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Published at 12th of February 2020 01:40:05 AM
Chapter 910: 910

Chapter 910: Spirit Egg Fruit

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The two Foundation Building peak level cultivators were tied up in an intense hand-to-hand combat . The air currents fluctuated, affecting others around them . Seeing that Nie Teng wasn’t at a disadvantage, Ouyang Xiu and Xiao Yihan walked away and found a place to sit down and cultivate .

The two men fought a few rounds . After seeing the battle was a close call, they stopped after several rounds .

“There’s no clear outcome even if we continue fighting this battle . Let’s fight again in the competition’s one-to-one combat!” The two-star academy student shot a stony glance at Nie Teng and looked for a new place to sit down .

Nie Teng turned around and found a spot to sit down and cultivate . Indeed, if he really spent all his time in this fight, it’s a waste of this opportunity .

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It’s just…

He glanced around . There were about twenty people cultivating and absorbing the spirit energy breath . Each academy had two to three students present . Among them, Two Star academies had the largest number of people, five in this area .

But, he didn’t find Feng Jiu around . Was it possible that she couldn’t find this place?

He discarded this thought from his mind and closed his eyes, starting to move his internal skill and absorb the spirit energy breath . For the time being, this question was put aside .

As time went by, everyone cultivated frantically day and night . However, after a few days, the spirit energy breath in the air seemed to get sparse gradually . Their cultivation progress also slowed down . Their bodies wanted to absorb the spirit energy breath, but it was extremely difficult . It was as if they were competing against others in taking the spirit energy .

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“How strange! What happened? Why is the spirit energy getting sparse?”

“I also felt a lack of spirit energy . It’s as if all the spirit energy in the air rush toward the spirit gathering array behind . ”

“But that’s impossible! The spirit gathering array was laid out by the academy’s headmaster . There are more than one or two arrays . It’s very likely that even teachers will find it difficult to get in . What’s more, the spirit energy breath gathered by the spirit gathering array is supposed to overflow from the inside . How is it possible that the surrounding spirit energy gets absorbed into the centre? ”

The people outside started talking . Even Nie Teng, Ouyang Xiu and Xiao Yihan were surprised to see the spirit energy breath in the air pouring into the centre . However, this phenomenon lasted only an hour . Then, the spirit breath stopped flowing into the centre .

However, the spirit energy breath in the air was still scant as before .

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“Is it because we all cultivate too fast and absorb too much spirit energy, causing the lack of spirit energy breath in this area?” Someone asked .

“If so, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow . I heard from a teacher that the spirit energy breath here can regenerate and grow on its own . The spirit gathering array and the spirit stones are mutually compatible . If the spirit energy supply in this area is insufficient, it will be restored after a while . ”

Hence, people used this opportunity to get up and move their limbs . Some of them took out dry food to supplement their physical strength, while others were thinking about robbing others’ spirit stones

In the spirit gathering array, Feng Jiu was nibbling on a spirit egg fruit while seated cross-legged . It was the spirit fruit obtained at the Alchemy Meeting . The spirit fruit was shaped like a big egg . It was white, similar to a goose egg, with a small piece of leaf on it . With a bite, juice flowed out . Its sweet and fragrant taste was followed by a flow of strong spirit energy breath inside the body .

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