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Published at 15th of February 2020 01:00:07 AM
Chapter 921: 921

It would keep being replenished, hence he had no scruples…

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Hearing her explanation, all the Two Star academy’s people were in an uproar . He had no scruples because the spirit gathering array would continue to gather the spirit energy? Didn’t he know that even if the spirit gathering array could collect spirit energy, without the assistance from those spirit stones, the spirit gathering was also finite?

The Six Star Academy’s Deputy Headmaster’s mouth twitched, both speechless and feeling helpless . However, he could not reveal those expressions on his face for it was his student who was wasting the Two Star Academy’s mystic realm . He couldn’t curse at this child, instead, he should be protecting him .

“This, Headmaster, Feng Jiu is an outspoken child . He doesn’t think much about his actions . I don’t think he deliberately drained all the spirit energy . Besides, it’s not because he’s causing trouble . It’s because he’s advanced in cultivation . It’s true…”

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Alright! Some of what he said was contrived .

How in the world did this place’s spirit energy get drained to such an extent? This was literally an overdraft . Since the mystic realm’s spirit energy was not enough, the trees’ life forces also got drained away so that a sacred ground turned into a ghost land . If they were not standing here, there really was no living being in this place .

“Haha, Old Guan, you can’t say that . Although the student came here to cultivate, nothing was stated clearly . However, it cost the Two Star Academy’s sacred ground to be drained . You can’t explain this situation away, right?” A Three Star Academy’s Deputy Headmaster spoke enigmatically .

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“Exactly, now that the situation has become like this, it is impossible not to be held accountable . ” Another Deputy Headmaster followed . His meaning was obvious, wanting Feng Jiu to be punished .

The Two Star Academy’s people listened to each of them, frowning and looking furious without saying anything .

Feng Jiu’s eyes flickered, smiling sheepishly at the Two Star Academy’s Headmaster and the two elders . It was because these three people had been staring fixedly at her from a moment ago, making her feel spooked . It seemed they were evaluating something . It’s really not very good .

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After a long time passed, the Two Star Academy’s two elders told the Headmaster, “Let’s talk again after we’re out . ”

“Mm . ” The Two Star Academy’s Headmaster nodded, looking at Feng Jiu profoundly . Then, first, he took all of them out using the transmission array .

As they left, there was silence again around them . Many pairs of eyes stared at Feng Jiu who stood there rubbing her nose, with hatred .

Shortly after the Deputy Headmaster and his party came out, a vortex appeared in front of Feng Jiu and others . It seemed to have a formidable force of gravity that pulled all the people in it with a whooshing sound . At the same time, Ye Jing and others, who cultivated in some places far away from the mystic realm, were also taken away…

After the crowd appeared outside the transmission array, the teachers of each academy who had been waiting there glanced at Feng Jiu, then asked the students to register the number of their spirit stones .  Then, they brought their own students back . As for Old Guan, the Six Star Academy Deputy Headmaster, he sighed and told Feng Jiu, “Follow me to the main peak . ” As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and left .

Feng Jiu kept up with him while sighing inwardly . She didn’t want to make such a big move, but sometimes it’s really beyond her control! Alright, with the lesson learned this time, she had to keep her advancement under wraps, not letting anyone else know .

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