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Published at 21st of March 2020 05:25:06 PM
Chapter 993: 993

Feng Jiu took the bag . After opening it, there were pages of records of all the deeds that the Song family’s Second Madam had done . The information was so accurate that it even wrote down the time and date of the incidents . The more she looked, the brighter her eyes became .

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Indeed, with this thing in hand, there was no need for her to act . It could make this Song family’s Second Madam imprisoned with no hope of reprieve . She gathered up the information in her hands and handed it to the Black Market Chief . “Chief, could I trouble you to send this information to Song Ming’s mother’s clan?”

If Song Ming’s mother’s family got this information, they wouldn’t give Second Madam a breathing space . Their daughter had died, but not of illness . Instead, she died of a latent poison from the hands of Second Madam . She believed that if they knew the truth, even the Song family head couldn’t protect her .

“Of course . ” The Chief smiled and took the information . ”Don’t worry, Ghost Doctor . I’ll send someone to do this now . I believe that we will see the reactions in the morning . ” While talking, he called out for a subordinate and handed the information over .

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“Good, sorry to bother you . ” She nodded and rose to leave .

The three men sent her out of Black Market and watched the figure in red disappear into the night . One of the elders shook his head and sighed . “This Song family’s Second Madam has no foresight, why on earth, out of everyone, did she offend Ghost Doctor?”

“Haha, Ghost Doctor’s whereabouts have always been a mystery and she keeps a low profile to let no one know her identity . It’s normal for that Song family’s woman not to know . We can only say that her good luck is over . Otherwise, how could she choose to strike at Ghost Doctor?”

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“Indeed! Even without this information, If Ghost Doctor wants to deal with her, she can let her have 100 different ways to die . ”

One of the elders coughed lightly . “Some time ago, the news came back from the Nebula Black Market, saying that an alchemist at the Nebula Academy seized her Beauty pill . Ghost Doctor directly put the pill into the mouth of the alchemist, who then transformed from a man to a woman and has not been able to recover . ”

“Hahaha, only Ghost Doctor has the talent to be so willful . After the Beauty Pill was taken by a first-grade country’s concubine, the news has spread like a wildfire . Now its price on the market has been multiplied many times over . If those people know that Ghost Doctor once stuffed a Beauty Pill into the mouth of an alchemist in a wayward manner, they will be devastated . ”

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“The Black Market headquarters at the Empire pays more attention to Ghost Doctor . Some time ago, it issued a Black Command to punish those who do not respect Ghost Doctor . It is said that the people above are already looking forward to Ghost Doctor coming to the Empire . ”

“The news that he became a Golden Core cultivator in the two-star academy has spread in our Black Market . I believe that it won’t be long before he can go to the Empire . Moreover, she is not an ordinary person . She can’t be trapped in these small countries down here . ”

The three chatted at the gate . Sometime later, they turned around and walked inside .

Feng Jiu didn’t go back to the inn directly but quietly came to the Song mansion that night . She hid her aura and melted into the night . She swept noiselessly like a ghost and entered the inner courtyard of the Song mansion easily .

Standing on a big tree with abundant and lush leaves, she first observed the orientation of the Song mansion’s courtyards . Then, she avoided the Song mansion’s nightwatchers and went to the West courtyard…

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