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Published at 16th of March 2020 06:15:08 PM
Chapter 978: 978

Chapter 978: You have to bear hardships

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“Young Master Feng, you’re too courteous . ” He got up and answered her thanks with a salute . “It’s not very convenient for you living in the inn . Can I arrange a residence for you?”

“We are staying here for a very short time . There’s no need to inconvenience you . ”

“All right then! I’m seeing Young Master Feng off . ” He personally sent her out . Only after she left did he go take a look at the iron cage number 9 . The white and chubby young man was badly battered with an indignant look full of grievances . He couldn’t help dodge his sight .

If it wasn’t for Ghost Doctor, he couldn’t recognize that the chubby little guy in shabby clothes was Ning Lang, the son of Ning Yuan, the richest man in Indigo Country . Even though he had some friendship with Ning Yuan, he had never seen his son . Unexpectedly, it happened under this kind of circumstance .

Seeing the kid’s indignation, he smiled, shook his head and walked away . He had to let him suffer a little .

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“Chief . ” The steward stepped forward, looking at him with an ingratiating look .

“Watch over that little fatty . He’s my old friend’s son . ”

The steward was shocked . The memory that he had beaten the little fatty before put him in a cold sweat . He asked, “Then, shouldn’t you take the little young master out?”

“No, let him stay there! Don’t let him sense that he’s treated in any special way . Do what you should do, but we can’t have any serious problems, or you won’t be spared . ” He spoke calmly with a warning tone in his voice .

“Yes, yes . ” The steward responded hurriedly . After he left, the steward collapsed on the ground .

Why was he so unlucky today? The shocking blows came one after another so that his heart couldn’t bear it . It was the fault of the three of them that caused him so much trouble .

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On the other side, when Feng Jiu came back to the inn, Duan Ye had already taken a seat on the first floor waiting . Seeing her returning, he asked, “Did Little Fatty really run away?”

“He did . ” She nodded and smiled . When she reached the table and sat down, she poured a cup of water to drink .

“You didn’t catch up with him? That couldn’t be, could it? ” With her strength, he couldn’t manage to catch Ning Lang?

“I caught up with him, but didn’t bring him back . ”

“Why don’t you bring him back?” He asked, puzzled .

Feng Jiu’s lips curved . “Because he was sold . He’s held inside a cage!”

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“What? He’s sold?”

His voice was so loud that people around him looked up . Duan Ye didn’t pay attention to the others on the first floor, but inquired Feng Jiu, “How could he get sold?

At least, he is also a Foundation Building cultivator! And that little fatty is smart! It’s possible to sell others, but how could he get sold?”

“I followed him and saw him getting stared at as soon as he left the inn . When the kid went down a small alley with no one around, he was knocked unconscious with a club and carried away by three cultivators . Later, he was sent to the underground market as a commodity for sale . ” She spoke with a casual air . Recalling the little fatty beaten up and looked miserable, she couldn’t help but smile .

Someone had to teach him a lesson .

Duan Ye listened to her with shock . His gaze was fixed at her strangely . “What do you want to do? Would you perhaps want to teach him a lesson? ” Knowing that he got sold, yet not rescue him back and stay here smiling, what kind of wicked ideas does she have in mind?

Feng Jiu stretched out her hands to rub his baby face and said with a smile, “Duan Ye, you get better at knowing my mind even before I even said that! So, you know that I want to sort him out . “

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