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Published at 12th of March 2020 11:10:06 PM
Chapter 977: 977

Chapter 977: So It’s Young Master Feng

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“Young Master, please drink some tea while I go and get the President . ” The manager signalled for a servant to serve tea as he retreated .

Feng Jiu tapped her fingers on the table lightly with one hand and made a gurgling noise . She looked around the room and felt two distinct breaths . The corners of her lips twitched .

Cloud Devouring was sprawled by her feet, unmoving, obedient like a kitten . After the servant served the tea, he left . The living room was empty and quite quiet .

She took a sip of tea while she waited . Not long after, she saw the manager leading a middle aged man into the room .

“Young Master, this is the President of our underground market . ” The manager introduced and retreated to the side .

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From the moment the middle-aged man walked into the room, he was already looking Feng Jiu up and down . He knew who the person was with just a glance . Although he was pleasantly surprised, he was also confused, why was the Ghost Doctor here?

“I didn’t realise that Ghost Doctor was here, apologies for any disrespect . ”

He bowed and smiled at Feng Jiu . He asked eagerly: “May I ask why Young Master Feng has come here? If there is anything I, Lin, can help, please be frank and let me know . I will definitely not refuse . ”

The manager was so shocked when he saw the President greet him with such eager and flattering attitude that his legs wobbled . As he wiped the cold sweat off his forehead, he glanced sideways at the boy in red, trying to guess who he was .

What Young Master Feng? The President didn’t even greet the wealthy families in the city with such respect . Why was he like that with the young boy? Who on earth was this person?

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When he thought back to his disrespect towards him earlier, he couldn’t help but lower his head and quietly retreated as he didn’t dare appear in front of him again . If he were to bring up what happened earlier he would be in trouble .

She wasn’t surprised that the President recognised her . They had told her at the Black Market that her portrait was passed through the hands of the heads of many influential families . So although ordinary people wouldn’t recognise her, those in charge would definitely have her portrait in their hands .

The thought of these people keeping her portrait, she sighed . It made her feel weird as it was like she was a wanted person .

“I was only passing through, but it just so happened that something happened and I need your help President . ” She said slowly as she sized up the person sat in the Master’s chair .

Upon hearing this, he was a little surprised as he hadn’t expected this . After all, he knew that the Ghost Doctor’s relationship with the Black Market was not an ordinary one, and there was a branch of the Black Market in the city . He thought that if he needed any help, he would go to the Black Market . He didn’t think that he would be able to help .

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For a moment, he rejoiced and asked: “May I know what it is? Young Master Feng please feel free to elaborate . ”

“So, I have a friend… . ” She explained the situation to the President simply, all she wanted was to give fatty a memorable and vigilant experience .

After hearing what he had to say, President Lin nodded and smiled: “This is a trivial matter . Young Master Feng please rest assured . I will go and arrange it later . Young Master Feng, you won’t have to worry about your friend . I will make sure that I have my men keeping an eye on him . It won’t be a big problem . ”

“Well, thank you very much . ” She got up and thanked him .

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