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Published at 29th of February 2020 09:38:21 AM
Chapter 942

“Nothing more than a local tyrant, calling himself an Overlord? Tch! Don’t you know that only this young master can be called a “bully”?” Duan Ye’s hand moved and an eight-star flywheel appeared in his hand .

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The flywheel looked like dark iron, but the rows of patterns on top and its teeth with sharp light made the Golden Core cultivator’s eyes narrowed with a touch of greed in his eyes .

It’s a magic weapon!

That’s a remarkable magic weapon! A rare magic weapon in the market! You couldn’t tell that this kid would have this kind of stuff . Nevertheless, he could take out such a magic weapon at will . Perhaps, there were still more precious treasures on his body!

At this thought, his mind moved quickly .

“Kid, you don’t want to live, dare to make trouble in my place! ” The man, in pain from the beating, was supported by two men . He glared at Duan Ye who was holding the eight-star flywheel . He wanted to teach him a lesson, but he was stopped by the middle-aged man in front of him .

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“Uncle, this boy is too arrogant! If he’s not being taught a lesson, he would be ignorant, not knowing the height of the heavens or the depth of the earth!”

“That’s correct . Without being taught a lesson, you wouldn’t know the height of the heavens or the depth of the earth!” Duan Ye nodded in agreement . The eight-star flywheel in his hand rotated, making a whirring sound while attacking with a sharp aura . It attacked the middle-aged man with murderous intent .

The middle-aged man’s eyes flashed with a calculated light and his figure dashed quickly . “Since you don’t stop, please excuse my action!” He charged using his Golden Core pressure . After avoiding Duan Ye’s attack, he fastened his bare hand on Duan Ye’s shoulder .

“How dare you touch me? I’ll cripple your pig’s hooves! ”

Duan Ye snorted coldly . The eight-star flywheel turned around and returned to his hands . It turned to the right, chopping at the hand that clasped on his shoulder .

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The middle-aged man was surprised by his extreme speed . He withdrew his hands instinctively but still felt the bloodthirsty breath across the back of his hand . It was as if he was a minute slower, his hand would have been cut off .

Damn it! This boy was only at the Foundation Building stage, how could his speed this fast?

This man had no idea that, as a royal family’s offspring, Duan Ye had encountered countless dangers since he was young . His skill and speed were the basis for survival, so he would not slow down .

What’s more, he was related to the Eight Supreme Empires . They had some secret cultivation skills unknown to outsiders .

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“Hiss! That boy is so fast! ”

“Of course, he was able to fight with the Golden Core cultivator . Where does he come from? Certainly not from a small family . ”

“It’s not so easy to deal with the noble clan . If they really dare to hurt the young man here, the young man’s family will also know . I heard that many aristocratic families let their children get some experience outside while guarding them in the dark . As long as there’s no danger to their lives, they usually don’t show up . ”

The Golden Core cultivator’s forehead broke out in cold sweat listening to the words of the crowd and seeing the speed of the young man’s attack and strange skill . While being distracted, his arm was cut by the flywheel .

Seeing that it was impossible to win in this place, he withdrew quickly . Gritting his teeth, he took the bully by the hand and swept away, leaving a word .

“Kid, don’t let me see you next time!”

Duan Ye scoffed at him, hollering, “Don’t let this young master see you next time . Otherwise, you will be humiliated!”

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