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Chapter 943

He glanced around and snorted . “What are you looking at? What’s there to see? Still not leaving fast enough?”

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The crowd surrounding him dispersed quickly . They wouldn’t dare to offend a man who had the guts to fight against a Golden Core cultivator .

Seeing the crowd dispersed, Duan Ye stepped towards the inn . At the door, the innkeeper saw the situation and promptly welcomed him with a smile . “It’s great that the Young Master is fine . That young master has been waiting for you downstairs for a long time . Please follow me . ”

Duan Ye went in and saw Feng Jiu had eaten her fill . He walked up to her . “You are quite at ease, ah! Aren’t you afraid I’ll lose and get killed? ”

“If you don’t win, run away sooner . ” Feng Jiu poured a cup of tea . “I ordered those for you . After we finish eating, we’ll hit the road . ”

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“Alright . ” He didn’t say much either . After taking a seat, he moved his chopsticks and started eating .

They left the inn after settling the accounts . While leaving the city gate and heading toward the outer part of the city, Duan Ye asked, “Didn’t you say that there are three other people? Who are those three? Where are we going to find them?”

She shot a glance at him, smiling . “What’s the rush? You’ll know once we get there . ”

“You’ve already selected some? To get into the Hell Mountains, our strengths are still worrying . So, are the other three at the Nascent Soul level? If they are, when we came out earlier, wouldn’t it be better if I asked my father to call two others? What’s the need to look for additional people? ”

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“What Nascent Soul Level?” Feng Jiu chuckled . “Those three are Foundation Building cultivators like you . ”

“What? Are you kidding? Three more Foundation Building cultivators to enter the Hell Mountains? I’m sure that I can fight against a Golden Core, But it’s impossible for me to deal with the Golden Core peak level . I have no confidence at all . If it were other Foundation Building cultivators, they can’t even deal with the Golden Core early-stage cultivator . We won’t have to protect those three Foundation Building cultivators that you’re looking for, right? ”

“We won’t . Those three are as strong as you . ”

Listening to her praise, he couldn’t help looking at her . With a flush on his baby face, he coughed softly . “I don’t know about others . I’m certainly not weak . You’re pretty good . I’ll give you a hand if we encounter danger in the Hell Mountains!”

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“That’s great!” She chuckled . “But, before we go, don’t you think you should solve the problem first?”

“Huh? What kind of problem?” He looked at her quizzically .

“That’s the trouble that’s following us in our path! Aren’t they waiting for us to leave the city? I think it’s better for you to solve the trouble you’ve caused, just to practice your skills . ”

Hearing this, he immediately reacted and his cute baby face sank . He looked back sharply and shouted, “Where are the scoundrels? You’re not quick enough to scamper out and see this young master! ”

“Hahahaha! What a reckless kid!”

A burst of laughter rang out . As the sound fell, a dozen sword-wielding robust men rushed out surrounding them . Headed by the Golden Core cultivator and the Great Spirit Master ranked guy earlier, there was also a middle-aged man with a huge belly .

The big-bellied middle-aged man wore a magnificent garment with a few gold and jade rings on his fingers and a gold belt around his waist . He patted his stomach with one hand while staring at Feng Jiu and Duan Ye .

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