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Chapter 422 "The King's Needs Her!"

Many years later, whenever the most outstanding king in the history of Da Xia - Xia Hou Qi - was asked what his most regretful memories were, the man would always turn away and reply with the same phrase: the falling flowers are yearning for love, but the heartless brook ripples on. (unrequited love)

Then whenever someone asks him what his happiest moments in this life was, they would always get the silence treatment. Its not like the man was deliberately not willing to answer said question, just that the memory of that night he spent inside the cage with Ling Yue speaking to him was too memorable. That's the closest contact he ever got with the girl, and the only time in this lifetime….

First going over the details of how Ling Yue brought him back to sanity on that starry night, then of how the pair suffered numerous bullying in the Ye House after being driven out of the Hong House, the boy went through it all. Of course, the prince didn't forget to divulge the biggest secret of all – Ling Yue was a mentally challenged girl right up until a few years ago!

No matter how uncaring or heartless someone was, none can remain unfazed after hearing all these heartbreaking stories. This was also true for the king himself for he only knew part of the story until now.

Likewise, the members of the Hong House were also giving off weird vibes at every turn. They never expected the girl, while also being of the same blood, would be reduced to experiencing a childhood worse than a pig or dog.

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“Aigh,” the king was still stuck with indecision.

However, it was then that the final push was made. Swaying in his body, the poor prince finally couldn't keep up his strength and collapse there on the floor.

“Son! Someone come, hurry and call the healers!" The king cries out with clear panic in his voice.

Sadly, as much as Alchemist Mei and the other royal physicians wanted to help, they were helpless against the symptoms of the prince.

“Your Majesty, let me give it a try." Taking out his treasured gourd, Luo Song attempts to feed the patient with his water like how he did back in the Northwest. However, before he could do such a thing, Ye Ling Yue had already come over to push him away.

“How did you know about my water's effect?! It's not like I knew His Highness is a martialist or something….. Humph, if I can't save him then are you saying you can?" Sarcastic in his remark, Luo Song attempts to ridicule the girl after being humiliated.

“Then I'm going to have to disappoint your expectations. I really do have a cure." With that said, the lass then went ahead to bring out a certain pill from her pocket.

“I've seen shameless people before but never this shameless. That pill in your possession is but the most common third grade medicine used to restore ones spirit force, how can it possibly dispel the effects of the black fog?" Grunting hard, Luo Song was rather displeased by what he saw.

It's true she didn't see it for her own eyes what the black fogs are currently rampaging across the Northwestern Plains, but based on these symptoms, the girl was certain it's the same from the herdsmen village.

Sure enough, the complexion on the unconscious prince immediately turned for the better the second he consumed the medicine. From what used to be a near dead face was now a healthy one, marred only by the pang of darkness hovering above the eyes. Towards this level of skill, everyone present were quite astonished, especially Hong Ming Yue and Luo Song.

“His Highness isn't fully recovered yet, there's still some residue left inside his body. I will spend the coming few days seeing to his recovery." Calm and indifferent in her voice, Ling Yue made it sound like it was business as usual.

“Are you saying you are able to cure the epidemic plaguing the Northwest?" All of a sudden, the king can see the pillar of hope again.

Of course, the meaning behind those words cannot be hidden before the king's eye. What the lady was implying was that Hong Fang deliberately concealed the truth for his own gains.

Sure enough, the king immediately cast a cold frosty glare at the man in question, which in turn sent the bastard shivering.

What a good Hong Fang. Such a big piece of news and you actually have the audacity to hide it from me.

“The condition of His Highness isn't a big problem. However, as a sinner for disobeying royal decree, I will have to bother him to visit me in the dungeons whenever he needs help." Damp in her tone, the girl lays it out bluntly without holding any punches.

Now that's surprising. For the first time ever, Ling Yue just discovered how talented the king was in this field. That change in attitude and face was even better than most of the Court officials! Pity though, the actions of this man had already lost the goodwill of the girl. If it wasn't for the patient being Hou Qi, she wouldn't even bother to help.

“Your Majesty, I am incompetent so I will have to ask you to seek someone more capable." Tough in her words, Ling Yue refuses to yield in her stance.

“Ye Ling Yue, don't get ahead of yourself! All you know is just some alchemic skill, how dare you take advantage of this situation to elevate yourself!" Not willing to be overshadowed, Hong Yu Ying (half-sister) starts ridiculing the girl with her sarcastic remarks.

“This is the royal study room, don't take this as your own homes and argue here. All of you go out first while I discuss this with Princess Yue." The king can see it with clarity. The lass will only take the soft words and not the hard ones.

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