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Chapter 403 "A Survivor"

Since Nie Feng Hang has identified Ye Huang Yu as his wife, then that naturally means he will also recognize Ye Ling Yue as his own daughter.

He's not vulgarly old fashioned, nor would he be dumb enough like that scum to throw away a loving wife and child for some disgusting reason as wealth and power. Moreover, Ling Yue was a genius in alchemy. Such a new addition to his family will only bring glory to the family name, especially when she's on the Qing Continent's ranking board now.

“I intend to take the pill and break into the second element of the reincarnation realm." Nie Feng Hang's been stuck on the first element for some time now. If not for this incident with the double-headed python, he would've secluded himself very soon for the final push.

“So you want to directly make a breakthrough within the snake's own belly?" Clever and smart, Ye Huang Yu immediately understood the man's intent with that small hint.

There are no one on the continent who aren't familiar with the difficulty of a tribulation trial, especially those in the reincarnation realm. Take Nie Feng Hang's own experience for example. It was two years ago and that event nearly took his life!

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Back when he initially found his love, this general had already attempted to tear apart the flesh and stomach skin for escape. Sadly, it didn't take long for him to realize how inconceivable durable the flesh of a serpent dragon was.

Now that's when he came up with this outlandish idea – use the situation to his advantage. If he succeeds then great, he and the woman will survive while crushing the snake in the process. If not, well…. they are doomed anyways so it didn't matter.

“I'll begin immediately. Promise me Huang Yu, if you find a chance to escape while the snake and I are occupied, you must go okay…. The power of an elemental trial is no laughing matter. Promise me…." While the general does believe his plan was very much feasible, he simply can't ignore the possibility of it failing. At the very least he wants her to flee if the snake survives and turns around to attack them.

Beaming with hope and light in his eyes, that kiss definitely ignited the will to live within the man's heart. There's no way he will want to die after being promised by his love herself. Eager for his brightly lit future, Nie Feng Hang was grinning like a fool all the way until he closed his eyes for meditation.

As expected of a reincarnation pill, my whole body feels like its on fire! After consuming the pill, waves of Yuan energy were coursing through his veins.

He can feel it in real-time. His flesh, his bones, all of it were being reinforced and rebuilt from the grounds up. If he had to put words to his current condition, it would definitely be power was he, and he was power. As for when the actual tribulation trial would occur, neither individuals here can say for sure. Sometimes it could be immediately, or sometimes it can be days or even months!

It's been half a day since Ling Yue lost sight of the snake's trail. This jungle forest was simply too big, nearly impossible for her to locate the creature if it wants to remain in hiding.

Where is it! If I keep dragging this out then Mother really will….. But just when her heart was afire, she suddenly recalled something crucial.

Since the double-headed python was so restless, it's likely it too had become infected with the dark matter. If that's the case, it would mean it's possible to use her cauldron to track the creature down!

She don't know why, or how, but the spirit smoke definitely had a strong affinity towards the stuff.

It didn't take long after getting a lead. Eventually, she stopped before an old tree that had been struck in half by a thunder strike. Though this scenery would be quite uncommon outside the jungle, but here, it's a dime a dozen.

Now that's quite surprising for Ling Yue. She too noticed this tree before during her search, just that she didn't take it to heart. Without further ado, the girl immediately lashed out at the bark with a double whopping of Lightning Burst Fist, blasting it to smithereens.

On the ground, a hole leading into a cave appears as well as the mucus of the serpent.

Meanwhile at the same back inside the cave, the smaller head of the snake who was still awake seems to have picked up on this disturbance and issued out a painful cry.

It's the dark matters within its brain, the stuff was being sucked out of the triangular shaped head and devoured by Ling Yue's cauldron.

Before long, what used to be a double-headed python was now only left with one. As for the carcass of the smaller head, only the dried up husk remains while its limbs had degenerated back to nothing.

Disturbed by the death of the smaller head, the bigger snake head promptly popped open its eyes. Enraged by what it saw, the python knew the perpetrator must be nearby still and rushed for the entrance. However, before it could pick up speed, the creature suddenly noticed a strange fluctuation of Yuan energy within its abdomen.

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