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Published at 15th of February 2020 01:00:07 AM
Chapter 920: 920

“It’s him! He did it!”

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“That’s right . It’s him, he did it!”

“It’s certainly the one from the Six Star Academy, the young lad called Feng Jiu who did this ‘good deed’!”

The voices were filled with blame and fury . The enraged students fixed their gazes at Feng Jiu with both their hands pointed at her . Since they saw that Feng Jiu had become a Golden Core cultivator, they were clearly not her opponents . Then, they would let the headmaster and others teach him a lesson!

He had broken off the trees’ life forces and almost squeezed out all the spirit energy breath to nothing, robbing them of their spiritual breath so that they were unable to cultivate during this period of time .

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Feng Jiu’s blood ran cold hearing their accusations . She felt even more guilty, especially when she saw the Two Star Academy Headmaster and elders, as well as the Deputy Headmasters of other academies, looked at her with astonishment and shock .

In any case, it’s really because of her that their mystic realm had turned into this mess . This fact couldn’t be denied, even if she didn’t mean to…

Ugh, in fact, she didn’t expect such a consequence . She didn’t expect to almost squeeze out the spirit energy breath along with the trees’ life forces . However, she didn’t know how the trees’ life forces got sucked dry . She was truly confused about this one point .

“A Golden Core cultivator?”

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When the Two Star Academy’s headmaster and two elders looked at Feng Jiu, they could see her level of strength at a glance . They were astonished in their hearts . How could there be a Golden Core cultivator among these students? What’s more, this student was still so young, looking like he’s still only seventeen or eighteen years old .

The Six Star Academy’s Deputy headmaster was also stunned . He looked at Feng Jiu hastily and only did he realize that she had really advanced to become a Golden Core cultivator . He could only gasp . Others didn’t know, but he knew it full well . She only advanced to the Foundation Building last year . Hasn’t it been less than a year since up to this event? How could she get this far and become a Golden Core cultivator?

Hadn’t she been here for the short fifteen days? Hiss! It’s no wonder that she had squeezed all the spirit energy breath here . However, a person’s ability to draw and absorb spirit energy was limited . How was she able to devour all the spirit energy breath here, without sparing the trees’ life forces?

“I didn’t mean for this to happen . I was cultivating here and unknowingly advanced . Then I saw this situation when I came out . Really, I didn’t expect it would be like this . ” She hurriedly said, looking remorseful .

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“You unknowingly advanced after a lot of cultivation?”

The Two Star Academy’s headmaster’s indignant face turned odd listening to Feng Jiu’s explanation . “So you’ve been cultivating inside and within these short 15 days advancing from the Foundation Building level into the Golden Core?”

“Yes, yes!” she responded sheepishly under their wrathful gazes . “Headmaster, please believe me . I really didn’t expect this . Really, I didn’t mean to drain the spirit energy inside . I heard that the spirit energy breath inside will continue to be replenished, so I didn’t have any scruples… ”

All the people present stared at the remorseful young man . They thought it was inconceivable . A 17 or 18-year-old young man became a Golden Core cultivator?

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