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Published at 20th of March 2020 11:59:19 AM
Chapter 969

Chapter 969: Ask Him For The Room Rent

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He walked stealthily and lightly as he crept down the stairs quietly . However, just as he was about to go out, someone called out to him .

“Young Master, Young Master . ” The innkeeper called to him with a smile on his face without realising that his enthusiastic voice had scared the life out of Ning Lang .

Ning Lang patted his chest to calm his beating heart then turned back and glared at the innkeeper: “Why are you shouting so loud? What do you want me for?”

“Hehe, Young Master, the rules of our inn is that the rent must be paid for half a day in advance, so you see… . ” The innkeeper said as he walked over to him .

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Upon hearing that, Ning Lang frowned: “Pay half a day in advance? Are you afraid that I don’t have enough money and will run off?”

“No of course not, it’s just that… . . ” The innkeeper was interrupted before he could finish speaking .

“Okay, just go up and look for the man in red clothes for the rent for half a day . I need to go out, don’t delay me . ” He waved his hand, he had completely forgotten that he told Feng Jiu and Duan Ye that he was going to take care of all expenses on their journey .

Or perhaps he hadn’t forgotten, and it was just his nature that he enjoyed making money, but when it came to spending money, he thought twice .

The innkeeper stared blankly after the chubby young boy as he went out . He thought to himself, the young boy’s clothes glittered and he oozed money, he was obviously rich, and yet he hadn’t even paid half a day’s room rent .

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He thought maybe the young boy didn’t have any money on him, but he dismissed that idea immediately . How could he not have any money on him? At this point he saw a little beast wander out and followed him . He was startled: “Whose little beast is this? When did it come in?”

However, before he had come out of his daze, the boy and beast had already disappeared without a trace . He shook his head and was just about to return to the counter when he saw the young boy dressed in red come downstairs . Therefore, he smiled and walked forwards: “Young Master, the other young man said to come to you for room rent . Hehe, the rules of the inn is that you have to pay for half a day’s rent when you check in . So this… . . ” He rubbed his hands and looked at the young man with a smile on his face .

Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu’s eyebrows raised and her lips curved upwards in an evil charming smile: “He said to ask me for room rent?”

“Yes . ” The innkeeper nodded .

Feng Jiu’s smile deepened and tossed two gold coins at him: “Is that enough?”

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“Enough, that’s enough . ” The innkeeper nodded with a smile .

Feng Jiu smiled and walked out of the inn . She made use of the contract between her and Cloud Devouring to follow them at a distance .

At this time, Ning Lang had not realised that the moment he left the inn, he was being followed . It wasn’t Cloud Devouring, nor was it Feng Jiu, but some casual cultivators .

It could be said that from the moment they had entered the inn, someone kept watch on them . The devilish handsome young boy in red, the rich baby-faced young boy, and the obviously wealthy chubby young boy .

The glittering outfit was basically telling everyone that he was rich, he was extremely rich . Coupled by the fact that they had no bodyguards, and was probably only fifteen or sixteen years old of age, it was only natural that he would become an easy target .

As Ning Lang was afraid that Feng Jiu and Duan Ye would come after him once they had discovered that he was not there, therefore, he walked through alleys and side roads that weren’t crowded . After he took a turn, he felt that something was wrong .

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