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Chapter 404 “Her Big Chance”

As the Yuan energy of heaven and earth converges on this point, that’s when the python realizes it that the “food” it swallowed hasn’t died yet! Evident by its bulging belly that’s only getting bigger by the second.

Slamming repeatedly against the cave wall, the creature wants to kill the human’s inside its belly, and desperately so too! It knows far too well what’s coming and there’s no way it wants to be caught in the epicenter.

“Nie Feng Hang is in danger!” Instead of worrying about her own safety upon the rumble, the first reaction for this woman after coming out of her spinning daze was to protect the man she holds so dear.

It’s crucial there be no interruptions during one’s attempt at making a breakthrough; otherwise, not only will the individual fail, there might also be the chance of causing permanent damage in the process. But against the repeated impact and spinning, Ye Huang Yu can barely keep herself from rolling astray, let alone do anything to help.

“These are…. the metallic element?” She remembers it well, the metal element was considered to be the hardest and most durable among the five elements, hence the reason why the general would be so impervious to physical attacks.

So why? Why is there so much metallic elements gathering around him? Could it be, his second trial is also the metal element?

If her speculations are true, then that would mean Nie Feng Hang would be someone that’s equipped with a double metal element, pushing him into the realms of extraordinary.

But then just as she’s relieved over the brief recess of calm, the woman suddenly noticed a faintish blue glow coming from above her head. That wasn’t all either, compared to the cramp intestinal organ she’s been trapped in all this time, this part was wide and spacious, enough room to stretch her hands and feet.

Why is there a faint glow inside the snake’s stomach? It’s not Nie Feng Hang’s golden light either….

Upon closer inspection, that’s when she realized it’s a tiny bead hovering there enclosed by the veins and tendons. If she didn’t know better, she might just assume it’s the heart of the creature. Of course, that can’t be possible.

“A spirit core?” Captivated by that pulsating energy, the truth dawns on her. Ye Huang Yu had indivertibly located the spirit core of this double-headed python, the source of its power!

The transformation was instant there, erupting like a volcano from within her stomach and spewing the colossal amount of Yuan energy in seconds. If only this blasted woman knew how dangerous her actions were at this moment, then maybe, maybe then she wouldn’t be so rash.

For a regular martialist, there are usually dire consequences for consuming a core of a spirit beast directly without processing. If lucky then the person would at most have their Dantian implode from the inside and lose all of their strength, but at least that outcome would allow the individual to live. If not, well…. The one in charging of cleaning afterwards would have quite the mess to look after, mostly splattering gores of flesh and blood from the explosion.

So why did she not? Now that has much to do with the seventh grade pill Feng Shen gave her, plus Ling Yue also did some changes to the woman’s biological structuring in the past. That’s why she’s able to survive the explosive force, otherwise she be nothing but scraps of flesh by now.

Now that did it. In that very instant where she consumed the medicine, a pillar of earthly brown erupts from underneath her feet and rises upward like a stoic beam piercing into the sky.

Meanwhile at the same time over at Nie Feng Hang’s end, the man also erupts into light; however, that beam wasn’t as earthly brown as the woman’s, it’s goldenly bright!

One brown and one golden, the two light pillars were devastating for the python. Ripping two gashing holes from within its very flesh, the creature was bordering on the line of insanity due to the severe damage and pain it’s enduring – it didn’t help either when its spirit core had just been consumed by the darn human.

Meanwhile still outside the cave entrance, Ling Yue can tell something was terribly wrong with the snake by now. It was erratic, slamming left and right without care for its own safety. Then before long, even the walls and ceiling were starting to collapse, raising up a cloud of dust in the process.

Ling Yue knows she should move in and check on the creature, after all, that’s what she’s here to do. However, a part of her mind also told her this might be a trap. Now that’s when a gust of terrific power alarmed her from behind.

Not good! A sneak attack!

In her moment of desperation, the girl knew it was now or never. Merely seconds after her jump from her mount, the alchemist puppet that’s comparable to a seventh rank spirit beast explodes like it had just been blasted with devastating attack.

Although her Little Horn was no real spirit beast, but she can’t deny the puppet has helped her a lot during this venture. Furthermore, its something the old dwarf gifted her as an act of kindness so it’s normal that she cherished this artifact higher than the others.

There’s no mistaking it, these two bastards are responsible for the destruction of her Little Horn. Evident by the smoldering smoke still emulating out of that mini cannon in Big Ear’s arm.

So what exactly was that mini cannon that could be held by a single human? It’s a alchemic weapon that’s far superior to the Thunder Seeds used by Ling Yue thus far, likely a top grade device used in times of war by the states.

“Lan Ling Yue, you really are lucky beyond reason, even a Black Yuan Cannon cannot finish you off.” Issuing out an unnerving chuckle, Xia Hou Hong never felt such excitement in his life. It’s as if the very idea of finally killing the girl gave him a high that’s so strong that he could no longer control himself.

“Black Yuan Cannon?” Ling Yue zeroes in on the mysterious weapon that’s still being aimed at herself.

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