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Published at 20th of March 2020 11:59:21 AM
Chapter 968

Chapter 968: Each Has Their Own Skills

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When the guests in the inn heard the commotion, they all went over to take a look .

They saw the chubby fifteen or sixteen year old boy who had walked in, clad in expensive robes that glittered so much they could barely keep their eyes open . Their eyes were all on him .

It was obvious that he was a wealthy young master .

When they were still in their thoughts, they saw another young man dressed in red robes enter the inn, his dazzling red robe like fire . His beautiful face and remarkable temperament was dazzling, and people couldn’t help but stare . The young man’s eyebrows exuded confidence and his serene eyes hid power . When he raised his hand, he exuded confidence and authority, magnificence and heretical blended together, seemingly honourable and also evil, noble beyond comparison .

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As for the young man next to the one dressed in red, he was dressed in grey servant clothes and because of his baby face, he looked like a boy of twelve . The baby face was also extremely exquisite and outstanding . Although he was dressed simply, it could not conceal the young man’s prestige and splendour . He was probably also a person of high status .

Upon seeing these three people, everyone in the inn had different thoughts and were curious about the three young men .

Three young men with three different attitudes, and none of them could be compared to a normal family’s young master . Where on earth did these three young men come from? Why did they appear to not have any strong guards protecting them?

When the innkeeper saw the three men walk in, he knew immediately that they were not ordinary people . Hence he smiled widely as he greeted them enthusiastically and said: “Hehehe, three Masters, please follow me . There are rooms upstairs . ”

Ning Lang held his chin and walked upstairs in a figure of eight . A young boy but yet exuded the demeanor of a rich man . As he walked, he said to the innkeeper: “I want a quieter room with a good view . Add two extra layers on top of the mattress . It doesn’t matter if it is more expensive, as long as I am comfortable . ”

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“Yes, yes . ”

The innkeeper followed them with a smile on his face and after he brought them to the three rooms upstairs, he said: “The three rooms aren’t next to each other, but they are close by . There is a lake at the back and the view is excellent . Please take a rest first . ” The innkeeper turned around and left to instruct two stewards to add two extra layers on top of the mattresses in their rooms and send up tea and refreshments .

“Feng Jiu, Duan Ye, we shall rest here tonight and leave early in the morning! You can rest assured that while I am here, I will pay for all our food and accommodation along our journey . ” He lifted his chin slightly and patted his chest .

Feng Jiu and Duan Ye looked at him and retired to their rooms to rest . When she was inside her room, Feng Jiu took Cloud Devouring out from space and patted his head as she instructed: “Spy on Little Fatty secretly . ”

Cloud Devouring whimpered and went to the door to guard it . If Ning Lang were to go out, he would be able to sense it from there .

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After the three of them had ordered something to eat, they took a bath and went back to their rooms to rest . Duan Ye who was steering the horse carriage from late last night and had no time to rest fell asleep almost immediately after laying down on the bed .

As for Feng Jiu, she was sat cross-legged cultivating with Cloud Devouring sprawled in front of the door keeping watch .

Only Ning Lang opened the door quietly to leave shortly after going inside……

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