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Chapter 947


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A shrill cry of horror broke the silence . They saw the man with the injured wrist screaming, trying to escape . At the same time, the Golden Core cultivator who suffered injuries in his shoulder and abdomen also turned around and about to flee .

However, seeing their fleeing figures, Feng Jiu’s lips curved up . “Running away? It’s too late . ” The figure in red immediately struck out and the two men were finished off without any difficulties .

With two more stiff corpses on the ground, Duan Ye gulped and stared at Feng Jiu in awe and worship . “So strong…”

Yes, so strong! He’s much stronger than him!

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He had always thought that his strength was rare among his peers . After all, he could kill those above his rank . Ordinary people couldn’t do this . Today, he had no choice but sigh in admiration at Feng Jiu’s skill and strength .

He’s really strong!

“What are you dilly-dallying for? Hurry, search for their valuables and run away! ” Feng Jiu, squatting down to search the body at her feet, shouted at Duan Ye .

“Oh, okay, okay . ” Duan Ye answered with surprise . Almost instinctively he crouched down to scavenge all the valuables from the corpses . When he finished, he brought his loots to Feng Jiu .

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“Hey, it’s all here, for you . ” He offered her all the valuables . Although those things were worth some money, he didn’t have the least interest in them . Besides, he was born in the royal family and never lacked money .

Feng Jiu shot him a glance without saying anything . After taking the valuables, she put everything inside the space . “Let’s go, someone will definitely come . Hurry up . ” She tossed the flying feather out while speaking and carried up Little Cloud Devouring Beast .

Duan Ye also leapt on the flying feather with his vital energy and sat down . After the flying feather carried them into the sky, after a while, he posed a question, “Feng Jiu, how did you become so strong? That man was a Golden Core peak stage cultivator . How can you kill a person in three moves? Is your cultivation really only at the Golden Core level?”

“Yes! If not at the Golden Core level, could I be a Nascent Soul? Those are the results of my cultivation . You got pretty good skill, too .  With lots of practice, it will become a sharp blade in your hand . ”

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He peered at the young man in red at his side and shifted his gaze toward the little beast, Cloud Devouring Beast, “It seems very powerful . ” And then he added, “Yet, not as strong as my flaming lion . ”

Little Cloud Devouring Beast glanced at him and growled, laying to rest at Feng Jiu’s side . It obviously didn’t want to pay attention to his words .

Feng Jiu chuckled in response and kept silent . The breeze lifted up her hair . She squinted her eyes comfortably while looking at the mountains and rivers and gazing at the blue sky…

Two days later, Feng Jiu and Duan ye came to another second-grade country and found a prosperous town well-known in this country .

“Tranquil City?”

Duan Ye saw the inscription at the gate and took another look at Feng Jiu . “Is the second person you are looking for in Tranquil City? What’s so special about this man? Why do you have to come all the way here to find him? Is he your friend or your relative? ”

Feng Jiu’s lips curved up in a smile . “Ah, he is…someone you know . ”

Duan Ye’s eyes flashed . He stared at the city’s inscription at the gate for a long time, then his brain lit up . “Is it Ning Lang, the moneygrubber from the Ning clan?”

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