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Chapter 948

“Mm, it’s certainly that moneygrubber . ” Her smile deepened .

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Ning Lang, the only son of Tranquil city’s ruler, was obsessed with money and extremely stingy . Apart from being a moneygrubber, his money-making was extraordinary . It was said during the grabbing test tradition on his one-year birthday, he picked up a gold abacus as well as two pieces of gold ingots . When he was five years old, he knew how to make money . When he was eight years old, he helped to advise his father behind the scenes . It could be said that Tranquil City’s prosperity was inseparable from the money-addict Ning Lang .

“You want to send that moneygrubber to Hell Mountains? Don’t think about it . He only focuses on making money all day . He won’t be interested in going to Hell Mountains . ” Duan Ye waved off this idea, not expecting that Feng Jiu came here to find the miser .

“How’s that possible? There are lots of valuables in Hell Mountains . As long as he loves money, he will not refuse our invitation . ” Her eyes sparkled with a smile .

Seeing that she wasn’t convinced, Duan Ye stopped speaking . “You’ll know when you meet him . What should I tell you about him! He doesn’t let go of any chance to make money, but at the same time, he also cherishes his life . According to him, he has to enjoy the money he earned . So he doesn’t want to do dangerous things in case he loses his life by accident . It’s too tragic if he can’t spend all his money since he’s dead . ”

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Feng Jiu chuckled . “He’s actually such an interesting person? Let’s go!” She walked away with Cloud Devouring Beast at her heel .

Duan Ye followed her inside with some helplessness in his doll-like face .

“Since you’re looking for him, let’s pay a visit to the city ruler’s mansion directly! He may be at home . ” Duan Ye looked for someone to ask for directions, then he went to the city ruler’s mansion with Feng Jiu .

“Who are you?” The guards at the city ruler’s mansion stopped them .

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“I’d like to meet your young city ruler . Please go in and convey that Duan Ye is looking for him . ” The baby-faced Duan Ye stood with his hands behind his back . He was garbed in a purple robe, looking very noble .

The guards glanced at each other and then spoke out . “Please wait a moment . ” One of them left quickly to report .

In the city ruler’s mansion, inside the study, a young man was balancing the accounts . The golden abacus clattered noisily while he’s making the calculations . At this time, a young attendant’s voice was heard from outside the door .

“Young Master, there are two men outside looking for you . One of them is called Duan Ye . ”

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“Duan Ye?” The young man whose head was buried in the accounts slightly paused and looked up in surprise . “Why is he here?”

“Young Master, would you like to see them or send them away?” The young attendant inquired .

“Invite them to the hall . I’ll be there in a bit . ”

“Yes . ” The young attendant replied and went out to report .

Feng Jiu and Duan Ye were invited into the city ruler’s mansion and taken to the hall . The old man who led the way introduced himself as the Ning family’ steward .

“Hahaha . Please have a cup of tea and some snacks first, Young Masters . My young master will be here soon . ” The old man said with a smile . After tea and snacks, he withdrew and waited outside the hall .

While examining the Ning mansion, Feng Jiu could only click her tongue in admiration . “It’s a dazzling palace inside out . It can only be described in one word – outstanding . What a rich man!”

From entering the city gates, whether it’s the ground or the bricks on the fortification wall as well as various kinds of pavilions, could be described as glittering and luxurious to the extreme . The royal family’s imperial palace could hardly compare with this place .

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