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Published at 21st of March 2020 05:25:06 PM
Chapter 992: 992

In the middle of the night, at the Black Market, the sleeping Black Market Chief could only arise quickly when he heard that someone came with a first-class Black Order . After dressing up, he came to the living room in haste, accompanied by two Black Market elders .

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As soon as they entered the living room, they saw a handsome young man in red . When they saw the young man’s face, they were startled, then their expressions were giddy with anticipation .

“I was unaware that the esteemed Ghost Doctor is here . Please don’t take offence for the lack of welcome . ” The Chief stepped in, smiling and offering an apology .

After sipping the tea, Feng Jiu put the teacup down and looked at the middle-aged man and two elders . She stood up and cupped her fists in greeting . “Chief, two elders . ”

When the two elderly men saw it, they also smiled and returned the greeting hurriedly . Ghost Doctor, please sit down . ”

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After taking a seat and dismissing the servants, the Chief and the two elders took a glance at each other and inquired . “What’s the purpose of Ghost Doctor coming so late at night?”

It was commonly said that one doesn’t visit a temple without a cause, let alone the always low-key Ghost Doctor? She wouldn’t have come to the Black Market to look for them without having some matters .

“I need information about the Song family head’s Second Madam . ” She conveyed her purpose clearly and gave them a meaningful look . “Some information that outsiders can’t find . ”

The three men were astounded to hear this . The Song family head’s Second Madam? Did the woman offend Ghost Doctor? They looked at each other, then nodded .

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“Since it’s Ghost Doctor who made the request, we naturally won’t hide it . To be honest, all Black Market locations keep data and information about local families and some key figures on hand . We can find almost all three generations of data . Otherwise, we, the Black Market, won’t have such a large influence in various places . ”

The Chief smiled . “It’s impossible for outsiders to take out our in-depth data and information, but it’s not a problem for our own people . ”

He stood up and told Feng Jiu, “Ghost Doctor, just sit for a moment, and I’ll get it for you . ” He saluted Feng Jiu and turned around to leave .

“Ghost Doctor, how did the Song family’s Second Madam offend you?” The two elders asked .

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Feng Jiu told them the story briefly .

“I see . ” The two men nodded . “The Song family’s Second Madam still has some means . She kept a lot of people in private even without the knowledge of the Song family head . ”

“If she didn’t offend me, I would have no intention of having a dispute with her . It’s a pity that, because of a fight among several youngsters, she would secretly use a dirty move . If I don’t teach her a lesson she’ll never forget, she would feel that everyone can be bullied easily . ”

Feng Jiu’s expression turned chilly . Originally, she wanted to come to the Song family only to take Song Ming away . Who knew that someone dared to poison those around her in her presence . Could anyone treat her, Feng Jiu, as a pushover?

“Hahaha, in fact, Ghost Doctor, there’s no need to do it yourself . ” One of the elders smiled and stroked his beard, looking at Feng Jiu . “There’s no lack of people who want her life, but they can’t grasp that woman’s weak points . ”

“It’s coming . Sorry for making Ghost Doctor wait long . ”

The Chief strode in with the information bag in his hand and handed it to Feng Jiu . “Ghost Doctor, this is all the information of that woman, as well as some things she has done that are not known to anyone . ”

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