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Published at 12th of February 2020 01:40:05 AM
Chapter 909: 909

Chapter 909: Scram!

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People came in succession at night . When the words were not to their liking, they would strike directly and fight over the spirit stones and natural resources . After all, even though it’s the outer circle of the spirit gathering array, the more people cultivating here, naturally, the spirit energy aura would be absorbed . Therefore, they didn’t want others to compete with them .

Feng Jiu heard the faint sound of fighting outside but paid no attention to it . At this time, she was using the chaos mental cultivation method to absorb the spirit energy aura around her . The spirit energy inside the spirit gathering array was absorbed and dissolved in her body .

If someone else took in so much spirit energy, his body would not be able to support it . However, she was different . She dedicated a part of the spirit energy breath to nourish the green lotus in her dantian . This was the first time so many spirit energy aura was used to nourish the green lotus .

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In addition to nourishing the green lotus, she also expanded the vital energy channels inside her body and gathered her spirit energy in the dantian area . She planned to attack the Golden Core cultivator level with the help of pills and potions . As long as she broke through the Foundation Building peak level and enter the Golden Core level, it was a fine thing for her, no matter whether she reached its peak level or not .

At dawn, the third day came . Nie Teng, Ouyang Xiu and Xiao Yihan also found the spirit gathering array . When they saw the students sat around in a circle to cultivate, they also planned to find a place to sit down and cultivate . After all, they preferred to upgrade their strength more than avoided fighting .

Thus, the three men found their spots to sit down . A two-star academy student who cultivated with his eyes closed in that location yelled, “Scram!”

Scram was a word rarely heard by those three people . Both Nie Teng and Ouyang Xiu were sixth-grade country princes . As a person who stood above the ten-thousands, they were respected since childhood . Who would dare to be impudent in front of them?

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Whereas Xiao Yihan, although not from the royal family, he came from an influential and noble clan . Ordinarily, few dared to talk to him like this, let alone a Two Sstar academy student . Therefore, their faces sank when they heard this .

“What did you say? Say it again . ” Ouyang Xiu stared at the Two Star academy student with a cold expression on his handsome face . His one hand was already on the sword at his waist .

“I told you to scram!” The man stood up . He was the Foundation Building peak level cultivator and was proud of his outstanding strength . Naturally, he would not take those three men seriously .

“Tch! What a joke!” Xiao Yihan sneered . At the next moment, his figure swept out and attacked . His brandished palm wielding a fierce wind which turned into a sharp blade in an instant .

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“You overestimate yourself!”

The man snorted coldly and went up to face him . Unlike Xiao Yihan’s unarmed hand, a sword emerged from his hand . His sharp blade cut through Xiao Yihan’s clothes and blood seeped out .

Seeing this scene, Nie Teng’s eyes flashed coldly . When Ouyang Xiu was about to make a move, he swept forward . They were both at the Foundation Building peak level . Both sides had noted and evaluated each other’s strength . So to speak, the Two Star academy student regarded Nie Teng as a strong enemy, and Nie Teng also regarded him as an opponent .

Nie Teng had never thought of winning against Feng Jiu in the past . Naturally, he didn’t regard her as his opponent .

When the other cultivators saw the fight, they only shot a glance at them and didn’t mix in . They took their time to cultivate . After all, three days had passed . Their time was very limited . The real struggle should have been on the final day or two .

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