the royal study room?” Regardless of it being true or not, Hong Fang just didn’t want the pair to end well.

When Nie Feng Hang heard this he immediately swung his head around to the woman behind his back. He’s seriously scared now. Thankfully that responding shake from his beloved manages to dispel any fear that came of that partial lie.

“Quit dreaming Hong Fang. Huang Yu really must have been blinded by a ghost to have ever fallen for a male scum like you. No, you can’t even be called a male for you are even worse than trash. You want to remarry my woman? Quit dreaming!”

“Whether or not it’s a dream or not is not up to you. Ye Huang Yu, did you forget I still have this?” With that said, the bastard went ahead to pull out a piece of paper from his pocket.

All of a sudden, her mind was then thrusted back to that terrible night fourteen years ago.

“This divorce letter is what I made for her years ago. Because she was holding the baby, she never managed to take it with her. According to the laws of Da Xia, so long as the receiving party doesn’t get the letter then they are still of the man’s possession. Nie Feng Hang, know that I and her are still husband and wife! Don’t think for a second you can cut in and be the third party.” Vicious in his words, Hong Fang’s statement completely sends the poor woman into a bleakish state.

Undeniably, she didn’t even bother to take the divorce letter back then when running off to find help for her daughter.

“Hong Fang, you really are despicable and shameless to the extreme.” Not caring for the formalities, Nie Feng Hang attempts to make a grab for the divorce letter.

“General Nie, I believe you wouldn’t want the news of this letter to reach your father either would you? I suggest you rethink your actions first.” It was then that Old Lord Hong suddenly chimed.

“Feng Hang, I’m tired so I’ll go back first. You… don’t need to come see me again.” Deflated and without hope, Ye Huang Yu hangs her head low while being escorted back to the dungeon.


“Husband, I thought you’ve long torn this divorce letter years ago?” Zhu Ge Rou was also quite angry and questioned her husband while they walked out of the palace.

“Don’t go poking into businesses that you shouldn’t. I have my reasons for doing this.” With that said, Hong Fang then went ahead to stash away the letter.

“Mother, that divorce letter is a fake. Although I am not willing to become sisters with that girl, but I have to admit that today’s Ye Ling Yue is of great value to both Da Xia and the Hong House.” Hong Ming Yue’s far sight and openness immediately brought the applauding look of her father and grandfather.

After learning how the dowager intends to reconcile Ye Huang Yu with him, Hong Fang knew he must prepare for the unexpected. That’s how this divorce letter came to be, it’s insurance.

“But wouldn’t this just benefit that slut? Or is it that you want to retake her and rebuild that old bond of yours?” Still grudging over the fact that her husband didn’t as for her input on the matter, Zhu Ge Rou grumpily states her opinion.

“Wife, you are worrying too much. I’ve long chosen you years ago. I only want to take her in because she’s still of some use to us. Besides, she can only be a concubine once she’s back. By then she will be completely at your mercy and be at your disposal.” Using his sweet tongue, Hong Fang easily wins over his wife and turns the matter in his favor.

Meanwhile back over in the royal study room, the king was rather unpleasant in his tone, “What conditions do you want in order to make you go to the Northwest?”

“I haven’t thought about the conditions yet. Maybe when tomorrow comes around then I will have it ready.” Ling Yue didn’t want to rush this. She knows the urgency in the Northwestern Plains and wants to use this chance to make the king falter. When that occurs, the conditions she have in mind would most likely be granted.

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